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Things to do in Westchester with kids

If you found a perfect new home in Westchester County, you are probably wondering what life is like in the heart of the state of New York. It is a very peaceful and high-end area that offers a lot of opportunities and activities. There are also a lot of things to do in Westchester with kids. Therefore, if you are moving with a family, don’t worry about keeping your kids occupied. All you need to do is hire one of the best moving companies Westchester NY offers, and research the area a bit before you finally relocate.

Westchester County

One of the most prominent features of Westchester County is its proximity to NYC. However, New York is not the only city you can reach in a short time if you live in this county. Cities like Yonkers, New Rochelle, and White Plains offer an urban vibe and all the amenities that a city has. Apart from that, it offers beautiful Waterfronts and ocean views, and plenty of upscale neighborhoods.

A view of NYC
Westchester County is close to NYC, so moving here means taking advantage of all the perks of the Big Apple

Owing to a large number of world-famous colleges, universities, and research centers, Westchester is also known as New York’s Intellectual Capital, where a highly educated workforce lives. The best part is that you can teach your kids many things about the environment during and after the move. For example, if you wish to teach your kids sustainability, then rent moving bins Westchester for your relocation. Utilizing reusable material for your relocation means setting a good example and teaching your kids to be environmentally friendly.

Things to do in Westchester with kids

Before hiring labor only movers Yonkers, it is recommendable to research your options for fun with kids in Westchester. This way as soon as you settle in you will know where to go and how to keep your kids entertained. Here are some places to visit:

  • Untermyer Gardens
  • Playland Amusement Park
  • numerous nature parks and reserves
  • Wolf Conservation Center
  • Legoland Discovery Center

Untermyer Gardens

The most famous Yonkers landmark, Untermyer Gardens offers a great outdoor experience for the entire family. It is best to visit this magnificent park during summer when the trees are blooming, and the fountains are functioning. The central feature of the park is the Indo-Persian walled garden with classical Greek structures, mosaics, and breathtaking sculptures. In the fall, the conservancy organizes a family fun day, with various activities for kids such as a magician show, kite flying, hay rides, and family adventure tours. Visiting Untermyer Gardens Conservancy with your family is a great opportunity to enjoy nature and fresh air while viewing a variety of plants and architectural gems.

If you wish to speed up your relocation process, choose the best packing service Westchester offers. This way, you will be able to start enjoying all the perks that Westchester County offers as soon as you move in.

Playland Amusement Park

The small town of Rye, NY is home to metro New York’s top destination for family fun since 1928. The amusement park offers a variety of activities for you and your kids. This year it opens on the 20 May and from then on you will be able to get your daily or season passes.

A ride in the amusement park
Visiting Playland Amusement Park is one of the best things to do in Westchester with kids

Besides various rides the park offers, you can also enjoy the Playland pool and beach overlooking the Long Island Sound. There is also a boardwalk along the shore, as well as plenty of picnic spots. The rides include a variety of options, from the historic Dragon Coaster to the family-friendly Crazy Submarine. Rides for all ages and excitement levels are available to all visitors. Fireworks and various events are also organized throughout the season.

Numerous nature parks and reserves

Westchester County abounds in nature. Whether you prefer biking, hiking, running, or just a stroll in the outdoors, you will be able to find a suitable activity.

Bear Mountain State Park

This is a place where your kids will enjoy themselves to the fullest. The park consists of various picnic spots, a large playfield, lake, and river fishing access, a swimming pool, Trailside Museums and Zoo, and hiking and biking trails. And from October to March, you can take your kids ice skating there. The Perkins Memorial Tower offers spectacular views of the park.

The Greenburgh Nature Center

The destination your kids will probably love the most is The Greenburgh Nature Center. It is a nonprofit nature preserve and wildlife refuge with nearly 100 animals. The main goal of the park is to raise respect for our natural world. The whole property includes a woodland preserve, hiking trails, a Native American Replica Village, a pond, and an organic garden. Apart from these places of natural beauty, there is also the Rockefeller State Park, Rye Nature Center, Teatown Lake Reservation, and many more places for enjoying the outdoors with your family.

Wolf Conservation Center

If your kids love animals, then the Wolf Conservation Center is a perfect spot for a weekend trip. The Center is home to more than 40 wolves, including endangered species, such as red wolves and Mexican gray wolves. Here your kids will learn about the true nature of wolves through very well-organized education programs.

Legoland Discovery Center

Young members of your family will be thrilled to visit the Legoland Discovery Center at Ridge Hill Mall since it is one of the most popular things to do in Westchester with kids. The Center offers a variety of activities. See NYC landmarks such as Rockefeller Center and the Statue of Liberty come to life in Lego bricks in Miniland. Take your kids to see Lego adventures in a 4D theater. Also, you can take your kids to Merlin’s Apprentice Ride or Kingdom Quest. All kids love Lego, so why not take this unique opportunity of residing in Westchester County and afford them the best time of their childhood?

A  couple of Lego figures
Kids love Lego, and a field trip to Legoland Discovery Center will make an unforgettable experience

Check before you relocate

Find out all about the things to do in Westchester with kids before your moving day. Beautiful Westchester County has a lot to offer and your children will certainly have an amazing childhood in this area.

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