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Moving from Yonkers to Rye: simple guide

For those planning on leaving Yonkers, there are plenty of factors to consider before putting down new roots. From school, amenities, space, lifestyle, and much more. Also, you would have to start looking for the best moving companies Westchester County. However, if the quest for the perfect town seems overwhelming, here’s our advice. Consider moving from Yonkers to Rye. And there are plenty of reasons why we would suggest this particular transition. So, read our simple guide and prepare for your new life chapter in this charming city.

Before moving from Yonkers to Rye, here are some general facts

If you are thinking about moving to Rye, the first thing you should do is collect some general facts. Then, you should also remember to book the best Yonkers movers for the job. As for living in Rye, you should know that it’s a beautiful suburb of New York City. And like most NYC suburbs, the majority of households in Rye consist of families. Also, around 29 % of the population are children under the age of 18. Hence, if you plan on moving from Yonkers to Rye with your family, you won’t make a mistake. Also, let’s mention that Rye is an affluent town in Westchester County, with a median income of around $192,000. But the main advantage of choosing Rye for a place of residence is that it’s perfect for families.

Children playing on the grass after moving from Yonkers to Rye
After moving from Yonkers to Rye, your kids will be able to enjoy their time outside.

Moving from Yonkers to Rye, a place where everybody will know your name

As Rye is a small city of about 16,000 residents, there’s logically a very strong sense of community there. That will also allow you to approach and book local movers Westchester easier. Also, due to its size, shopkeepers and restaurant owners will get to know you. On the other hand, if you’re looking to make new friends, you can commit to a worthy cause. Or you can spend some time on activities you enjoy in Rye while making new friends. Because there is probably a community organization aligned with your interests. For instance, organizations such as The Woman’s Club of Rye and Garden Club contribute to the vibrant community of Rye.

After moving from Yonkers to Rye, enjoy an all-year-round vacation

When your relocation to Rye ends with help from movers Rye NY, you can enjoy your time and dip your toes into the soft sand and gentle waters. As a resident of Rye, you will have access to 34 acres of public beaches. So, you can visit and enjoy Rye Beach and Oakland beaches, as they are known to locals. Also, there is a boardwalk with great views of the sparkling Long Island Sound ahead. As for entertainment for your kids, they can enjoy a round of Playland’s miniature golf course. Finally, just minutes away is Longford’s Ice Cream, a perfect place with tradition that serves small-batch, premium frozen deliciousness. Hence, moving from Yonkers to Rye will get you great fun and relaxation.

Enjoy the green spaces that Rye offers

If you and your family are nature lovers, you will be thrilled to know that there’s no better place to be outdoors than Rye. First, there is a 62-acre Rye Town Park which has verdant spaces for relaxing and picnicking. Also, the Rye Nature Center offers educational programs which include wildlife sanctuary and forest. But also, two miles of trails for hiking. Then, nearby, you can find the Edith G. Read Sanctuary which offers 179-acres of forest, native grasses, bamboo groves, birds, and wildflowers. Hence, you can easily see that pristine beauty will be all around you after you move from Yonkers to Rye.

A hat and a towel on the sand
Rye will offer you the possibility to enjoy beaches every day.

Rye offers waterfront recreations just minutes away

Alongside Rye’s beautiful beaches for swimming and enjoying the sun, there’s more in Rye’s offer. Rye is home to yacht and beach clubs, fishing areas, and a marina with a public launching area. So, if you move to Rye with your kids, you can sign them up for kayak or sailing lessons.

More reasons to consider relocating to Rye

After all the natural beauties and amenities Rye has to offer, there are many more reasons why people decide to move to Rye.

  • First, let’s begin by saying that Rye is home to a top-ranked school district. Rye City Schools are on the top of regional and national lists each year. But Rye doesn’t have just excellent public schools. Just the opposite, there are outstanding private school options nearby. After all, you can find amazing teachers and rich programs and activities in this strong school community.
  • After you move from Yonkers to Rye, you won’t be able to miss city dining. You can get it all in Rye, from an elegant French eatery and patisserie to a fabled steakhouse, wonderful fish bar. Also, you can enjoy beachy waterfront restaurants with views of the Long Island Sound.

Art and culture in Rye

For those who want to engage in art lessons, classes, and exhibitions, there’s Rye Art Center. This place offers robust virtual activities nowadays and has in-person small-group programs. Also, for those who love history, there’s the Rye Historical Society and Jay Heritage Center. Finally, if you need a mindful wellness break from these stressful times, you can enjoy Wainwright House. This is the oldest nonprofit holistic learning center in the nation, so enjoy it.

New York city streets with traffic
The proximity of Rye to NYC will give you the option to commute easily.

Commuting to NYC and housing in Rye

If you plan on heading into town, you should know that it’s a short commute to NYC. Whether you need to get to your office or something else, we suggest you take a 40-minute trip on Metro-North to Grand Central. As for homes in Rye, you can find a varied inventory of homes there. From contemporary estates to classic and custom Colonials, Rye has it all. Also, you can choose from romantic Tudors, ranches, condominium homes, and co-ops. It’s up to you and your preferences and needs to choose what suits you and your family best.

So, after reading our guide for moving from Yonkers to Rye, you are ready to make a wise choice and take the leap.


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