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Best Way to Pack Wine Bottles

Moving is such an interesting event in a person’s life. It is filled with excitement and eagerness for a change. But that also carries some heavy emotions, as well. So it is no wonder that many people feel overwhelmed during the relocation. In that case, the best you can do is prepare well. The first thing you should do is to look for some of the best movers in Westchester New York, if that is an area where you are moving to. Experienced movers will know the best way to support your unique situation. And they will also be able to answer all of your questions, even what is the best way to pack wine bottles.

How to find experienced movers?

If you didn’t move before, you should know that the moving market is getting bigger every single day. That means that many different companies are competing for your attention. And some of them are amateurs. Well, it is obvious that you want to avoid them. You are in a situation where you want to partner up with the best moving companies Yonkers-based if this is a city where you would love to live in next.

moving company man
Choose some reliable movers

During an initial interview, you should talk to your movers about every single thing that worries you. They can give you a few different offers. Don’t forget to ask them about the packing services Westchester company can provide you. Because you have to know that you can lean on your movers to pack your wine bottles if you want to. But also, have in mind that they will charge it extra. You can get moving quotes for free. Don’t hesitate to ask for them from different companies before you sign the deal.

What is the best way to pack wine bottles?

If you have wine or some other liquor and you have to move it to your new home, you probably want to be sure that those bottles are packed well. The last thing you want is to break them during transportation. And that can happen easily if they aren’t appropriately stocked. So we are here to help you prevent any damage possible. And the first thing we want to tell you is that, if you’ve decided to pack them by yourself, you can rent moving bins Westchester.

the best way to pack wine bottles
What is the best way to pack wine bottles?

The safest way to pack wine or any other liquor bottles is to use a specialty wine shipping box. Look for them online or check some local shipping offices if they offer them. Those boxes are available in different sizes that can hold one, six, or even twelve bottles. The majority of them have Styrofoam dividers against one another. Have in mind that these boxes are on the pricey side. Still, they are the best way to be sure that all your bottles will arrive undamaged. So you would want to invest in them, especially if you have some rare or expensive wines in your collection.

Packing material for wine bottles

If you decide that those boxes aren’t the right thing for you and you want to save some money, order cardboard cell boxes. They have cardboard dividers that separate those bottles. Large discount liquor stores will most probably offer you some boxes like this. Another option is to purchase them from the shipping office. Don’t forget that you will also need some packing tape and packing paper. And for sure – you have to remember to label them all.

The bottom of any moving box is like, the most important part of it. And that is the reason why you would want to secure it additionally. You can make it stronger using some packing tape. Check if your box will hold the weight. Never use too worn or damaged boxes for moving and especially for bottles. You will never go wrong in adding a piece of thick, stiff cardboard to the bottom of the box when you decide to pack something important in there.

Wrap every bottle

If you decide to use just a regular box instead of wine shipping one or a cell box, you will have to wrap every bottle separately before packing. And, you won’t be wrong if you wrap bottles even before you place them in cells. This is especially true if your bottles don’t fit well in those cells and they feel a bit larger for them.

a box with the  word "fragile" on it
Don’t forget to write the sign fragile on your boxes.

This is how to do it: place a stack of packing paper on some flat surface. Check twice the caps of all bottles that are open. Make sure they are tight. Put the bottle on the side and perpendicular to the corner of the top sheet. Leave some room in the corner of the paper, so you can start wrapping with ease. Take two or three sheets of paper and wrap them all as one around the bottle. Roll the bottle as you push it forward. Wrap those ends of the paper into the rolls during the process. Secure all that wrapping with some tape and make sure there aren’t loose ends.

Did you choose the best way to pack wine bottles?

We offered you a few different ways of packing to help you. Now, you only have to decide the best way to pack wine bottles. After you find out what will work the best for you, you should check your inventory. Do you really want to take with you all those bottles? Are they all worthy of moving to a new home? You can sell some or gift them to your friends if you decide not to take them with you to your new home in New York. After you decide, put one bottle at a time in those boxes. Pack them well, secure that boxes are well-sealed, and write on a label what is inside. Don’t forget to put a sign that says fragile, so anyone who comes in touch with them can take some extra care.

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