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How it Works?


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Affiliate Welcome - once approved you'll receive a welcome e-mail with the link to access your portal.


Start Referring Clients - client details can be submitted to us directly through the portal. We'll connect with the referred person and assist them in planning their stress-free move.


Track your referrals - You can track the status of each submitted referral.


Get Rewarded - payments are issued within one week of completed move in the preferred form of payment.

Commissions are payable as follows for completed move paid in full:

• 10% on Local Moves within the Tri-State Area
• 5% on Long Distance moves outside of the Tri-State Area

Program Rules:

All referrals must be submitted through the
affiliate portal.

Your referral commission payment will be
issued within one week of the completed

The referral must move and complete their
paid services with us. If you refer a client
and they don’t move with us, you do not
earn a referral commission. Referral fees are
only paid on completed and paid in full

The referral cannot have already previously
moved with us and is returning as a repeat

The referral cannot have already been in contact with us and received a quote from us.

The referrals must be made prior to the
referral booking their move with us. We will
not pay or honor any referral commissions
fees for referrals made post the referrals
booking date and move date.

If the referral is quoted for storage services,
we will not pay commission fees on our
storage services such as storage move out
services or monthly storage fees associated
with that referral customer. Only the initial
move-in to storage will be subject to a

Commissions are not payable on Bin Rental Services or Packaging Material Purchases.