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Ways to make moving day easier for kids

Relocation planning and organization are demanding. But most of the work is waiting for you when the day for moving comes. Moving is stressful for adults as well, and even more so for children. That is why it is important to prepare children for moving on time. That way, you will do yourself a favor because happy children mean happy parents. Leave most of the move to experienced movers in Westchester County, so you have more time to dedicate to make moving day easier for kids. If you approach it the right way, moving doesn’t have to be stressful for you or your children.

The age of the children influences the organization of the move

Moving can be stressful for children because they leave their familiar house, school, and friends. A team of reliable local movers Westchester will do most of the work related to moving, but you have to work hard on the children. Depending on the age of the children, the approaches will be different, but there are a few things that apply to everyone. It will be much harder for teenagers to move than for younger children and babies. But it is much easier to plan a day of moving with teenagers than with toddlers. Older children can help you or have fun on their own so as not to bother the movers. But you have to take care of the toddler all the time and make sure that he doesn’t get hurt or break something. That is why you must be well organized to make the day of moving easier for yourself and your children.

A happy family hugs
Accept the children’s feelings about moving

Prepare your kids for the move

Communicating with your child about the move before movers White Plains NY arrive to relocate your belongings is essential for their emotional well-being and adjustment to the new situation. Explaining the reasons behind the move is crucial for this process. Children need a clear understanding of why the family is moving. Take the time to explain the reasons in a way that they can comprehend based on their age and maturity level. Be honest and open, highlighting the positive aspects of the move. For example, if the move is due to a job transfer, explain how it will provide new opportunities for the family. Reassure them that the decision was made with their best interests in mind.

A father talking with children in order to make moving day easier for kids
The conversation is the most important step in order to make moving day easier for kids

Also, make sure to answer all their questions and concerns. Moving can be overwhelming for children, and as you can have many questions related to moving services Westchester, they may have numerous questions and concerns related to moving as well. Create a safe space for them to express their thoughts and feelings. Listen attentively and provide thoughtful answers to their questions. Acknowledge any worries or fears they may have and address them honestly. Reassure them that their feelings are valid and that you are there to support them throughout the process. Offering comfort and understanding can help alleviate their anxiety and build trust during this transition.

Talk to the children and explain to them what awaits them on moving day

Children do not like change and are often afraid of unknown things. That’s why moving is very stressful for them. Children must be informed about moving on time. When you have decided to move, tell them where you will be moving and involve them in the relocation planning process from the beginning. Opt for hiring residential movers Westchester to deal with the big things of moving. In addition to making it easier for you, it will give you time to prepare yourself and your children for the move. This will make moving day easier for the children because they know what awaits them. Let them have their opinion of the move, even if they are not happy about it.

Accepting children’s emotions about moving will make relocation easier for kids

Regardless of whether you are using one of the moving companies NYC to Westchester to relocate you or you are moving somewhere even further, don’t expect children to be thrilled with the move right away. They will likely oppose or be human. Don’t forbid their emotions. Children need to know that you accept them even when they do not agree with you. Explain to them why you have to move and give them time to accept it. They may be angry on the day of moving, but there is a greater chance that they will accept it nicely if they feel that their feelings are also accepted.

Happy family sitting on the couch
Leave the main part of your move to the movers and make moving day easier for kids.

Involve them in the relocation process – give them small responsibilities

Everyone likes to feel important and useful. Children feel especially great and important when they can do something that adults do. Take advantage of this and assign children small responsibilities on the day of moving. Even if you have hired a moving company with a packing service Westchester locals gladly choose, leave some things that children will be able to do on their own. Choose those things that will help them feel included and not have a sense of obligation. Older children can separate the stuff that they want to pack and take away on the day of moving. Younger ones can pack expensive toys in the bag they carry with them. Explain to them that when they arrive at the new house, they will be able to choose and arrange their room. If you manage to make them feel important, you will make moving day easier.

Turn packing into a fun activity

Turning packing into a fun activity can help alleviate the stress of moving and make it more enjoyable for children. First of all, consider using colorful markers or stickers for labeling boxes or storage bin Westchester providers use. Get creative with labeling boxes by using colorful markers or stickers. Assign a specific color or sticker to each room or category of items. Involve your child in this process, allowing them to choose their favorite colors or stickers. They can then help label the boxes accordingly, turning them into a game of matching colors or stickers to the corresponding rooms.

Kids writing on the moving box as a way to make moving day easier for kids
In order to make moving day easier for kids, organize fun activities during packing

Also, set up a reward system for completing packing tasks. Create a reward system to motivate your child and provide a sense of accomplishment during the packing process. Break down packing tasks into smaller, manageable goals, and offer rewards for completing them. Rewards can be small treats, fun activities, or even special privileges. For instance, completing a certain number of packed boxes could earn them extra playtime or a movie night. This system encourages children to stay focused and actively participate and helps make the overall moving experience more enjoyable. By incorporating these fun elements into the packing process, children will feel more involved and motivated. It also fosters a positive mindset about the move, turning it into a memorable experience rather than a daunting task.

Stick to a routine to make moving day easier for kids

Kids love routine. It is important to them because there are no unforeseen circumstances. So they are calmer and more cooperative. Try to maintain a routine on the day of moving because children find it difficult to adapt to change. Let children have about the same activities as every other day. So you will help them but also yourself to cope with the stress of moving. They will be much happier and easier to cooperate if they do not feel much change in the day.

Seek help with babysitting

Likely, you will not be able to make an effort to follow all the routines of the children during the day when the day for moving comes. So it’s a good idea to seek help babysitting that day. You can hire a babysitter or ask friends or family to jump in to look after them. If your children are of school age, you can ask the parents of their friends to organize a game that day. This way, you will keep the day with routine or familiar activities and make the moving day easier for kids while giving yourself free time for the last pack before departure.

Family having fun to make moving day easier for kids
Kids will enjoy playing with the boxes.

Explore the new neighborhood

If possible, take your child on a tour of the new neighborhood before the actual moving day. Explore the streets, visit local parks, and point out nearby amenities like schools, libraries, and shops. This allows them to get a glimpse of their future surroundings and starts building a sense of familiarity. Highlight any exciting features or attractions that might interest them, such as a nearby ice cream parlor or a playground. Encourage them to ask questions and take note of things they find intriguing.

And once you’ve moved into the new home, dedicate some time to explore the nearby parks, playgrounds, and attractions with your child. Take walks or bike rides together to discover the local environment. This provides an opportunity to bond as a family while getting to know the new community. Encourage your child to engage with other children they encounter at parks or playgrounds, helping them form new connections and friendships. By actively exploring the new surroundings, children will start to feel more comfortable and excited about their new neighborhood.

Create a familiar space in the new home

Prioritize setting up your child’s room as one of the first tasks upon arrival at the new home. Unpack their familiar items, such as their bed, favorite toys, and bedding. This allows them to have a familiar and comforting space amidst the new surroundings. Arrange the room in a similar layout to their previous room, if possible.

Kids playing in their room
Allow kids to decorate their own room

Also, involve your child in the unpacking process and allow them to arrange their belongings in their new room. Let them have a say in where their toys, books, and clothes should go. This not only gives them a sense of control and ownership over their space but also creates a personal connection to the new home. Encourage their creativity and input as they make decisions about how to decorate and organize their room. By actively participating in unpacking and arranging, children will feel a sense of pride and attachment to their new living space.

Turning it into family fun will make moving easier for kids

When you hear the word relocation, you certainly don’t think of fun first. However, children need to have fun. If you manage to make the move fun for them, everything will surely be easier. To make moving day easier for kids, try to organize some games, for example, who will pack something first. Let them draw and decorate the boxes with their items, or you can let the younger children play in the box. It is just one empty box for you, and in children’s imagination, it is the whole world. If you manage to follow at least some of these tips, you will make the moving day easier for children.

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