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Living costs in NYC vs Yonkers

One of the main things that concern you most when moving to a new place is definitely the cost of living. After all, moving to a new place can be quite challenging, especially when moving to a costly city. Thus, be thorough with your search and prepare for what is expecting you. Also, you can always seek advice from your movers Westchester NY. When talking about the living costs in NYC vs Yonkers there are lots of things you must bear in mind. Though they are relatively close differences do exist. What matters is for you to get to know them and be ready to face them adequately.

What do you think – which city is more expensive?

Well, we must state that both places are quite expensive. That is a fact. Thus, you need to prepare yourself for the upcoming costs when hiring moving companies Yonkers. And if we must compare the two cities we would say that New York is cheaper than Yonkers. Still, the best would be to observe the individual types of costs in order to have the right knowledge about what to expect after your move.

a man examining the bills using magnifying glass in order to compare the living costs in NYC vs Yonkers
Compare the potential bills by examining the living costs in NYC vs Yonkers.

For instance, when comparing the costs of living in NYC vs Yonkers the overall costs in New York are about 20% higher than the average while these costs are 47% higher in Yonkers. Are you surprised? Did you expect the opposite situation? In case you did, you are definitely wrong. Especially if you are concerned about the housing costs.

We all know that housing is a problem in New York since the costs are approximately 25% higher than the national average. However, Yonkers is more problematic since its housing costs are 100% higher than the U.S average. Therefore, while the median home value is $373,000 in NYC, the median home cost in Yonkers is $583,400. You must admit the difference is quite significant. Bear this in mind when using the services of local movers Westchester. Moreover, you need more money for utilities since Yonkers is more expensive than NYC by approximately 36%.

As for groceries and health, the situation is quite similar between the two cities. Maybe a bit more expensive in Yonkers. Still, the one thing NYC leads in terms of costs is transportation. NYC is more expensive by about 20%.

Life in New York shouldn’t be a huge strike to your budget

No matter the city, the fact is that you will need a lot of money to live decently in both NYC and Yonkers. What should you be especially concerned about?

  • utility
  • housing
  • owning a car

Leave a significant amount of money to be able to pay the bills

Of course, we all know it is hard living in NYC when you consider your budget. It is truly an expensive city. As a matter of fact, all your bills will be high – groceries, entertainment, housing, utilities, etc. What is interesting to note is that electricity bills are about 35-40% higher than in the rest of the country. On the other hand, other utilities are less expensive. As opposed to this situation, life in Yonkers is definitely challenging since the utility costs are really high even compared to those of NYC. First, you must consider the amount of money needed to rent moving bins Westchester. Then, prepare for life itself in this beautiful but one of the most expensive cities in the country. 

 A huge amount of income will be used for housing costs

Will you buy or rent? A never-ending question. It depends on a variety of factors. Surely, your budget is one of them. However, the time you plan to stay in a certain city will influence your final decision. Thus, let us compare the living costs between NYC and Yonkers that relate to housing. Since both cities can brag about their high housing costs we can advise you to rent in case you have no plans on staying in a city for a long time.

an apartment with a kitchen interior
Opt for the most adequate home according to your budget and needs.

If we observe New Yorkers, about 2/3 of the residents rent their homes. As we have already mentioned Yonkers has a truly strong housing market which can be classified as a buyer’s market. With this in mind, we can conclude that the supply of homes is greater than the demand. As for NYC, very few people can really afford to live alone without a roommate after moving to New York City. Now you realize why so many people live with their roommates. Here in New York, it’s absolutely normal to share a home with someone to lower expenses. After all, the average rent in NYC is around $3,500.

Using your own car or other means of transportation?

Save your budget and don’t become a car owner. It may be strange advice but if you observe the situation in these cities you will see this is absolutely true. As a matter of fact, around 56% of New York residents don’t own a car. It’s not just fuel, but the stress and the problem of finding a parking spot. Also, this may create problems for the moving companies NYC to Westchester. Likewise, using the excellent public transportation system in Yonkers is responsible for why many people choose not to own a car. A great transportation system provides direct access to NYC and other surrounding areas. Furthermore, nice weather is great for bikers and those who prefer walking. After all, its high walkability score affects this situation.

a yellow taxi
Besides using a taxi you can always use other means of transport.

Be prepared for the upcoming life in one of the big cities

Overall, after observing the living costs in NYC vs Yonkers be ready to conclude whether you are up to the challenge of living in these cities. They are both quite expensive. Hence, you need a significant amount of money on a daily basis. Still, if we must state which city is more expensive the statistics show it is Yonkers. Therefore, we advise you to find a great job and a suitable neighborhood.  After all, these cities offer tremendous opportunities for everyone. Believe us, they deserve your attention, no matter how pricey they are.

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