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Best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture

The packing process was always the hardest part of each relocation. Especially when you have quite a few fragile items and expensive furniture. On top of it, you also have to prepare an adequate budget, work on legalities, and find professional movers and packers Westchester to assist you. So, let us help you with at least one part of the packing process. We offer the best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture. Let us cover this topic together and make sure your expensive furniture is packed and transported safely. Let’s take a look.

Thorough preparations are the best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture

The more you prepare, the better the outcome. You must start preparing as soon as you decide on moving and cover all stages of the relocation process properly. This requires an inventory list and a list of packing supplies. Note it all down on a moving checklist along with all moving-related responsibilities. This way you won’t forget anything and you’ll stay on schedule. So, to create this list and prepare, you must inspect your home and consult with your movers afterward. Simply inspect all your furniture along with other belongings. Check if the environment is safe by inspecting doors, floors, staircases, and narrow corridors.

a woman making a plan
Inspect your furniture and create an inventory list. Both movers and you need it.

Also, if you are relocating a business with you, you must also inspect all your assets and equipment. Once you have done so, report everything to your commercial movers Westchester and let them help you finalize this moving plan. And even if you decide not to make a moving checklist, your movers will require you to provide the details so they can prepare better. Therefore, creating one is far better than keeping everything in your head.

Who will help you with your expensive furniture?

Once you go through the budget, legalities, and other moving responsibilities, you can start searching for movers White Plains NY who will provide an adequate set of services and assemble your moving plan. It is good to have a professional moving team by your side when relocating expensive furniture. Simply because movers have all the knowledge, tools, and methods to pack and relocate your items safely. It is far safer than moving by yourself. So, check out online and find the team you benefit from the most. There are hundreds of local moving companies that can assist with your furniture. Narrow it down guided by your prerequisites and contact movers once you are ready.

Apply the best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture

To pack expensive furniture safely you must first have an adequate set of packing materials. Yes, if you purchase packing services from your moving team, you won’t have to think about packing supplies. Sadly, that is not always the case and our budgets can slow us down significantly. If you must pack by yourself, you should know there are two main things to consider. Disassembling and protection. Some pieces of furniture can be disassembled so you can pack, transport, and protect them properly and easily. And of course, there are several methods to protect your furniture and they widely depend on the packing materials you have access to.

two people applying the best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture
Most of it you already know. Just to obtain proper packing materials and you are good to go.

Packing materials that are required to pack furniture safely

Let us talk more about packing materials because all the best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture revolve around them. There are basic and advanced ones regardless of the price you must pay for them. Both can be of a low or higher quality. So, for all items in your home, you’ll need the basic set of packing supplies. Those are the following:

  • Cardboard boxes.
  • Adhesive tape.
  • Labels and markers.
  • Packing paper.
  • Blister packs.

With these materials, you can pack everything you have in your home. But for more expensive pieces such as your furniture, you can use advanced materials. Those are Styrofoam, packing peanuts, corner pads, dividers, foam protectors, and more. In most cases, you’ll need only blister packs and stretch foil to wrap your furniture. But for better protection, use corner pads to protect corners and edges and add foam protectors between pieces of furniture to avoid damage due to collision. All materials can be purchased at the Home Depot or from your moving company.

Disassembling might be the answer

This is a technique that is extremely popular in the moving industry. Ut you might want to consider it before disassembling antique and expensive furniture in general. Yes, it is one of the best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture out there. But keep in mind that some pieces are not designed to be disassembled. Moreover, each time you disassemble a piece of furniture you wear it down and it can become clunky once assembled again. Not to mention that each time you do it there is a chance to break a screw, pin, or bolt. Maybe even some of the main pieces. Nevertheless, this is still one of the best techniques and if you find proper movers, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

a couple assembling furniture
Leave assembling and disassembling to your moving team. It is safer that way.

As for the furniture that shouldn’t be disassembled, a good example is the piano. It is a delicate piece of furniture and an instrument of high value. Only professional piano movers Westchester NY can relocate it safely. With a certain set of skills, proper packing materials, and tools, movers will relocate your piano safely. Never try to disassemble such items because they are not designed that way.

Do not move expensive furniture without moving insurance

In the end, no matter what kind of packing and moving techniques you are using, there is always a chance for injuries and damage. So, we advise purchasing some kind of moving insurance. You can either obtain one from the insurance company or from your moving team. At least with the moving insurance, you will be reimbursed for the damage.

Now you know all there is about the best packing techniques for transporting expensive furniture. It involves proper packing, higher-quality packing materials, and of course, a professional moving team. It is important to find a team you can trust and to secure your investment that way. Hopefully, we helped enough for you to do so. Good luck.

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