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How to make moving with pets easier

Moving is usually not a pleasant experience. This is similar for people and their pets. And here we are primarily talking about dogs and cats. If you have birds, rabbits, or guinea pigs, you shouldn’t expect problems. They are moving in their cages. So, that will make moving with pets easier. However, when we talk about dogs and cats, the situation is different. Regardless of whether you are moving across the street or overseas, your pets will need to adjust. You will have to help them get used to the new environment. And you must include them in your moving plan. The best movers Westchester NY will take care of moving your possessions. Pets you will have to drive in your car. Or you will have to contact professional pet moving services.

What makes moving with pets difficult?

Dogs are sensitive to emotional stress throughout the moving process. The cats are usually getting disturbed by decluttering, unknown people, and a new place. So, we are offering here a short guide about moving with pets. Usually, people are overseeing that they also need to feel safe. And moving the pets, you must also think about documentation.

a black cat watching through the window.
Cats like to spend time watching through the window.

When purchasing the new home, make sure the neighborhood is pets friendly

When moving your pets to a new location, it is important to have a pet-friendly neighborhood. So, check the surrounding area. See if there are people walking dogs around. Or if dogs are playing in the fenced yards. Also, you should easily spot the cats. They like to spend time watching through the window.

Inspect your new home to make sure it is safe for your pets

In case you find some problems, fix them before labor only movers Yonkers load your possessions on the moving truck. When inspecting the house, pay special attention to:

  • Check and fix problems at staircase, windows, and porch
  • Make sure there are no suspicious chemical containers around – be sure that the curious animals will check them
  • Make sure the house plants are safe. If not, exchange them with plastic once. Lower the chances of an emergency visit to the vet.
  • Make sure that the wires of TV, lamps, etc.,  are not accessible to your pets.
  • Keep the house tidy, and the toilet and garbage lids closed. Also, make the pet toys easily accessible, as well as their water and food bowls.

Prepare your pets for the move early

In essence, animals have established habits. However, the good thing is that they love learning too. Just keep in mind that they must learn gradually. So, use that to prepare them for the moving day. That way, moving will be much easier for your pets and for you too. Train them to accept the noise. Also, take them into crates and drive them to some nice place. Let them go a bit around. The important thing is to make them feel comfortable in crates. They will spend some time with them during the moving day. And so far, their association with crates was going to the vet and getting shots.

Dog in the living room seating under improvised tent
Help your pets to adjust to a new place.

What else can you do to make moving with pets easier?

Making a checklist for your pets will be of great help. It will help you keep the tasks that you have to do. And it will remind you of appointments that you have set. While you are preparing your pets to mentally stand the moving day, also think about their health and safety.

Make an appointment with your pet veterinary

Before the moving day, make sure to bring your pets to their vet. Ask the vet to make the checkup. Also, obtain the pet’s health record. You will need to hand them to a vet in your new town. As well, check the legal requirements for pets, especially if you are moving to a new state.

Before you move with your pets, update their identification and microchip information

In the new environment, the pets can easily get lost. So, undertake preventive measures. Get a new identification tag for the pet. Also, make sure that their online information is updated. So, if they get confused in the new place and can’t find the new home, you will easily track them. So, you may follow the truck of moving services Westchester with your car. At the same time, the chips will help you to follow the movement of the specialized service moving your pets. You must make such a trip organization when you don’t have space for pets in your own car. And the regular moving companies are not transporting pets.

Make a transportation plan for moving your pets

How you are going to transport your pets will depend on whether you are flying or driving to your new destination. The most comfortable transportation for pets is to be with you in a car. If they must fly, make sure they are comfortable. And that they have enough big moving crates. However, if you are driving your pets, make sure to have regular stops. Let them rest a bit and have some food and water. If you are moving long-distance, also check about the pet-friendly hotels.

fish tank which makes moving with pets easier
If you are moving long-distance give your fish to friends, it will make moving with pets easier.

In the case of short-distance relocation, just follow local movers Westchester. They know the roads well. So, be sure they will avoid traffic jams. And take the shortest route to reach your new place. In this case, your pets will not have to travel long. And so, their move will be easier and more comfortable than you expected.

Moving other types of pets in an easier way

Cats and dogs are the most popular pets nowadays. However, there are many people enjoying the company of other kinds of animals. Moving with such pets is now always easy. And it needs to be organized differently. Moving some of the pets can even have fatal outcomes. Such is the case with fish. This is especially happening during the long-distance trip. So, it is better to give them to friends or family. If you are moving nearby, disassemble the aquarium and reassemble it in your new place. During that time, keep the fish in the plastic bags filled up with water. The short-distance trips should not be a problem for them.

Moving with other types of pets

Some pets like guinea pigs, hamsters, and other rodents. They are not very comfortable with moving. So, either give them to friends as a present or watch them very carefully during the trip. They are the best feeling in small, warm, and comfortable carriers. If you are moving birds, keep them in covered cages. That usually keeps them calm.

What to expect when you are moving pets like snakes, tortoises, and lizards

All kinds of reptiles must be moved in secure containers. After the move, take them out and put them into reassembled terrariums. This way you will safely move them to your new place.

Be patient with your pets during the move

We hope that our short guide will help you to make moving with pets easier. Still, you must be aware that you will never be able to fully save your pets from stress. You can do many preparations to move your dog easier. Still, he may become restless. The same is with the other pets. So, be gentle with them during the moving time. And soon you come to your new place, start with helping them to adjust.

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