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Should you tip your commercial movers?

One thing is certain, moving is such a complex and tiresome process that in most cases requires true professional movers by your side. Undoubtedly, this is especially the case with commercial relocation whose complexity is enormous. Thus, do you feel gratitude towards the people who are making sure your move goes as smoothly as possible? If you do, then another question emerges. Should you tip your commercial movers? When your movers and packers in Westchester do an amazing job during the move they will feel honored after tipping. It’s good when someone values your job and hard work. Therefore, have no second thoughts. Tip for a job well done.

To tip or not to tip?

In case you wonder whether you should tip your commercial moving company or not you are to analyze the whole situation first. Be certain of one thing, tipping is not something obligatory. It all depends on you and your satisfaction with the relocation. Of course, your movers will surely welcome tipping. However, the main point is whether you are satisfied in the end.

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Should you tip your commercial movers? If your move ends up with a smile and satisfaction then your movers deserve an award.

After your relocation is finally completed determine whether your movers deserve tips. If local movers in Westchester executed your relocation with utmost care be generous and show appreciation. Still, there are always some doubts concerning the tipping itself. The height of the tips, the exact moment when you should tip, and finally the methods you can use are some things you need to clarify. Therefore, ask someone for advice. Even your movers can be of great help. Hopefully, the following story will help you decide on the best steps related to tipping.

When should you tip your commercial movers?

Timing is crucial in many aspects. You need to decide on the best time to get matched with the office movers Westchester. Likewise, one of the most important things to know is to decide on the best time for tipping. Basically, the best would be to give tips at the end of the move when we are talking about local moves. As for the long-distance moves tipping at the end of your move might be a problem. After all, long-distance relocation may last for several days. With this in mind, at least two different crews can change. If you tip at the end then some good workers may get nothing. Therefore, you can divide your tip in half so that each team gets tips for their hard work.

On the other hand, there are situations when there is no need to tip.

  • You are not satisfied with the services.
  • The staff was very unkind and unpleasant.
  • The movers were late or they didn’t finish the job on time.
  • The workers damaged your items.

How much should you tip?

Another question that is really important is the amount of money you need to put aside if you want to tip your movers for the moving services Westchester offers. In general, there are some basic rules you are to hold. Hence, you can decide to tip 5% to 10% of the total moving bill. Of course, this isn’t a good solution for long-distance moves. They are quite expensive. Thus, tipping would cost you a lot in this case. As a result, make sure to stick to the hourly tipping that is based on the size of the moving crew at the end of your move.

a man counting money and thinking should you tip your commercial movers
By giving money to your movers you will show them you respect for what they have done.

On the contrary, you can tip $10 to $20 per mover for local moves. If we are talking about long-distance moves then consider giving $40 per mover. Moreover, there’s a rule that you can tip your movers per hour. In this case, you can tip $4 to $5 per hour per mover.

What does the final amount of tipping depend on?

If you have already decided your movers deserve some kind of reward the actual amount of money is what you need to determine. How much should you tip? It all depends on several factors.

  • The complexity of the relocation – Determine how big and heavy your belongings are. How far will you move? How many movers do you need? Are there any stairs in your home? How long will it last? Basically, is it challenging or not?
  • Quality of the move – It’s very important if your movers show up on time. Do they handle your things with utmost care? Also, if they do their job quickly and efficiently it is a big plus.
  • Packing – Are they packing your belongings? If they do this meticulously they deserve higher tips.
  • Kindness – Being kind and considerate is of great help due to the stress caused by the move.

What methods for tipping can you use?

First of all, you can tip your movers in cash. Hence, prepare your money on time when you decide to hire the best moving companies Yonkers. On the contrary, you can use your credit card to tip your movers. Hence, contact your movers and ask them about their credit card policies. If they are willing to accept you can make a separate transaction to reward your commercial movers. Also, this is an excellent way in case you are deducting costs on your tax return. Besides all this, you can always write a check which is also a good way to have documented proof of your generosity in front of an IRS on Tax Day.

a woman paying something online using a credit card
If your movers agree you can tip by using credit cards. Thus, use the method of tipping that is most suitable for you.

Make sure to show respect to your movers

All in all, we are sure you are uncertain about how to answer the following question – Should you tip your commercial movers? First what you should do is observe the whole relocation. Determine whether you are satisfied with the staff and the whole process. In case your movers showed you quality, kindness, efficiency, and skillfulness they truly deserve your appreciation and respect. Hence, the least you can do is to reward them by giving them a certain amount of money. As for the exact amount, check some general rules and decide what method of tipping suits you most. Finally, think about the best moment to tip your movers. After all, hard work deserves respect and award.

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