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How to pick the right furniture for your apartment

As soon as your relocation is over, you will find yourself enjoying your new home! All hard work will finally pay off and it will be time for unpacking and setting up everything. If you decide to completely replace your furniture, that means it is time for furniture shopping! And while this sounds pretty easy, you will need to follow certain steps in order to do it right. Especially if this is your first time moving and choosing furniture features. Here is how to pick the right furniture for your apartment!

Get Measurements

As experts from movers and packers Westchester advise, you will need to get accurate measurements before choosing the right furniture. By doing this you will avoid some troubles later, like getting furniture that is too big or too small. The best way to do this is to go step by step and record the measurements along the way. Here are a couple of steps for getting the right measurements: 

tools for measuring and renovation on the table
Before you pick the right furniture for your apartment make sure to get accurate measurements!
  • Make a plan at your new place: This includes choosing rooms and areas and getting the future design of your home. Once you get it, you will have an idea of where certain items will be placed. Make sure to design one room at a time to avoid losing time by going back and forth.
  • Measure length, width, and height: Go over each corner and area where furniture items will be placed at. Always have a notebook and pencil close to you so you can write them down.
  • Take measurements of the excess space: Once you find yourself in the furniture shop there is a chance you will find something to fill in the excess space you have left. That’s shy it is good to have them written down as well.
  • Ask someone to help you: This process needs your full attention and concentration. if you get even less than one inch wrong, your furniture may not fit and you will have a huge problem on your back. Ask a friend or family member to assist you just in case.

If you decide to get professional help, residential movers Westchester can do some of these steps for you, or even guide you on how to do it. It is always good to have a backup plan if you realize that this may be too difficult for you. 

Choose Furniture Pieces

Once the measurements are in your hands it is time for the most creative and fun part of this entire process. In order to pick the right furniture for your apartment, you will need to come up with an interior design. This is the part where you can be fully creative and set up your new place. You can also include some of the items from your old place if you want. Moving services Westchester include packing as well you you won’t have any trouble dealing with them. But besides finding a beautiful furniture set, make sure to also consider: 

living room decorated in black, white and grey
Set your priorities first and get furniture for one room at a time!


  • Is the set functional?– Some of the furniture items may look magnificent but not be functional at all. You will need to be careful with that. Try to balance between good-looking and useful. 
  • Do colors match?– You can always have a couple of pictures of the items you already have, or the color of the walls just in case. This will help you with choosing the perfect shades for your furniture. 
  • Is the set affordable?– Usually after the relocation, we are on a budget for some period of time. Make sure that your furniture set is affordable among everything else. 
  • Will it match the rest of the items?– You can always combine items the way you want, but if you have some special items, like a piano or pool table, make sure to leave some space around those. Keep in mind that piano movers Westechester will be at your service if you own one, or plan on buying it. 

Set Your Priorities

When you pick the right furniture for your apartment you will surely need to set your priorities. Although this entire process may be super exciting and fun, you need to keep some things in mind. The best way to do this is to set up the rooms you need the most. You can start with setting up the bedroom first as you will need a cozy place to sleep in between shopping for furniture. After that, you can proceed to get the kitchen furniture and the rest of the rooms. You may also end up with some unexpected excess items during setting up your apartment. If things get too messy you can always count on storage services Westchester. Your items will be safe as long as you want them to be. Later you can pick them up and finish decorating. 

Prioritizing furniture items will also be useful if you want to take a break during the process. Once you set up the rooms you need the most, you can get some rest and continue when you are ready. Remember that you are at your new place now and time is definitely on your side!

white and brown kitchen
This is your chance to be creative and create a space you will enjoy!

Bottom Line on How To Pick The Right Furniture For Your Apartment

The beauty of decorating your new home is that you can be absolutely yourself. Leaving your mark will surely make that space feel like a home full of warmth and love. If you need some extra ideas, you can always look for tips on how to decorate your apartment. Remember to take time while you pick the right furniture for your apartment, and to do it with positive vibes and good energy. Once everything is over you will be proud of your new home!


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