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How to spend first spring after moving to Scarsdale

Everyone decides to move to a different place in a quest for a better lifestyle. But after the relocation is over, it isn’t easy to adjust to a new neighborhood. Especially if you don’t know anyone who can guide you through your new city or neighborhoods. However, moving to Scarsdale will allow you many opportunities to enjoy and have fun. So, right after you hire movers in Scarsdale NY, you should prepare for your new life. Hence, read our article and see how to spend the first spring after moving to Scarsdale.

Enjoy your first spring after moving to Scarsdale

As we already mentioned, the best movers Westchester NY can help you with the relocation. But before you move, you should know basic information about the place you plan on moving to, and that’s Scarsdale. So, let’s begin by saying that the village of Scarsdale is located in lower Westchester County. Also, it is surrounded by Eastchester, Mamaroneck, and Hartsdale, which makes its location quite appealing. Also, one of the things that makes Scarsdale attractive is its easy accessibility via the Bronx and Hutchinson River Parkways. Finally, this neighborhood is highly desirable for families due to its excellent public school system. So, you can enjoy your first spring in Scarsdale with your family to the fullest. And that is thanks to its amenities that don’t disappoint. Because you can choose- from family-family friendly outdoor eats to sweet shops. And many more amenities you can enjoy in Scarsdale.

Be sure to visit a great shopping center

Now that your relocation is all done with help from moving services Westchester you’ve hired, it’s time for fun. You can fully commit to enjoying your first spring in Scarsdale. So, for starters, if you are a shopaholic, moving to Scarsdale will fulfill all your appetites regarding shopping. And that is thanks to The Golden Horseshoe, a shopping center located on the Scarsdale/ New Rochelle border. Not only you can have great shopping there, but it’s also known as one of the favorite hangouts for local teens. And that’s especially important if you are moving to Scarsdale with your kids. Also, you can always enjoy your teens and enjoy the beautiful Tudor-type designed architecture of it. Furthermore, you can spend your first spring in Scarsdale by enjoying a wide range of restaurants and shops there.

View at the inside of a shopping center
One of the things to do in Scarsdale during spring is to visit a great shopping center.

Enjoy the view and see the trains cruise by

After moving to Scarsdale with local movers Westchester, you’ll probably want to explore all the views of this gorgeous village. And what’s a more original way to enjoy spring in Scarsdale than to go train-spotting with your kids? So, we always suggest going train-spotting from the upper level of the beautiful Scarsdale Train Station. This station is unique as it was built in 1904 in the Tudor Revival style. So, we think that this is one of the activities people of all ages and preferences enjoy. Hence, don’t miss it but visit it, especially during spring.

If you are a nature lover visit the Greenburgh Nature Center

There are many things to do in Scarsdale during the whole year. But logically, many of them are most appealing during spring, when everything blossoms. Hence, if you love nature, you can explore the wonders of it at the Greenburgh Nature Center. Because there are many things you all can enjoy, such as organic gardens, forest trails, live animals, and many more. Moreover, inside the Manor House, you can see more live animals, a greenhouse, and other exhibits related to the topic. Finally, is there a better way to spend a beautiful spring day than by enjoying nature with your family? So, don’t forget this place as an idea to spend the first spring after moving to Scarsdale.

A big tree in a park
You can always enjoy your first spring in Scarsdale in a park, under a tree.

Organize a Nature Party

If your kids love animals, then our idea is to spend a spring day by hosting an animal-themed party at the Weinberg Nature Center. Not only does it allow enjoying spring, but it offers a unique experience with more than 40 animals. For instance, you get to see different animals, from cuddly rabbits and chinchillas to scary tarantulas and snakes. Therefore, think about this option as a great way to spend the first spring in Scarsdale and make it a unique experience to remember.

More ideas for spring activities in Scarsdale

Besides interesting nature and animal-oriented ideas, we have more on our plate to offer you. And you can organize your time during your first spring in Scarsdale as you want and please. Hence, here are several ideas to spend your spring in Scarsdale.

  • First, we suggest catching a ride at Boulder Brook Equestrian Center. It is great that this is a full-service riding facility that offers a wide range of services. Also, you can have a unique lesson program tailed to meet each rider’s needs.
  • If you love dancing, you can enjoy it at Central Park Dance. You can choose and attend free trial classes in a wide range of dance styles. So, you can choose among jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop, and many more.
People dancing in a studio
If wondering how to spend first spring after moving to Scarsdale shake the stress away by learning to dance.

Visit the Scarsdale Public library and enjoy your spring

Sure, one of the things why we suggest visiting the public library in Scarsdale is its books. But in addition to books, you and your kids can enjoy take-and-make crafts, and many concerts for kids. Also, there is a teen room where kids can study, but also play games where they can relax. After all, while they have their activities, you can just hang out at the Scarsdale Public Library and relax. After you are done with your activities, you can enjoy yourself at the cafe that is positioned on the premises. So, with all these suggested activities, you’ll surely enjoy first spring after moving to Scarsdale.

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