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Tips for moving to Yonkers with kids

Moving with kids requires more energy and attention to detail than regular relocation. Even though the kids are extremely adaptable, they like to have a routine. By moving, they are breaking out of a regime that makes them safe. Therefore, it is important to lead them through the moving process step by step. Renowned Yonkers movers may help you overcome the obstacles of moving to Yonkers with kids. Therefore, continue reading and learn how to handle the process of relocation with kids.

Why Yonkers is good for kids?

If you’re looking for a place to move that’s family-friendly, Yonkers could be an excellent fit for you. It is no doubt that many families decide to hire residential movers Westchester and relocate to Yonkers because of many amenities that can be useful both to kids and parents. Some of the main reasons why Yonkers is a great location for kids are:

  • Safety should always be a top consideration, and Yonkers shines in this area. With a relatively low crime rate compared to other nearby cities, it offers a safer environment for your kids to grow up in. You can breathe easier knowing your children are safe while playing outdoors or going to school.
  • The city is also conveniently close to New York City, opening up a world of cultural opportunities for your family. You can easily take day trips to the city to enjoy museums, art galleries, and theater productions. These experiences are not just entertaining but also educational for your children.
  • For those who love the great outdoors, Yonkers has a lot to offer. The city is filled with parks, playgrounds, and other green spaces. Activities such as hiking, picnicking, or simply playing in a park provide ample opportunities for physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Community engagement is another strong point. Yonkers offers a variety of youth programs and activities that encourage community involvement. Whether it’s through sports, the arts, or local events, your children can develop important life skills while making lasting friendships.

About schools in Yonkers

The schools in Yonkers offer a mix of quality education, diverse options, and enrichment programs, making them ideal settings for your child’s academic growth. For example, Yonkers Public Schools have been recognized for their commitment to excellence and inclusion. This public school system provides robust academic curricula along with various special programs like Advanced Placement and STEM initiatives. If you’re considering private schooling, there are several reputable private schools in the area known for smaller class sizes and personalized attention. Montessori and religious-based options are also available for families seeking specific educational philosophies or values.

Kids in the school
Yonkers has some of the best schools in the area

Extracurricular activities, from sports teams to drama clubs, are plentiful. Schools regularly hold events and contests that provide a platform for your child to showcase their talents, fostering well-rounded development. When it comes to school rankings, it’s essential to remember that a higher-ranked school typically offers more resources and opportunities but isn’t necessarily the best fit for every child. For that reason, before you choose moving services Westchester, it would be wise to take time to visit the schools and understand what each offers to find the best educational setting for your child.

Family-friendly neighborhoods in Yonkers

When it comes to family-friendly living, Yonkers has several neighborhoods that tick all the right boxes. Take Woodstock Park, for example, renowned for its proximity to good schools and a strong community vibe. The area has block parties, community gardens, and a neighborhood watch, making it an ideal setting for families. Safety is a primary concern, and neighborhoods like Lawrence Park West offer just that, with low crime rates and a peaceful environment. The streets are lined with trees, and kids playing outside are a common sight, adding to the feeling of community well-being.

For those concerned about commute times, Crestwood is a convenient choice. It has its own Metro-North station, making the journey into Manhattan or other parts of Westchester quick and stress-free. Dunwoodie is another popular choice, especially for those who rely on public transportation. Bus stops are abundant, and the commute to the city is straightforward. In summary, Yonkers offers a range of neighborhoods, each with its own unique benefits, making it easier for families to find a community that meets their specific needs.

Cost of living in Yonkers

Finding a good packing service Westchester is as important as navigating the cost of living in Yonkers, especially when you are planning a move with a family. Housing tends to be one of the most significant expenses. For instance, the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment can range from $1,800 to $2,400, depending on the neighborhood. If you’re looking to buy, single-family homes start at around $400,000. Utility bills are another factor to consider. Expect to pay about $150 to $200 per month for basic utilities like electricity, heating, and water for a standard apartment. Compared to nearby cities like White Plains or Scarsdale, Yonkers offers a more affordable cost of living while still providing a high quality of life. It’s a balancing act, but with careful planning, Yonkers can be a financially feasible option for families.

Mother and daughter doing groceries
If you are moving to Yonkers with kids, you will be pleased to know that the cost of living is lower compared to nearby cities

Family-friendly activities in Yonkers

Yonkers provides a wealth of family-friendly activities that can keep both parents and kids engaged. For outdoor enthusiasts, Tibbetts Brook Park offers sprawling green spaces, a lake for fishing, and even a water park during the summer. It’s a perfect spot for picnics and outdoor games. Another great choice is Lenoir Nature Preserve, which has walking trails and birdwatching opportunities, allowing families to connect with nature. When it comes to educational outings, the Hudson River Museum is a must-visit. It combines art, science, and history, offering interactive exhibits that kids will find fascinating. The museum frequently holds family-friendly events, adding a fun yet educational twist to your weekends.

Throughout the year, Yonkers hosts various events and festivals, like the annual Riverfest, complete with food stalls, live music, and activities for kids. And for those rainy or cold days, Legoland Discovery Center offers an indoor haven. It has rides, a 4D cinema, and building zones, ensuring that the little ones stay entertained. With such a variety of options, Yonkers keeps family fun at the forefront, making it a great place to raise kids.

List of useful tips for moving to Yonkers with kids

Moving is a great transition for both adults and kids. In the middle of the relocation frenzy, you might forget to prepare your kids for relocation to Yonkers adequately. However, it is extremely important to prepare the kids in advance for the house move. Let your local movers Westchester do the heavy lifting while you are figuring out how to help your kids adapt to a new home. There are some key points to keep your focus on:

  • Letting them say goodbye to their old friends and old home
  • Inform kids about the moving details
  • Organizing childcare on a moving day
  • Figure out the best way for packing
  • Informing them on the perks of a new environment
an adult and a kid pointing at the picture on computer screen
Let your kids be a part of the planning process so they can deal with relocation more successfully

Prepare kids for relocation

First, it is of utmost importance to inform the kids of the relocation a few weeks in advance. Let them process the fact that they would be leaving their school and friends. Keep in mind that children will mirror your attitude towards the moving process. If you keep a positive attitude, they will be happy about it as well. It is important what story you tell your kids. Make as little chaos as possible to avoid stressing your family. Moving can be very stressful and exhausting, but with the right attitude and the right movers in Westchester County, you can overcome this hurdle successfully. Also, remember to notify the school that your kids are moving. Make sure to have all the records transferred from one school to another in time. Another way to alleviate the stress caused by moving is to throw a farewell party and gather all friendly faces in one place.

kids playing
Before moving to Yonkers with kids, organize a party so your children can say goodbye to their friends

Another useful thing is making a list of all the things you need to do before you move. Make these activities entertaining and include your kids to be a part of them. This way, the relocation process may seem interactive and fun for them. While preparing them for the relocation, you can teach them to be environmentally friendly. Choose the best storage bin Westchester has to offer and find a reusable solution for your packing issues. Eco-friendly bins will keep your items safe without creating piles of torn and used boxes.

Inform kids about the moving details

Children are a part of your family, and they have the right to know where they are moving to and why. It is your duty to provide them with as much information as you can. Inform them of the reasons for your relocation, the name of a new school and street, and all the perks that come with the change of address. Let them be aware that even though they are leaving their current home, they are heading towards a better living environment.

Organize childcare on a moving day

Packing and moving require your full attention and devotion. It is hardly possible to take care of the kids while you are packing. Therefore, it would be ideal if you could ask or hire someone to look after the children. Ask your friends or family members to entertain the kids while you are packing or to take them to a park or a playroom. Alternatively, hire a professional babysitter if that option is more appealing to you. Bear in mind that you will probably need the same kind of assistance when you start unpacking in your new home.

The best way of packing when moving with kids

Packing involves a lot of packing supplies, running errands, making lists, dismantling furniture, and many other exhausting activities. Also, you will find a lot of redundant items in your closets and drawers while preparing for the move. To get rid of the clutter, hire storage pick up and delivery Westchester. This way, the redundant stuff will be out of your site and safely stored in a clean space. Also, remember to pack your kids’ toys while they are asleep or away, as they might complain about boxing up their toys. However, keep in mind to pack their favorite toys last. Leave them something to play with until the moving day.

toys ready to be packed before moving to Yonkers with kids
Avoid packing your children’s favorite toys so they can play until the moving day

Before moving to Yonkers with kids, try to organize a day trip there

If you live not far from the Yonkers area, take them for a day trip so they can visit this town prior to relocation. Yonkers boasts one of the best activities for kids – Legoland Discovery Center. Show them how much fun they can have at the ultimate indoor LEGO playground. Take them for a stroll through the Untermyer Park and Gardens. And most importantly, take them to have a look at their new house and a new neighborhood. Give them some time to adapt before the moving day. After all, moving to Yonkers with kids is not hard at all if you do it the right way.

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