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Frequently asked questions about home movers

When the time to relocate comes, we are sure that you have tons of questions. A lot of people feel really confident and think that they are all prepared for the move. But during the whole process of planning and organizing, they bump into some questions and things they have no idea how to pack or get ready for the relocation. Movers in Westchester New York are helping their customers in many ways. One of them is answering all of your questions that you might have related to your relocation. If you put your trust in these professionals, you will see that everything you have been searching for the answers to is really easy and logical. In order to help you out, we have created a list of frequently asked questions about home movers. We hope that you will find them useful.

Frequently asked questions about home movers

One of the main questions people ask Yonkers movers is when is the best time to move. The best piece of advice they will give to you is that you try to avoid the end of the month. The season you are supposed to avoid is summer. Not just that a lot of people use their vacations to relocate, but because of the hot weather. It is more difficult to move during the warm weather. There is one more period of the year you should avoid when planning to move. Those are days around holidays. Movers can be more expensive, plus it will be a question if you will be able to book them on time. But if you have no chance to choose the best period for you, you should hire movers in the month or on the days that suit you. Just make sure that you have arranged everything with the moving company so that the relocation will go smoothly.

a lot of clocks
One of the most frequently asked questions about home movers is when is the best time to move

How can you determine the cost of the move?

The cost of moving depends on several things. For instance, one of the things that will determine your cost o moving is what kind of services you will use once you hire some of the best residential movers Westchester has. Services that you should pay extra for are some specialized services, like moving a piano or a home gym.

The factor that will determine the cost of the move is the number of movers you will need. An exact number of movers will be terminated by the amount of your stuff. Transportation distance is also a key to determining the moving cost. Local moving has a different price than a long-distance relocation. Make sure that you have to ask for all the information you need.

Always keep in your mind that you need to provide the moving company with all of this information related to your relocation. Without all the specifics, the moving company will not be able to determine the mong cost for you. That is why you should ask for a free moving estimate, where you will see the final calculation of your relocation.

What kind of items are of extraordinary value is among the frequently asked questions about home movers

These items will be more expensive to move:

  1. jewelry,
  2. collectors’ items,
  3. furs,
  4. antiques,
  5. art.

The reason these items cost more to move is that you would like to get better moving insurance coverage. Do this to prevent paying the too big price of these items damaged during the transport. Sometimes, it will cost more to repair the damaged item than to take this additional moving insurance.

frequently asked questions about home movers is whether they move expensive art painting
Ask for additional moving insurance for art pieces

What can you do with items you cannot move at the right time?

If you have a small home, or you just have too many items inside the boxes and you do not have where to put the, think about renting storage. A lot of moving companies can offer you their storage facilities. This way you will be sure that your items are safe during your process of the relocation. Make sure that you check the condition of certain storage units. One of the most important things to look for in storage units is to be climate-controlled. This way you will prevent your items during their stay there.

Moving pets and plants

Be careful when planning the relocation of your plants and pets. There are some states that provide you with the entry of non-native plants. In this case, you need to get informed. Not just by people who have experienced relocation. Make sure you get valid information from the state government.

If you are allowed to transport the plants, think about the way of transporting them. A lot of companies do not want to transport the plants in their truck. Not that they do not want to, but imagine pant in the back of the truck. Being in a dark, without water or fresh air can really damage the plant. That is why the best solution is to arrange some special services for transporting the plants.

And when it comes to relocating your pets, the first thing you need to think of is transporting them safely. If you are not capable of taking your pet with you, make sure that the conditions in the transporting vehicle are good for them. Prepare the food and water, in case the transportation takes too long.

plants on the window
Be careful how you transport the plants from your home

These frequently asked questions about home movers are a great solution to gather all the information you need to prepare for a smooth and easy relocation. If necessary, contact the moving company several times. make sure you understand every letter in the contract you sign. get the insurance for all of your items and watch your house being relocated with no obstacles and disruptions. Good luck!



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