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Best places for couples to move in Westchester

Whether you are moving to refresh your relationship, be closer to your new job, or find a better place, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will present you with a couple of options that are the best places for couples to move in Westchester. If you’re moving from a different state or a city, Westchester has a very wide variety of options for anyone. Wherever you choose to start your roots with your partner, you will find just the place for you. Don’t forget to check out moving companies Westchester NY, because you’ll most likely need their professional help.

Overview of Westchester County

Living in Westchester offers a balanced and fulfilling experience. It combines the tranquility of suburban life with the convenience of nearby urban amenities. Whether you’re using moving services Westchester and relocating for work, family, or lifestyle, Westchester provides an inviting and vibrant community to call home.

  • Cost of living: The average price for homes in Westchester is around $600,000. This reflects the county’s desirability and proximity to New York City. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is about $2,000 per month.
  • Job market: Key sectors in Westchester County include healthcare, education, and finance. The average salary in Westchester is approximately $75,000, depending on the industry and role.
  • Lifestyle: Westchester has parks and waterfronts, perfect for outdoor activities. It is also rich in arts, theater, and historical sites and offers a diverse range of culinary experiences, from casual eateries to upscale dining.

Some of the best places for couples to move in Westchester

Westchester County is an ideal destination for couples planning to relocate. The area offers a blend of tranquility and activity that caters to a variety of interests and lifestyles. For couples relocating here with residential movers Westchester, Westchester provides numerous options that cater to different preferences. If you love the outdoors, there are areas with stunning natural beauty and parks. Here, you can enjoy weekend hikes, picnics, or just a leisurely walk in nature. For those who appreciate the arts, several towns in Westchester host vibrant arts scenes with galleries, theaters, and live music.

A couple in one of the places for couples to move in Westchester
Research Westchester and choose one of the best places for couples to move in Westchester

Moreover, Westchester is known for its fine dining and diverse cuisine. Couples can explore an array of restaurants offering everything from cozy cafes to upscale dining experiences. This variety ensures that dining out remains an exciting part of living in this region. Finally, Westchester’s proximity to New York City is a significant advantage. It allows couples to enjoy all the amenities of a major city while living in a more relaxed, suburban environment. This balance makes Westchester an attractive choice for couples seeking a new place to call home. But before relocating, it is crucial to find the right place for you and your loved one to call it home.


Bronxville is a great place for couples who like their environment to be a bit slower and a bit more relaxed than usual urban areas. If you’re a couple looking to move and you aren’t into parties and all this life that much, well, then this is one of the perfect options for you. Bronxville is in the suburbs of New York City and has a fairly small population of 6,500, which means its local law enforcement has a fairly easy time dealing with crime rates. If you like spending your time outside, there is a lot of nature and not a whole lot of cars that you will be seeing. Also, the public schools are highly rated here.

A couple in cafeteria in one of the places for couples to move in Westchester
if you are looking for a small community, Bronxville is a place for you

When it comes to living in Bronxville, the cost of living is an important factor to consider. While it is higher than the national average, according to local movers Westchester, many find the quality of life here worth the investment. The housing market in Bronxville offers a range of options. You can find everything from charming apartments to spacious family homes. The average home price in Bronxville is around $1 million. However, there are also more affordable housing options available. Living in Bronxville also means enjoying its vibrant downtown area. It’s filled with shops, cafes, and restaurants. This makes it a lively place for couples to explore and enjoy together. The blend of community spirit, beautiful surroundings, and amenities makes Bronxville a great choice for couples looking to start their life together in Westchester County.


If you’re looking to move somewhere urban with a lot of people, to be closer to your job, or to be somewhere where there are a lot of people, this is the right place. Yonkers is one of the best places for young couples to move in Westchester because of its urban feel. It is classified as an inner suburb of New York City and offers you wide job opportunities. They also have a wide range of companies that are here for your comfort. Some of these moving companies Yonkers, can move your home in a really fast time. Most of the people in this place rent their homes; it is a fast-paced city where people tend to move a lot.

A couple with a dog
There is no doubt that Yonkers is one of the best places for couples to move in Westchester

Yonkers is more affordable than other parts of the county. The cost of living here is reasonable, especially when compared to nearby New York City. This affordability extends to housing as well. In Yonkers, couples can find a variety of housing options, ranging from modern apartments to cozy family homes. The median home price in Yonkers is around $500,000, which is lower than many other Westchester areas. Additionally, Yonkers offers a robust job market. Its proximity to New York City means ample employment opportunities in various sectors like healthcare, education, and retail. The city also boasts its own thriving local economy. For couples, Yonkers provides an appealing blend of affordability, diversity, and opportunity. Whether you’re starting a new job or looking for a community to call home, Yonkers is an excellent choice in Westchester County.


Scarsdale, located in Westchester County, is an excellent choice for couples planning to hire packing service Westchester and relocate. Scarsdale is known for its high quality of life, which is reflected in its cost of living. It’s higher than the national average, but many find it worth the investment for the benefits it offers. The housing market in Scarsdale is diverse, with options ranging from luxury homes to more modest yet charming houses. The average home price in Scarsdale is around $1.5 million, catering to those seeking a premium living experience.

The job market in Scarsdale and the surrounding areas of Westchester is robust. There are opportunities in sectors like healthcare, education, and finance, especially with its proximity to New York City. This makes it a great choice for professionals. Scarsdale is not just about upscale living; it’s also about community. The town boasts excellent schools, beautiful parks, and a variety of recreational activities. For couples, this means a balanced lifestyle with both career and leisure opportunities. Whether you’re starting a new chapter or seeking a place with a strong sense of community, Scarsdale in Westchester County is a place worth considering.

White Plains

White Plains is one of the best places for couples to move in Westchester, as it is the central hub of Westchester County. It is also the birthplace of the New York State. This fairly fast, popular, and urban city offers a lot of new opportunities for businesses and newly married couples or families. Therefore, rest assured that you will not make a mistake if you decide to hire movers White Plains NY, and relocate here. Also, if you like to go out and party, if you’re a hedonist – be assured that you can’t find a better place than this one.

Couple enjoying sunset in one of the places for couples to move in Westchester
White Plains offers many amenities that couples would enjoy

The cost of living in White Plains is moderate, especially when compared to New York City. This affordability is a major attraction for many couples. Housing options in White Plains vary widely. You can find everything from modern apartments to traditional single-family homes. The median home price here is around $600,000. This range allows couples to find something that suits their budget and lifestyle preferences. The job market in White Plains is diverse and thriving. Its proximity to New York City enhances employment opportunities. White Plains itself hosts numerous businesses in sectors like retail, healthcare, and finance. This diversity ensures that both members of a couple can find suitable career options. White Plains also boasts excellent amenities. These include shopping centers, restaurants, parks, and cultural venues. For couples, this means a rich, fulfilling lifestyle without the need to travel far for leisure and entertainment.

New Rochelle

New Rochelle in Westchester County is an ideal destination for couples planning a move. It offers a unique combination of suburban charm and city-like amenities. If you’re considering moving here, you might need a storage bin Westchester for your belongings during the transition. But before you relocate, you should be aware of the cost of living. The cost of living in New Rochelle is reasonable compared to other parts of Westchester County. This makes it a practical choice for couples. In terms of housing, New Rochelle offers a variety of options. From cozy apartments to spacious houses, there’s something for every preference and budget. The average home price is around $650,000, which provides a good balance between affordability and quality of living.

A couple taking a selfie
In New Rochelle, couples can enjoy plenty of recreational opportunities

The job market in New Rochelle and the surrounding areas is robust. Its proximity to New York City offers vast opportunities in various sectors. This is beneficial for couples looking to advance their careers while enjoying a suburban lifestyle. New Rochelle is not just about practicality; it’s also a great place for couples because of its scenic beauty and recreational opportunities. The city boasts beautiful parks, beaches, and a vibrant downtown area with restaurants and shops. This blend of natural beauty, leisure activities, and a strong community feel makes New Rochelle a top choice for couples seeking a balanced and fulfilling life in Westchester County.

Choose one of the best places for couples to move in Westchester and relocate with your loved one

Westchester County offers an array of appealing options for couples looking to relocate and start a new chapter together. From the charming villages of Bronxville and Scarsdale to the urban hub of White Plains and the suburban allure of New Rochelle, there’s a perfect place for every couple’s lifestyle and preferences. With reasonable living costs, diverse housing options, thriving job markets, and abundant recreational activities, Westchester provides an ideal setting to build a life with your loved one. Whether you’re seeking tranquility, community, or urban amenities, choose one of the best places for couples to move in Westchester to create lasting memories and forge a bright future together.

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