Category: After the move

old people having fun

Benefits of retiring in Yonkers

Thinking about retiring in Yonkers? You've come to the right place. Today we'll talk all about what it's like to…

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beautiful home in Elmsford

5 steps to settle down quickly in your new Elmsford home

It may take some time to become used to a new place, even if you've only relocated to a new…

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Family of three enjoying their first spring after moving to Scarsdale

How to spend first spring after moving to Scarsdale

Everyone decides to move to a different place in a quest for a better lifestyle. But after the relocation is…

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Man and woman standing next to a big moving box

Moving from NYC to Yonkers – how to adapt quickly

It is never easy to adapt after relocation, not even if you just change apartments in the same city. The…

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the view after moving from Rye to Yonkers

Moving from Rye to Yonkers: how to settle in quickly

If you are moving from Rye to Yonkers, one thing is certain- you will be more than happy with this…

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A woman in a gray suit, sitting at a desk in her new office, looking at a laptop.

How to decorate your new office in Yonkers

Maybe you are moving into a new office in Yonkers. But you have decided to leave all the furniture behind.…

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People after they organize a moving-in party

How to organize a moving-in party

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. Relocation, although overwhelming and stressful, is a lifetime experience. You are…

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snow flake

Tips for spending first winter in Yonkers

Living in a new place is not just about consuming food and working. It is a big specter of things…

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