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The main differences between White Plains and Yonkers

Choosing between moving to White Plains or Yonkers is not easy. Those two New York cities are located just one after another. Also, they are often mistaken for Manhattan neighborhoods. However, both cities belong to Westchester Country. And, a half-hour drive from the heart of Manhattan will bring you to those cities. So, it may seem that they have many things in common. And, that is true. Still, the main differences between White Plains and Yonkers also exist. And, we will see in this article what they are. However, moving to either, you can count on the exceptional services of the moving companies Westchester NY.

The two cities

White Plans is the 11th largest city in the State of NY. At the same time, it is the Westchester County seat. And it is also the country’s commercial hub. It is a densely populated area, with approximately 60,000 residents. White Plains is a vibrant place where you can enjoy trendy restaurants and theaters. There are also world-class shopping centers. And many new high-raised condos.

There are many differences between White Plains and Yonkers.

Yonkers is a city belonging to Westchester, and it is located alongside the Hudson River. It is the largest city in Westchester County. And, the 3rd most populated city in the state of NY. It has around 200,000 residents. And, it is often referred to as the 6th borough of NYC. It also directly borders the Bronx. The city’s prime location has made it an attractive place for wealthy young professionals and middle-income families.

The main differences between White Plains and Yonkers

To learn about the main differences, we have to compare those two cities. We have already seen that they differ in the number of residents. However, we will have to compare more categories to get a clearer picture. And, that will help us to decide about moving to Yonkers. Or to hire services of the movers White Plains NY.

Some of the main factors that we can compare are:

  • the difference in cost of living
  • safety and crime rates
  • way of living in each city
  • job opportunities
  • public school availability (if you have children)
  • lifestyle and outdoor activities

The difference in cost of living

Overall, living in White Plains is 4.5% more expensive than in Yonkers. Also, housing costs are 16.7% higher in White Plains. But, let us get a bit more detailed picture.

Costs of living in White Plains

As a resident of White Plains, you can expect a median rent of $1,781. And the housing median price in the city is $558,100. Still, 52% of the residents own their property, while 48% of them are renting. The median household income that you can expect living in White Plains is $96,715.

Costs of living in Yonkers

In case you decide to call for services of moving companies Yonkers, and move to this city, here is what you can expect. The housing median price in the city is $414,200. And, in case you are renting, the median rent that you will pay is $1,461. In Yonkers, 53% of residents are renting, while 47% of them own their property. The median household income that you can expect living in Yonkers is $69,825.


Group of People Gathering Inside Bar.
In both cities, you will enjoy the rich nightlife.

Safety and crime rates

When it comes to safety, both cities have similar rates. So, you won’t make mistake moving to either of them. In both places the safety is good. And the crime rates are below the national average.

Way of living in White Plains and Yonkers

The first thing to do before choosing between those two cities is to decide what kind of environment you want to live in. Do you want to stay in a city with an urban feel? Or you’d prefer to live in a more quiet city?

White Plains

White Plains used to be a suburban area with a relaxed lifestyle. Although there are still many individual homes, they are lately being outnumbered by more modern, often luxury apartments and condominiums. Also, it is a financial hub of the County. And, it attracts mostly businesses and young professionals. However, the city has a rich nightlife, many good restaurants, and bars.


On the other hand, Yonkers is a hilly place, especially in the northwestern part, known as “Woodstock Park.” Although it is much bigger than White Plains, it has more family homes and fewer apartments. And, it has many parks and places for outdoor activities. Also, being located alongside the Hudson River, it offers many scenic views. In case Yonkers is your choice, residential movers Westchester will help you to move there. However, Yonkers also has a lot to offer to young adults, too. Besides enjoying nature, they will be happy with the city’s rich nightlife.


Person Waking on Hill.
In Westchester County, you will enjoy many hiking trails.

Job opportunities

When it comes to job opportunities, you won’t have a problem finding them in either city. Also, the excellent transportation system will enable you to easily commute to Manhattan. This means that you can easily secure some of the highly-paid jobs there.

Public schools availability

Both cities have private, but also highly-ranked public schools. So, if you have kids, they will be fine attending schools in any of those two cities. Which school you will choose for your kid will depend on the neighborhood that the local movers Westchester are moving you to.

Best public schools in White Plains:

  • Quaker Ridge School
  • Stamford Charter School for Excellence
  • White Plains Senior High School
  • Ridgeway School
  • White Plains Middle School

Best public schools in Yonkers:

  • Bronx High School of Science
  • Stuyvesant High School
  • Townsend Harris High School
  • High School of American Studies at Lehman College
  • High School Math Science & Engineering at The City College of New York (CCNY)

Living in Westchester County

Westchester County is located in the Hudson Valley, north of NYC. It has many nice cities, ranked as the best places for living in the US. In the article, we could see the main differences between White Plains and Yonkers. Still, they are also part of Westchester County. And they are, like other County cities, nice places for living. In the County are also located the Hudson Highlands State Park Preserve and Breakneck Ridge Trail. Also, many visitors are going there to enjoy the terraced gardens and 20th-century statues. So, moving to either of those two, you will be able to enjoy Westchester County’s beautiful scenery.

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