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How to organize clothes when moving

When it comes to moving, everyone wants to find the best way to pack clothes for moving. No matter if you have a few closets of clothes or much more, you’ll need the right tips to handle this task. Especially as your clothes need special organization when packing for relocation. Sure, the best way to organize and pack your wardrobe is to hire movers and packers Westchester. But there are a lot of things you can do on your own to prepare. And we are here to help you with this project. So, read this article to find out how to organize clothes when moving. By following our advice, you will pack and organize your garments like a professional.

Before you organize clothes when moving, there are things you can do

If you want to know how to organize clothes when moving, you should commit to this task. Because, even if you hire storage pickup and delivery Westchester to handle your clothes, you can do several things on your own. The first thing you already probably know is that there are surely some clothes that you don’t even need. Hence, sorting through your closet and seeing what’s in there is a good starting point. Also, you might even make some money along the way by selling some of the clothes you no longer need.

Woman lying in front of the closet, preparing to organize clothes before moving
One of the best ways to organize your clothes when moving is to go thoroughly through your closet first.

How to organize clothes when moving- useful tips

To properly organize your wardrobe for relocation, here are a few things you can do to make packing more efficient.

  • First, sort through your closet and assess it properly. This means you should take a look at your closet and browse through all of your clothes. Also, don’t forget to go through bags and accessories. Even better, hang or lay out everything in front of you to get a better picture of what you possess.
  • Then, it is the right time to decide what you are going to sell, keep, and donate. This is one of the best ways to organize clothes when moving while getting rid of excess items. For clothes you aren’t sure what to do with, you can use storage bin Westchester and decide later.

When organizing clothes before relocation, consider donating

Finally, think about donating clothes to charity if they are in good condition. You can take your donation pile and take it to the nearest charity. Also, many of them offer pick-up services free of charge. Just make sure to get a tax-deductible donation receipt from the charity when donating clothes. This step can help you a lot in organizing clothes when moving.

How to pack clothes when moving by using cardboard boxes

The best advice on how to organize clothes when moving is to get a packing service Westchester. Because with the right help from the right people, this task will be stress-free. Another great option to organize and pack clothes when moving is to use cardboard boxes. This particular method is quite cheap since you can get free moving boxes easily. For instance, you can look for them in local supermarkets or liquor stores. Then, after you get your cardboard boxes, do not just throw your clothes in them without any order. Also, we suggest that you start by having the right boxes for this assignment. Hence, for clothes, we suggest using small to medium boxes. This advice will prevent you from overfilling the boxes with clothes. Because if you overfill, the bottom of the box can easily break, and that’s not the way to organize and pack your wardrobe.

Woman putting her clothes in a cardboard box
You can always use cardboard boxes to pack your wardrobe for relocation.

Protect your clothes while they’re inside the cardboard boxes

Before you carefully put your clothes into the boxes that are of proper size, line the inside of the box with plastic wrap. Or you can use simple packing paper. The purpose of this action is to protect your clothes from moisture and wear-and-tear during the relocation. Then, fold your clothes neatly and place them inside the box. However, along the way, make sure that they are as flat as possible. This step is important as it will make the unpacking process much simpler later on. Finally, when you pack everything neatly inside, place more wrapping paper on top of your clothes.

Another great way to organize clothes for relocation- the vacuum bags

One of the best solutions for packing clothes for moving and organizing them is a vacuum bag. Especially if you want to fit as many items into one package as possible. Vacuum bags allow you to store more items in less space. Along the way, they protect your clothes from dirt and moisture. But before you put your organized clothes inside them, make sure to either roll up your clothes or fold them flat. Also, our advice is to put the largest pieces into the bag first, and then lay the smaller pieces on top. However, always keep in mind that the essential clothes should be on top of the bag. Especially as you’ll need them in the first couple of days after you arrive at your new home. Also, after you fill the bag, seal it in such a way that it remains barely open.

Organizing clothes when moving in wardrobe boxes

If you need to transport your clothes wrinkle-free, then the best solution is specialized wardrobe boxes. They are specially designed to handle everything, from dresses to pants and skirts. However, you should know that these boxes can be more expensive than regular cardboard squares. You can expect to be set back around 30 to 50 dollars for them. But we find them to be a very good investment and a good way to organize your clothes when relocating. And let’s not forget to mention that they have inside them a built-in metal bar which is perfect for hanging clothes.

Woman holding wrapping paper next to a plastic box
You can always use wardrobe boxes to prepare your clothes for relocation.

So, now that you’ve read our tips and advice, you are more familiar with how to organize clothes when moving. We are certain that you will use your knowledge and our guide to make this project successful.

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