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Family on the park as a symbol of fun activities and attractions for kids and parents in White Plains

Fun activities and attractions for kids and parents in White Plains

White Plains, NY, is a vibrant city located in Westchester County, rich with history and brimming with modern amenities and…

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A woman in the field

How moving can inspire personal growth and change?

Moving to a new place has the potential to be more than just a change of scenery. It can serve…

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A person taking picture of one of the hidden gems of Yonkers

Exploring the hidden gems of Yonkers, NY

Welcome to Yonkers, New York, a city brimming with hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. While often overshadowed by…

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A picture of NYC

5 reasons why you should live in White Plains

White Plains is a bustling city that is home to over 58,000 people. This vibrant community is known for its…

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Atlas Obscura's Great Forgotten Garden Party at Untermyer Park and Gardens in Yonkers, NY

How to adjust to life in Yonkers after moving

Yonkers is a town located just north of New York City, with a population of 209,730. It offers a diverse…

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Kids playing on a trampoline

Things to do in Westchester with kids

If you found a perfect new home in Westchester County, you are probably wondering what life is like in the…

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people gathered at Yonkers to learn about surprising Yonkers facts

10 surprising Yonkers facts

If you are planning on moving to Yonkers, you probably want to find out more about this town. Yonkers is…

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A tourist in Westchester

Top things to do after moving from NYC to Westchester as a young adult

Moving from New York City to Westchester can be an exciting and overwhelming experience. While Westchester is not as fast-paced…

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friends talking in the cafe

How to stay in touch after moving to Yonkers

Now that you have decided to move to Yonkers, you must start preparing for the journey ahead. You, your family…

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Times Square, New York

Living costs in NYC vs Yonkers

One of the main things that concern you most when moving to a new place is definitely the cost of…

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