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Traits of reliable piano movers

If you have to move something heavy and oversized, like a piano, you need to hire experts. Especially since it is more valuable than other bulky furniture pieces, that you might manage on your own. Sometimes people try to move the piano without professionals, and although it is possible with smaller types, it is not recommendable. Avoid potential damages and injuries and hire professional movers Westchester County NY. This is also a demanding task in itself because you need to know the traits of reliable piano movers to choose the best company.

What are exactly the traits of reliable piano movers?

When you are looking for a moving company, you should try to identify their assets and according to your needs – choose the right movers. This is more demanding if you need a specialty moving company. When you have items like a piano or pool table or valuable art pieces, you have to be sure that you will choose reliable movers. This is not your regular two-man relocation. Moving these kinds of belongings requires more than a couple of guys and a vehicle. So, if you want to know how to recognize the traits of reliable piano movers, make sure they have:

  1. Specialized equipment
  2. Expertise
  3. Experience Two people having a meeting

    Always take a chance to check your movers in person, if it is possible.

These are the most important qualities that movers should have to be qualified for this type of relocation. You will find a lot of companies that will agree to relocate you, maybe even at a lower price, but don’t agree at once. Make sure that you check the company before you hire them. In case you don’t have piano movers Westchester NY somewhere nearby, better look for a specialized company a little further away, than hire the ones without experience but close to you. Start by exploring movers online. See their recommendations and reviews. Maybe it is not a hundred percent certain truth, but it is a good starting point. At least you will see what companies have the best reviews from various people. The next step is to see if those companies have the traits of reliable piano movers, you are looking for.

Equipment and tools are a must!

Special equipment is a number one distinction that separates experienced piano movers from a regular moving company. No offense to those moving companies, no one says that they are not good, simply that they are not qualified for this particular task.

Since pianos are valuable and heavy, any experienced mover will know how important it is to have the right tools and equipment. They need to be able to lift, secure, and carry the piano with the minimum risk of damage and also injuries.  The right equipment for the job is the thing that guarantees success. There are different types of pianos, so movers usually have different types of piano dollies to transport them. Also, they have specialized vehicles for secure transport.  A truck needs to have a lift gate that can handle the weight of the piano. The right tools will help your movers to relocate your piano without damage and with minimum risk.

Expertise is one of the important traits of reliable piano movers

Equipment by itself means squad if movers don’t have expertise. There is a huge difference between moving companies that only move furniture and belongings and those that can move special items. They should be able to know what type of dolly to use for a certain piano; how to place a piano on a dolly etc.

Traits of reliable piano movers will help to move an old piano like this
Expertise help movers handle more damaged pianos the right way possible.

As you can tell, having the right equipment is just the beginning. Moving crews are trained for these particular jobs, so you need to find local movers Westchester that fit this description.

Experienced movers will know the best approach

Experience in moving pianos is not something you should disregard. This is a part of a package deal for secure piano relocation. Experience is the one thing that will help movers to approach each type of piano the right way. If they have the necessary experience, they have certainly come across various situations. This experience will help them to find the best way to handle your piano. There are different types of pianos, but there are also differences in maintenance and locations, etc. It doesn’t mean that every grand piano is the same. Depending on its condition, experienced movers will know how much your piano can take.

How to choose reliable piano movers?

If you have any doubts, you should schedule a meeting with the potential moving company. It is always best to talk with them in person. If the company has the experience and they are in fact reliable, they will try to explain to you the course of the relocation. They can give you advice and details regarding your relocation. In the end, you can choose the one Yonkers movers you think is the best for you.

Another factor that influences people’s decisions is the cost of transport. If you have a Grand piano, for example, you need to weigh the value of the piano and the price of relocation.  Or to say more bluntly, think about how much damage the piano could cost before you make your choice.

Ask about insurance

Check if the company has liability insurance. Besides all the traits of reliable piano movers, there is always a possibility that something happens. Moving is a kind of business that carries a constant risk. To avoid any uncomfortable and stressful scenes after your relocation, check if movers have proper insurance. There are different types of insurance, so you need to look for a comprehensive business insurance policy. A fully insured company is your best choice.

Guitars in close up
The same traits of reliable movers apply to relocating other instruments as well.

Make a choice only after you revise all of these traits of reliable piano movers. Don’t be tempted to move a piano by yourself, even if it is a smaller one. Leave enough time to search and decide on professional help.


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