College Student Storage

Make your summer stress-free and your transition smooth by choosing our convenient storage options for students!

How it Works

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We’re striving to make dorm move-in and move-out a breeze for students and parents by offering convenient and affordable storing options for college students during the summer months. It’s Summer made easy!

We’ll pick up your belongings from your dorm room at school at the end of any semester (before break), store them at our warehouse for the summer, and return them to your new dorm when you return to school. Prices are on a per item, per term basis, straightforward rates that include pickup and delivery of your items and cover the entire summer break or academic term.

Need packing material? We’ll deliver them.

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  • Rent bins for the entire summer
  • Measures 17" Wide, 27" Long, 12" Deep
  • Includes labels, zip ties and marker
  • We'll deliver them before the move out date
  • We'll pick them up after student has unpacked

Purchase Boxes

  • For starter kit of 5 Medium Boxes
  • Measures 16" Wide, 16" Long, 18" Deep
  • Includes labels, roll of tape and marker
  • We'll deliver them before the move out date
  • Student disposes of them after unpack
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Packing Tip

When packing your boxes/bins be sure your items are secure enough so that they cannot move around inside. Use clothing, towels, blankets, or newspaper to pack fragile items (such as any glass, picture frames, mugs, alarm clocks, etc.) or to fill open spaces.


How much does the service cost?

Our rates start as low as $20 per item per term (term = 4 months). The total cost is calculated based on what you have. Rates account for door-to-door pickup and delivery of your boxes and other items. Reach out to request an itemized price list.

When do I pay?

You will pay 50% of your term total when scheduling your campus pick up date and the other 50% when scheduling your campus delivery date.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and zelle payments.

Do I need to be on site when you are picking up my things?

Yes, you must be on site to allow us access to dorm room when we pick up and deliver your things.

My school is requesting a certificate of insurance, can you supply one?

Yes, we can supply a certificate of insurance once the service is booked.

Can I use your services if I live off-campus?

Yes. If you live within two miles of a campus, we can pick up and deliver to your address. Contact us to have your address added.

What items can I store?

We can store just about anything that a student has in their dorm room, like boxes, furniture, sports equipment, appliances, bikes, fans, and more. If our college movers can pick it up, we can store it. This does not include combustible items, toxic materials, perishables, live plants, weapons, or wet items.

Do you offer extended storage (more than one term/semester)?

Yes. We store your belongings for as long as you need, we will continue to store your items at the same rate per semester.

Can I access my belongings while they’re in storage?

Yes, you can access your belongings during normal business hours, but we require that you let us know at least three business days in advance so we can get your summer storage items prepared for pick up.

What are the storage facility’s business hours?

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday CLOSED

Am I required to use your bins?

No. You can use your own boxes if you prefer. The largest box size we suggest for storage is 24” x 24” x 24”.

I need packing material, can you supply it?

Yes, you have the option of renting our plastic bins or purchasing moving boxes. We’ll deliver them to you on campus.

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