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Home renovations to complete before you move to Yonkers

Moving into a new home is a large step to take. The whole process takes up a lot of time and energy and can be very stressful. Not every home is perfect, in fact, most of the properties need at least some minor improvements. If you found a place to live in Yonkers, it is better to make the necessary renovations before one of the top moving companies Westchester County carries the boxes inside your new home. Before booking your movers, decide which home renovations to complete before you move to Yonkers.

Prepare well for moving and renovating

Doing two major tasks, such as moving and renovating, at the same time might seem like taking on extra work and unnecessary stress. But remember that it is easier to make your home livable without having to move the furniture around or trip over the carpets. That is why you need to prepare well in advance in order to conduct both tasks efficiently. Make a list of all the activities you need to do around your new home. Don’t forget to buy all the necessary materials for home renovations. With good organization and planning it will be easier to tackle these activities.

An assortment of colors and tiles samples for home renovations to complete before you move to Yonkers
Make plans and organize well before deciding which home renovations to complete before you move to Yonkers

Home renovations to complete before you move to Yonkers

Before hiring the best local movers Westchester offers, you need to figure out what improvement projects to tackle. Some minor changes that don’t affect your day-to-day life can be done after you move in. However, renovating a kitchen or a bathroom can seriously disrupt the life of your family. You won’t be able to prepare food, or even store it, as all appliances will need to be unplugged. Not to mention that you will need to find a place to store all your dishes and gadgets. As for the bathroom, renovation is possible only if you have more than one bathroom in the house.

However, apart from these major renovation endeavors, there are others that are better done before you move in:

  • changing the locks
  • replacing the floors
  • painting
  • add extra storage space
  • deep cleaning and pest control

Change the locks

Safety is the most important thing, so make sure you take care of it first before moving into a new home. Call a locksmith to change the locks on your front door, as you are not quite sure if anyone else has a spare key to your house. Apart from the front door, make sure to change the locks on other doors in and around the house – back door, garage door, shed, etc.

Door lock
Changing the locks is a matter of safety in your new Yonkers home

For additional safety, put home security elements before moving in. Also, if you have pets, ensure they are safe too. If your house doesn’t have a fence, maybe it would be a smart idea to set it up.

Replace the floors

Before the best Yonkers movers start dealing with your relocation, it would be good to replace the floors, if they are old and squeaky, so they can unload your boxes onto new floors without the risk of tripping. If you did any major updates on plumbing or electricity, changing floors would be necessary following these types of renovations. Sometimes the type of flooring in your new home might not be the one you prefer. Perhaps the floors are covered with carpet or tiles, and you would like to have wooden floors. Replacing floors might take a few days and it would cause a major disruption to the entire household if you did this after you’ve moved in. Taking enough time to replace the floors while the house is still empty will facilitate the entire moving process.

Paint the walls and ceilings

Painting is definitely easier without furniture and household items getting in the way. Painting walls in space means nothing will get damaged or stained. This is a very affordable home improvement hack that can bring new life to your home. Make sure you paint the walls a few days before moving in, this way you will avoid the smell of dry paint in your home. No matter if you hire someone to paint the walls or you do it yourself, this simple renovation activity makes your new home fresh and complete, and is one of the home renovations to complete before you move to Yonkers.

A person painting a wall
Paint the walls while the house is empty, to avoid moving furniture around

Add extra storage space

Making home renovations before moving in is a great opportunity to figure out how to utilize extra space. Make extra closets, add some more cupboards, or a pantry, as storage space can never be sufficient. Also, make sure to declutter before you start your packing and moving process. Don’t take any unnecessary items into a new home, instead, give yourself a clean slate.

If you wish to optimize your packing and moving process, rent the best storage bin Westchester has to offer. Instead of dealing with cardboard boxes, use solid, plastic ones that you can rent and that are reusable.

Deep cleaning and pest control

Hire a professional pest control company before moving in. This way you will ensure that your home will be free of insects and rodents for some time. There is a chance that colonies of pests might migrate to your house in case your neighbors have pest barriers, and you don’t. This is why pest control is extremely important. Deep cleaning the house prior to moving in is a unique opportunity to reach every corner and dust it and wash it thoroughly before any furniture blocks it. Deep cleaning is especially important for the bathroom and kitchen. Also, clean the furniture and cupboards, and drawers as you are bringing them into a new home.

Home renovations are important before moving

There are a lot of home renovations to complete before you move to city of Yonkers. With smart planning and good organization, you will be able to put your new home in top shape and enjoy yourself while settling in.

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