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Moving to Yonkers in 2022: things you need to know

The new year has finally set in after the turbulent 2021. However, this year might also bring some challenges, especially if you are looking to change your place of residence. If by any chance you are moving to Yonkers in 2022, there are some helpful tips to follow for a smooth relocation. One of the best moving companies in Yonkers NY will gladly guide you through the moving process. Learn all about the main characteristics of Yonkers, along with useful advice on the relocation process. Hopefully, a new year will bring you a new home you will enjoy and a seamless relocation.

How to prepare for moving to Yonkers in 2022

Every relocation is stressful and requires thorough planning and organization skills. But informing yourself on the moving process will help you manage your efforts to a great extent. To move your house to Yonkers with as little stress as possible, it is important to focus on the following key points:

  • proper packing
  • hiring a reliable moving company
  • exploring Yonkers
moving company van
With a reliable moving company, moving to Yonkers in 2022 will be a piece of cake

Proper packing is essential for every moving process

Filling boxes with stuff, packing, and labeling them seems like a lot of work. Especially because some types of items require special attention when packing, such as fragile and bulky items. Not to mention that you need to buy a large amount of packing supplies to start with. If you wish to do the packing on your own, it is best to familiarize yourself with proper packing techniques. However, if you wish not to bother with additional work, you can always hire a packing service Westchester. If you lack time or knowledge, we suggest you leave it to the professionals. Your movers can deal with all sorts of packing and relocation jobs. Apart from packing services, this renowned company can provide you with all sorts of packing supplies. Leave all your breakables and valuables in the safe and professional hands of reliable movers.

Hire a reliable moving company and you will have less to worry about

No matter how organized and skillful an individual person is, they will never have the experience and equipment of a moving professional. If you wish your Yonkers relocation to be successful, then hire the best movers in the New York area. When browsing through moving companies in your surroundings, always opt for the one that offers more than basic moving services. For instance, rest assured that piano movers Westchester NY will make sure your music equipment reaches your new home without a scratch. Professional movers will be able to give you an estimate of the time of the relocation process. Also, they will figure out the best route from your current place of residence to Yonkers. They will handle fragile items with utmost care and label the boxes properly. Skillful employees at a moving company will do all the heavy lifting instead of you.

a person putting a duct tape on the box in preparation for moving to Yonkers in 2022
Top Westchester movers will have all the necessary moving supplies for your relocation

Explore Yonkers and all it has to offer

Before finally moving to Yonkers in 2022, discover all the activities and amenities that this town offers. Yonkers is a town of nearly 200,000 inhabitants located in Westchester County on the banks of the Hudson River. It is very close to New York City, and many Yonkers residents commute to NY for work. Therefore, there are countless job opportunities in your new place of residence. Yonkers is also very well connected with the city via roads and rail. Both Amtrak and Metro-North lines pass through this town. Before your local movers Westchester complete your relocation, get to know your new town as much as possible.

Demographic and real estate information you can deem useful

Yonkers is not only a family town, but it also boasts a large number of single young people. It is diverse in other ways too, as it consists of various nations and cultures. It is easy to get around town on foot, and the town has a great geographical position for commuters. The diversity of this community is visible in the types of housing available. There are options for every type of living – a family, young individuals, retirees, family houses, rentals, condominiums, townhouses, and many more. Every demographic can find suitable housing.

a skyline of New York City
The proximity of New York City makes Yonkers an attractive residence for young people

Northwest Yonkers boasts many Victorian houses, which makes this town an ideal movie setting. This part of Yonkers underwent a refurbishment a couple of years ago and turned into a picturesque neighborhood. Southwest Yonkers is clustered around the main railway and bus station, and if you are looking for a new home in this part of town, be sure you will have easy access to the city.

Things to do in Yonkers

Yonkers is full of activities for all ages and preferences. Anyone can find something to enjoy in times of leisure. The most famous entertainment activity is surely LEGOLAND Discovery Center. In this amazing fun-loving venue, you will find 12 family attractions and activities, learn Lego building tips from the master model builder workshops, or have a coffee break at Lego Cafe.

As for the outdoor activities, Untermeyer Park and Gardens is the place to be. A unique museum of plants and landscapes offers a scenic view and an enjoyable experience for nature lovers. This large estate encompasses pools, terraced gardens, exotic plants, and classical architecture.

Art lovers will take a great interest in the largest cultural institution of Westchester County – the Hudson River Museum. Besides a vast offer of nineteenth-century and contemporary American art exhibitions, the museum boasts the only planetarium in the county. Apart from various activities, Yonkers also offers a significant number of public schools, shopping malls, and everything else that is necessary for modern-day living.

Be well informed and hire reliable movers

Moving to Yonkers in 2022 does not have to be a stressful venture. With the assistance of Pack & Go Movers, your relocation will go smoothly. Also, good planning and preparations get half the job done, so be sure to explore all moving options and inform yourself on the advantages and downsides of your new home.

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