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Tips for packing home gym equipment for a move

Staying in great shape and taking care of your health is very important. As gym memberships can be rather expensive and crowded at the time, gym homes are a very good alternative. No matter if you are a fitness trainer or just an enthusiast, a home gym is useful to have. However, when you are preparing for a move, you might be wondering if it is possible to move your home gym. Well, with good professional movers such as movers and packers Westchester, it’s not really a problem. Sure, gym equipment is not the easiest to move as it is usually large or bulky. Also, most gym equipment is expensive. For this reason, you should move your home gym with you to your new home. Therefore, here are a few tips for packing home gym equipment for a move that will help you.   

How to start packing home gym equipment for a move?  

Every move should start with a moving plan. You are probably moving your whole household and not just your home gym. First, you need to decide your moving date and a budget. If you want to save money on your relocation, you should plan your move during the off-season. The off-season starts in November and ends in April. The business is a little slow during the off-season, so you might get a better deal. The next thing is to choose a good moving company such as Yonkers movers. As gym equipment is rather expensive and you don’t need bad movers to damage them. Sure, you can get insurance, but the basic one only covers a little of the actual damage. As for the best way to pack your home gym, you should do the following:  

  • Clean equipment  
  • Get packing supplies  
  • Organize smaller items  
  • Prepare larger ones  
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First, make a good moving plan

How to clean your gym equipment?  

Gym equipment is not known as the cleanest items. As you work out, you sweat a lot. Sweat is a great ground for bacteria to grow. Of course, your home equipment doesn’t have as much bacteria as the equipment in gyms. Some studies even show that gym machines have more bacteria than water faucets or reusable plastic cafeteria trays. For this reason, you should clean and sanitize your equipment before local movers Westchester arrive. Gym equipment is not made from one material only as there is usually material such as steel, vinyl, rubber, etc. Additionally, most gym machines have electrical parts. For this reason, you need to be careful when cleaning your equipment. First, you should remove all possible dirt or dust from every part of the machine with a general cleaning wipe. The next step is to sanitize them with a sanitizing wipe or solution.  

What kind of packing supplies to get?  

You can’t pack your items without packing supplies. As gym equipment is pretty heavy even the smallest items and cardboard boxes are not an ideal packing option. You can maybe pack items such as mats, and jumping rope into cardboard boxes. Plastic bins are a better option for heavier items such as dumbbells. As plastic bins are a little more expensive to buy than cardboard boxes, you might be reluctant about this idea. However, you can rent moving bins Westchester instead of buying them. This is a better option is it’s not just more economical but also less wasteful. You will also need a lot of protective materials for your relocation. Items can be easily damaged during the relocation if not packed properly and with quality packing supplies. So, it’s better to invest a little more money in quality packing supplies than to buy new gym equipment.   

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You need to get quality packing supplies when packing home gym equipment for a move

How to pack small gym equipment?  

Just because they are small doesn’t mean they are easy to pack. There are many different home gym equipment items big and small ones. Usually, you will have more small items and maybe just one or two big ones. The first thing you should do is to wrap all your free weights items with packing paper or bubble wrapping. Also, you need to pack them in boxes that are strong enough. Don’t put all your dumbbells into one box or bin as they will be too heavy. A better option is to pack fewer items into smaller boxes. You can put jumping ropes into a bag or secure them with a tie before putting them into a moving box. Packing smaller gym equipment items is not hard. You only need to be careful about weight distribution and proper wrapping. Also, don’t forget to secure the boxes with moving tape.   

How to pack gym machines?  

The most used home gym machines are stationary bicycles, treadmills, weightlifting machines, etc. A stationary bicycle is not hard to pack. You should remove as many moving parts such as pedals, pedal straps, pedal hardware, handlebars, seat, etc. All removable parts you should put into either a small cardboard box or bag. The next step is to wrap the biggest part of the bike with bubble wrapping or packing paper. A similar packing process is for a treadmill. First, you need to unplug your treadmill and fold it up. After you fold it, wrap it with protective material and secure everything with tape or rope. You might have trouble packing weightlifting machines. They are usually the biggest and heaviest ones. For this reason, you need to dismantle them which is not an easy thing to do. But after you dismantle it, the packing process is not hard anymore.  

woman knows the best way for packing home gym equipment for a move
Dismantle your big gym machines before packing

Is it hard to pack a home gym?  

Well, it depends on the person and help. If you hired a good moving company, packing home gym equipment for a move is not hard. The hardest part of moving home gym is carrying items to a moving truck. You will need at least two to three people to help you. Aside from that, it’s not a big problem. All you need to do is to make a good plan and find a reliable moving company. For this reason, start planning your relocation in advance.   

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