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Room-By-Room Packing Plan

When making a perfect packing plan you need to think of a couple of different things. After you set the moving date and make other arrangements focus on your household. Depending on how big your household is, you will need to start organizing items on time. As a result, you won’t be late for moving out day and things won’t get messy in the middle of this process. Since you know your household so well, there is no better person to make a packing plan than you. And to do it even better, take a look at this room-by-room packing plan. It is a great method that will show you the progress much faster and your house will stay neat throughout the entire process. 

Room-By-Room Packing Plan

This plan is usually the first thing many moving companies Westchester County suggest. The reason for that is more than simple. If you decide to pack one room at a time, your household will be much more organized and neat. You will have a chance to focus on multiple tasks at once and other family members won’t be disturbed as well. In order to prepare for this packing plan, you will simply need to scan every room in your home. Choose the one that you need the least and start there. Move on by following other tips and your entire household will be ready for relocation in no time. Here is how to make a room-by-room packing plan! 

box on the bed
Before you start your room-by-room packing plan, gather all the packing material!

Choose The Room You Use The Least

This may even be the room you don’t need during the relocation process. The benefits of starting this way are organized and neat packing start. Since every household is different, the exact plan is hard to determine, but here are some examples of where you can start:

  • Attic– Although it may not be a real room, the attic is certainly a place that is filled with different items we don’t use. Start by cleaning and organizing boxes and if things get too complicated, you can always count on storage units Westchester.
  • Basement– And on the opposite side, there could be a basement that looks pretty much the same. Get rid of the excess and make sure you have plenty of time for this one.
  • Guest room– Chances are pretty slim that you will be having guests during your relocation. Pack the guest room and leave the boxes in there, until movers arrive.
  • Laundry room– Try to finish your laundry before packing starts. This way you will be able to pack this room and transport the appliances on time.

Whichever room is at the top of your list, start by packing smaller items first. Once you get to the furniture, most of the items will already be in boxes. One of the best things about the room-by-room packing plan is that it gives you extra time! If at some point, you realize that packing is not for you, ask for packing services in Westchester. Professional movers will do it for you in no time while you can focus on other tasks in your home!

How To Finish Room-By-Room Packing

Once when everything is ready, put the boxes in the corner of the room. As soon as the movers arrive they will prepare them for transportation. Ask them about how to rent moving bins Westchester in case you need them. They are great tools for any type of relocation and will keep everything inside safe. 

Keep in mind that as you follow the room-by-room packing plan, you should remove the waste at the same time. Packing material trash and other items you don’t need will just make the entire room messy and you won’t be able to move around freely. Ask a family member for help with this, or gather everything in the hall. Once you finish, you can take those bags out. 

person putting items in the box
Once everything is ready you will be prepared for the movers’ arrival!

Packing your Office

In case you have a business relocation on the way, you can stick to the same plan. Office movers Westchester follow pretty much the same procedure and you will have your employees to help you out. While you are packing office rooms, you should start with paperwork first. After that move to the I.T. sector and proceed to the rest of your department. If it’s easier for you, your employees can divide into different teams and handle one room at a time. 

Since offices are usually much bigger than household rooms, you will have more space to move around. Always choose one corner for all the boxes so you are ready for the mover’s arrival. Don’t forget to label the boxes as well, so that the unpacking process is easy and stress-free. 

Come Up With Your Tips

The best thing about making a room-by-room packing plan is that you can improvise all the time. As soon as you label the boxes you can start packing items of the same kind. But be careful not to mix them or the boxes. This, may lead to some complications later. In case you have a room with special items like heirlooms, inform your moving company about it. Those items usually need a professional hand bot for packing and transportation. 

person packing items in a small box
You can also label all your boxes for easier unpacking!

Bottom Line

And just like that, your room-by-room packing plan turned out great! As soon as you take a look at your home, you will see that this method works the best for any type of relocation. It is fast, effective, and saves huge amounts of time. You can include your friends in the process and have a proper goodbye party at the same time. There is nothing better than doing hard work with people dear to you. If you need more tips on some special rooms in your house then look at how to pack your bedroom too. Following these steps, you will be enjoying your new home in no time!


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