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Professional packing tips for moving in a hurry

Sometimes homebuyers find themselves in a situation where they need to pack everything and move in a week – or even less! Although it seems like an impossible mission to move your entire home in a few days, believe us that it can be done! The last thing you need is to stress, get overwhelmed, and thus delay this process. One of the best movers Westchester NY has is right here to show you the best packing tips for moving in a hurry. Whether it is because of your new job or an amazing housing option that came across, you can do this! All you need to do is a plan and make sure to cross over things from your moving checklist. Here’s everything you need to do to relocate in a hurry without stressing yourself out.

Keep a moving checklist at all times

Since you are in a hurry, it is likely that you will forget something important during this process. Keep your mind clear and focus on writing a checklist of everything you need to do before leaving your old home. Take a moment to organize your items and supplies and begin the sorting stage afterward. Some of the things you can write down are:

  • contact the utility companies (for both of your homes);
  • update your new address (for bills and bank cards);
  • forward your mail;
  • gather packing supplies;
A woman writing a list of packing tips for moving in a hurry
Keep a to-do list of all the important items you have to pack or finish before leaving your home.

Sort your items and remember: keep, donate and toss

Since you will not have enough time to pack as you wanted to, you need to focus and pack essentials. Ideally, you will need to organize everything into labeled boxes or containers. The less stuff you have, the quicker you will relocate. This is an amazing opportunity to get rid of the things you always wanted but never had the chance. While packing things into boxes, make three piles: the items you will keep, toss away or donate. That way you will know for sure the things you will carry with you and keep using. Same with items from different rooms. Keep the kitchen items in the same boxes, bedroom belongings in the same containers, etc. If you don’t have the right supplies, you can always rent moving bins Westchester movers have for you and solve this problem. Label the boxes clearly and you will know where to look when you arrive at your new home.

Take photos of everything you pack and store

Since you will be in a hurry and you cannot pack things as you should, take photos as proof. You don’t want to arrive at your new home in a hurry and dig through the boxes looking for a charger or a blanket. This is very useful when disassembling furniture or appliances. Document every step of the process, every electronic plug-in, bed frame, etc. This will help you assemble it back in the future or help movers as well. If you are asking for help moving companies New Rochelle NY has, then this might be useful for them and you as well upon arriving at your destination. If you take photos of every box or item, you can simply add a label with the name of the room and capture what is inside of the box.

A couple packing their furniture and belongings
Don’t hesitate to ask for help if you see that you will not make it on time.

Pack your essentials bag for your first night

There are a lot of moving services Westchester movers offer, and you can only focus on the essentials bag. This is quite important since you will be packing and moving in a hurry, you might not have time to go over things as soon as you arrive. This bag will help you for your first night in your new home and think about it as if you are packing for a short vacation. Include stuff such as clothing, medications, electronics, shoes, personal documents, money, toiletries, etc. If you have some delicate items that you don’t want to leave to the movers, you can pack them as well. It might be some jewelry, fragile items, or antiques. use your old luggage, clothing, or towels to wrap them up if you don’t have time to gather proper packing supplies.

If possible, keep your belongings inside of the furniture

Since you will be moving all of your furniture, you can consider leaving some of the items inside. For example, you can leave all of your clothing inside the drawers and simply wrap the entire piece. Leave clothes hanging on the hangers in the closet as well. Children’s toys can stay inside the toy cabinets. Moving can be exhausting, especially packing every single drawer and cabinet in your home. The only exception should be with office supplies, as small items tend to get lost more often. If you still keep original boxes for appliances, use them since it will be easier to pack and move them. The main goal should be to pack now and sort and organize later on.

Movers in front of the moving truck
Don’t be afraid of a rush move and leave everything you can to professionals.

Pack efficiently and quickly

In order to handle moving stress, you need to follow some packing tips for moving in a hurry. If you see that you are slowing down and you cannot handle it yourself, contact professional movers and let them take care of everything. Remember, do not skip labeling boxes just because you are in a hurry. It only takes a minute and it will help with your organization. Start with the kitchen as usually takes the longest to pack due to the number of appliances and gadgets. No matter how much time you have, moving is a stressful process, so focus on the bigger picture. If you think that you will need time unpacking, make sure to tell the professional team as well. They will be happy to assist you with this task.


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