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How to store Christmas decoration

Decorating your house for the holidays is a true joy. There aren’t many people that don’t enjoy putting up a Christmas tree and making their home ready for the happiest season of all. But, once the holidays are over and you have to take down all the decorations and put them away, the enthusiasm tends to fade away. We are here to share some of the best tips on how to properly pack your ornaments and store them in your movers Westchester County storage unit. Although you may not look forward to taking all your festive ornaments down, there is a wrong way and the right way to store Christmas decoration.  If properly packed, your decoration will be as good as new for ages!

Few useful tips on how to properly store Christmas decoration

Christmas tree ornaments, garlands, wreaths, etc. are what makes the holiday season magical. There is something soothing and cozy about decorating your home for Christmas. If you have a lot of Christmas decoration and you hate to pack them up each year, and just throw them all in random boxes, you are not doing yourself any favors. Instead, you should try implementing some of our tips for optimal storing of holiday decoration. You will thank yourself next year when everything is organized and neat, with no tangled lights, garlands, or broken ornaments in sight. Even if you happen to be moving with Yonkers movers, everything will be nicely packed and ready for your relocation.

holiday decorations
Read our best tips and learn how to store Christmas decoration.

Here are some tips on the best ways of packing holiday decorations:

  • use clear plastic bags for ornaments
  • cardboard pieces and plastic bottles are great to prevent Christmas lights and garlands from tangling
  • paper cups are perfect for your fragile ornaments
  • use plastic wrap to shrink your Christmas tree

Use clear plastic bags for your ornaments

If you like to organize your ornaments by colors, but you use random boxes and you never know where each color is, we recommend you try putting them in clear plastic bags. By storing your decorations in clear bags, you will easily see where each color is and take what you need without wasting precious time. Put your ornaments in plastic bags and then in a large cardboard box, so that all of them are in one place. When you move, make sure to rent storage bins from storage bin Westchester. The storage bins are sturdy enough to endure transport without any of your fragile ornaments breaking.

Prevent Christmas lights and garlands from tangling

Who doesn’t hate to untangle endless strings of garland or Christmas lights? To prevent this from happening, save up a couple of plastic bottles and pieces of cardboard. Although it sounds weird, stuff you would usually throw in the trash could save you a lot of trouble. Wrap your Christmas lights neatly around a piece of cardboard and place them in a box. The plastic bottles are for garlands. Put your garlands in plastic bottles, one garland per bottle. That way, your Christmas lights, and garlands will be tangle-free the next time you use them.

Christmas lights
Prevent your Christmas lights from tangling with a piece of cardboard.

Don’t throw away leftover paper cups after your Christmas party

If you had a fantastic Christmas gathering, and you have a lot of paper/plastic cups left, don’t throw them away! You can use them for your ornaments. If you have glass ornaments that are known to be extremely fragile, but you lost their original boxes, make use of plastic or paper cups. Line your cups in a large box and put one ornament in each cup. If you have smaller ornaments, you can also use egg cartons, for example. Close the box properly and tape it to prevent dust and dirt from collecting on the decorations.

Shrink your Christmas tree with plastic wrap

Large, plastic Christmas trees are usually the biggest nuisance to put away after the holidays. If you don’t have the original box anymore, which most people don’t, the tree takes up too much space wherever you store it. A good hack is to use plastic wrap. You need to wrap the plastic wrap tightly around the tree, pushing the branches upwards. Your Christmas tree will shrink to 1/3 of its original size. That way it will be much easier for storage, but it will also be protected from dust and dirt.

Need a place to store Christmas decoration? We have the perfect solution!

If you are running out of room for storing holiday decorations in your home, renting a storage unit is a perfect solution! You can rent a storage unit and organize storage pickup and delivery Westchester. The movers will deliver storage bins for you to pack your Christmas decorations in.  Once you’ve finished, they will come and pick them up. They will then take the decorations to your storage unit, where they will be safe and ready for you to pick them up whenever you need them. By renting a storage unit for your holiday decorations or other seasonal items such as pools, patio furniture, etc., your home will be clutter-free and easier to organize.

Christmas ornaments will be safe if you rent a storage unit to store Christmas decoration
Store your ornaments and garlands in a storage unit.

Hopefully, you found our tips useful and it will be easier to store Christmas decoration this year after the holidays. There are many more hacks for simpler organization and storage of holiday ornaments, but we tried to single out some of the most useful ones. After putting all your ornaments in plastic bags by color, safely placing the glass ones in paper cups, and preventing Christmas lights and garlands from tangling, you’ll be ready for your big deep clean. Happy holidays and happy cleaning!

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