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Best places to retire in Westchester NY

One of the biggest decisions to make in your elderly years is to choose a place to retire. Especially if you’re living in New York City or nearby and want to have the connection even after you retire. Sure, you might feel tempted to head south for sunny Florida. However, it is often hard to leave behind the places and people you have come to love through the years. But the good news is that you probably don’t have to think about moving far away. You might not even need help from the best Yonkers movers. And that is because you can choose one of the best places to retire in Westchester NY. And there are a lot of reasons and many options you can choose from. Hence, let’s begin and prepare you for your retirement in Westchester NY.

Why choose some of the best places to retire in Westchester NY?

When it comes to moving as a senior, every decision you make can be quite heavy and tiresome. But you can always make the whole experience a lot easier on yourself. For instance, if you need help from trustworthy professionals, you’ll hire residential movers Westchester. And if you need help with deciding which are the best places to retire in Westchester NY, you’ll read our article. So, one of the things that make Westchester county appealing for retirement is that it’s close enough to the city. That way, you can go and enjoy NYC any time you like or feel the need. However, on the other hand, retiring and living in Westchester is a much safer, quieter, and friendlier place to retire from than NYC.

Three elderly women sitting next to each other
If you choose Westchester for your residence during retirement, you won’t ever regret it.

What can you get from some of the best places to retire in Westchester NY?

Nowadays, retirees are far more social and active than their parents were. So, this is one of the reasons why Westchester County is so appealing to many retirees. Simply, it gives you all you need for a happy and modern retirement. Meanwhile, you can enjoy New York’s finer offerings while enjoying all four seasons. Also, if you decide that retiring in Westchester is the best option, there are great movers in Westchester County who can help you with this endeavor.  But there are so many reasons why Westchester County offers the best places for retirement in New York.

The reasons why Westchester NY offers the best places to retire

Besides hiring the best local movers Westchester, you ought to think about other perks of spending your retirement days in Westchester County. And that’s where we’ll help you, with our tips on why you should pick some of the best places to retire in Westchester NY.

The proximity of New York City is appealing for retirees

During your retirement, you don’t want to spend the whole day in traffic. And that’s why the fact that it takes to less than an hour to get to New York City is quite appealing. For everyone, retirees included. So, when you feel like it, you can hop on an express train and be in Manhattan less than an hour later. On the other hand, if you wish to drive, you have to count on some heavy traffic traveling from Westchester to NYC. Hence, even after you choose some of the best places in Westchester to retire, make sure to plan your travels to Manhattan. Also, you can enjoy a short trip to New York City’s shops, restaurants, and shows.

An empty bench in a park
The best places for retirement in Westchester NY offer you a lot of everyday activities.

You can find plenty of activities in Westchester NY for retirees

One of the things senior people enjoy during their retirement is art. So, you won’t regret choosing Westchester’s best places to retire. Because it offers you dozens of theaters, museums, historic sites, and points of interest. One of the places you might want to visit is Kykuit, formerly John D. Rockefeller’s estate. But nowadays, it is home to expensive art galleries and gardens. So, one of our suggestions is to visit this place, especially during the summertime, and enjoy it.

Scarsdale- one of the best places to retire in Westchester County

This iconic American suburb often lures back people who have grown up there to return. And the situation is the same with people who retire. One of the things that are appealing is that it has a mix of green space, and it is close to New York City. Also, if you decide to move to Scarsdale, you’ll do it with ease with help from moving companies Scarsdale NY. Then, Scarsdale is a vibrant, energizing choice for seniors who want to remain active during retirement. But also for those seniors who want to stay connected in the community.

What does Scarsdale offer to retired seniors?

As we previously mentioned, Scarsdale has many perks that make it appealing for seniors, such as:

  • The proximity to New York City, with just a short train ride away.
  • The possibility to enjoy museums, parks, and shows.
  • Access to a municipal pool complex for those long summer days.

As for the proximity of NYC, it will allow you to enjoy long walks along the Bronx River Parkway, for instance. Or just go to dinner with your friends and remember the good, old days.

Hudson River and buildings nearby
If you want to visit NYC, you can always enjoy walking along the Hudson River.


Located along the majestic Hudson River, Yonkers is Westchester’s largest city. Just minutes from Manhattan, it offers diversity to seniors who can choose from shopping, fine dining, and world-class entertainment. One of the top Westchester destinations is Yonkers Downtown- Waterfront District. It offers great restaurants, shops, and parks where you can enjoy your spare time. Also, it is one of the best places to retire in Westchester NY as it has one of the largest shopping corridors in the New York area. So, if you are a shopping lover, you and your friends can enjoy a little shopping spree.

So, now that you have the information, you can make the best choice for your retirement days. We wish you a healthy and unforgettable retirement.



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