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a man renovating a room in his house while his white dog walks around

Renovating your home after moving in

Relocating to a new home can be an exciting time. After unpacking and settling into your new surroundings, you may…

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Hand holding postcard above a diary and some old keepsakes

How to organize family keepsakes for moving

Packing and moving your treasured memories may be the most stressful task during any relocation. While yes, it is hard…

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wine cellar

Best Way to Pack Wine Bottles

Moving is such an interesting event in a person’s life. It is filled with excitement and eagerness for a change.…

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A couple unpacking their stuff from cardboard boxes

Unpacking techniques you need to know about

Nobody likes packing or unpacking. It is almost always chaotic and time-consuming and one of those tasks that are the…

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mother and daughter following a room-by-room packing plan

Room-By-Room Packing Plan

When making a perfect packing plan you need to think of a couple of different things. After you set the…

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A blonde woman carrying a box

Cost of moving from NYC to Westchester

Moving from the bustling streets of The City That Never Sleeps to the more quiet suburban life in Westchester can…

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How to organize clothes after the move

Once you are done moving, you would want to unpack and settle in. Well, sometimes this can be hard if…

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4 reasons why you should hire piano movers

Every bad story about an accident while  moving starts with a thought: “I can just do it myself.” While moving…

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question mark

Frequently asked questions about home movers

When the time to relocate comes, we are sure that you have tons of questions. A lot of people feel…

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Three people sitting and laughing

How to meet new people after moving to Elmsford

Once your move with the help of movers and packers Westchester has been completed, you need to start thinking about…

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