Is Pack & Go Movers licensed and insured?

Is Pack & Go Movers licensed and insured?

License #’s  are as follows:

nysdot no. t-39963
usdot no. 2958935
mc no. 3522

Are you able to provide certificates of insurance to my building?

Yes, once your move is confirmed we will gladly supply certificates to your building(s)

Does Pack & Go Movers subcontract their work?

We do not subcontract moves. You will engage with only our professionals from beginning to end.

How far in advance should I plan and book my move?

Ever heard the saying “the early bird gets the worm” that applies here. If you need a specific date and are not flexible, reach out as early as 6 weeks in advance.

Does sales tax get added to my moving rate?

No, as per New York State the moving industry is not a taxable service.

What if I need to cancel my move?

Deposit payments are fully refundable if request for cancellation is made 5 business days prior to the move date. Cancellation must be made via e-mail or phone call.
Cancellations made within the 5 business day period prior to move date, will not be entitled to a deposit refund. If your move is booked within the 5 business day cancellation grace period and you chose to cancel, you will not be entitled to a deposit refund.

What if I need to reschedule my move?

We are happy to reschedule your move to any other available date.

How to Pay

What are available payment methods?

A credit card is required for deposit payment. To pay the remaining balance on moving day, your options are as follows: CASH, ZELLE, or CREDIT CARD. No Checks. We accept all major credit/debit cards

Do you require a deposit to book?

10% deposit is required to book a date for a flat rate move. A 3 hour minimum deposit is required for an hourly rate move. The deposit is applied to your invoice balance. All deposit payments are to be paid electronically via the secure payment portal available after the signing of your move contract. We accept all major credit/debit cards.

When do I pay?

The final payment is collected upon arrival at the drop off location, prior to the unloading.

Moving Day

What time should I expect the movers to arrive?

You can expect movers to arrive at the time assigned in your move confirmation e-mail.

How many movers are coming?

You can ask a customer service representative for how many movers you can expect on moving day. Our moving teams are made up of 2 – 8 Movers. The team size assigned to you is dependent on your move size.

How big is the Truck?

Our box trucks range from 16’ to 26’ long. Trucks are assigned to each move based on the amount of inventory being moved.

Can I ride in the truck with the movers?

No, due to insurance purposes, riding in the truck with the movers is strictly prohibited.

What happens if I have more or less items than were quoted?

If you remove or add things to your inventory list, your quote will be adjusted accordingly. Whether you are either adding or removing items to the list it is always best to let us know in advance just in case truck or crew sizes need to be adjusted.

What happens if something is damaged during my move?

We are only liable to replace or repair damaged items to the extent of your declared value. You can purchase Full Value Protection (an additional cost) or keep value at the free BASIC Released Value Protection of $0.60 cents per pound per item at no additional cost. Learn more about Cargo Valuation.

Can bad weather affect my moving day?

In the case of rain or light snow, no. Movers will come prepared with plastic covers and shovels.

In the case of severe weather conditions, yes. Decisions are made with consideration for the safety of our employees and your belongings. Your move may be delayed to a later start time on the day of or for the next available date.

Is tipping included in my moving cost?

A tip is not included in your quote. Tipping is not required, but is customary. A tip is your way of showing that you’re happy with the service you received.

Should I tip Movers? / How much should I tip?

Tipping is not required. But is customary. A tip is your way of showing that you’re happy with the service you received. If you are fully satisfied with the performance of your moving crew here are some different ways of calculating a tip:

  • 15 – 20 % of a move total
  • $5 – $8 per hour per mover
  • Small Moves (4 hours or less): $20 – $30 per mover
  • Medium Moves (5 – 7 hours): $30 – $40 per mover
  • Large Moves (8 or more hours): $50 – $60 per mover

What happens if the truck gets a parking ticket during my move?

That’s on us. A parking ticket on one of our vehicles will never be added to your bill.

Post Move

I just unpacked a box and one of my items is broken. Will you replace it?

Boxes and contents packed by the customer are a personal liability and will not be considered for valuation

protection purposes as we cannot affirm boxes were properly packed to withstand damage. We will only assume responsibility for items in boxes packed by us.

Who do I contact after my move if I have any questions or concerns?

You can call or email a customer service representative:

Call: 914-819-0999


Prior to Moving Day

Can you offer any moving tips?

Absolutely, check out our moving tips here:TIPS & TRICKS

Should I empty my dresser drawers?

Yes. To minimize the potential of damage to furniture we recommend emptying all drawers prior to movers arriving. Or ask about our packing services and let us handle it for you.

Should I include my jewelry and important documents in my move?

Important documents, financial information, car or house keys, cash, medication, jewelry, etc., are all things you should transport yourself on moving day. These items are NOT covered by Pack & Go Movers and will not be considered for insurance purposes.


Is wrapping and padding my furniture an additional cost?

No. The wrapping and padding of furniture is part of our service at no additional cost.

Do you offer packing or unpacking services?

Yes, we do offer packing and/or unpacking services. Talk to a customer service representative for more details.

Do you move pianos?

Yes, be it an upright, baby grand or grand we are in-tune with piano moving.

Can movers unmount my television?

Yes, movers can unmount your TV from the wall but will not reinstall it.

Can movers remove my air conditioner from the window?

No, air conditioners should be removed from the window prior to movers arrival. Movers will not remove or install them.

Do you provide boxes?

We can provide boxes at an additional cost. Box sizes vary. We carry small, medium, large and wardrobe boxes.

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