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6 tips for packing office supplies safely

There are various reasons for moving an office. For example, there may be an increased volume of work and thus the need for more people and a larger space, and you may think that a change of location will positively affect work. Be that as it may, you need to be well organized, and the simplest thing is to hire movers and packers Westchester for that. More or less, all companies have similar furniture. There is an office desk, one or more of them, a computer, registers, drawers, a computer desk, a conference table, and your decorative plants, and flowers… but pay attention to packing office supplies safely.

Moving a company is not an easy job

You are mistaken if you think that moving a business is easier than moving a residence. You will be surprised when you realize what your office is hiding and what has been collecting in drawers, on shelves, and on desks for years. So know that you cannot do it alone and quickly. Yonkers movers are here to help you with everything. You and your colleagues will be helpful in that process by being present and separating the essential from the unimportant. In other words, you will know which paper can be thrown away and which should be saved. Surely, during the office move, you will also find those documents you considered lost long ago.

The woman arranges the papers
Each employee should pack things from their desk and mark them for easy unpacking in the new office

Apart from piles of papers in offices, there are also large pieces of furniture such as drawers, cupboards, and conference tables. For them, you need a master of tools and crafts. Dismantling office furniture is a complex job that must be done carefully so as not to damage the office furniture. You may be doing a great job in which you are an expert, but you don’t need to know this. You don’t even have a tool to do it all. And after disassembly, the assembly of desks, cabinets, shelves, and other large pieces of furniture awaits you at the new address. You make the best money when you do your job, which you know well. Leave office relocation to local movers Westchester who know this business perfectly. They are fast, efficient, and reliable.

What is important when moving a company

When moving companies and offices, it is important that the work is done quickly, precisely, meticulously, and without unnecessary waste of time. Because work can’t wait. During the move, you will need a laptop to do some important work along the way. In business, time is money. It is also important to calculate the office moving costs in advance. A free moving estimate should be the first step in your relocation plans.

6 tips for packing office supplies safely

These few tips may help you when planning your move:

1. Start planning your move early

Every job is easier and more successful when you have a plan. Plan everything on time down to the smallest detail. None of your employees will want to stay in the office all night packing staplers into boxes. In addition, you must have a clear plan of how your office furniture will be arranged in the new space. And you also have to provide protective material so that the furniture is packed and ready for transport. There will certainly be a need to replace a worn-out office chair with a new one. So, order new office chairs and tables now and figure out what to do with the old furniture. Good planning for moving office space also means smart budgeting for that purpose.

2. Determine who will manage the company’s move

It is very important that you appoint a person from the company to oversee everything. Perhaps it is best if it is an office manager who is familiar with all aspects of your business premises and who, together with experienced people from commercial movers Westchester, will do the job in the best possible way.

A man and a woman pack things into a box
Carefully packed things will make unpacking easier

3. Do your research to find the best agency

We always advise you to collect at least three offers and to do your research on the moving agency. If your budget allows, get a complete service that includes:

  • cost estimation
  • the dismantling of larger pieces of furniture
  • packaging
  • transport
  • assembly of work tables, conference tables, and drawers.

4. Distribute moving preparations to co-workers

Even if a full-service moving agency comes to you, your employees must clear their desks on time, and pack all papers and office supplies neatly. It is also important that they label their things so that, when they move to a new space, they can quickly unpack everything they need for work. Inform them about the date of the move in time so that they can prepare slowly, along with work.

5. Packing office supplies safely especially IT sector

Depending on the size of your company, you have one or dozens of computers. A computer is an expensive and sensitive part of your equipment. It contains all your important data. Therefore, protecting the monitor with bubble wrap is a very important segment when moving a company. Usually, the biggest problem is to unpack and properly pack all the computer equipment. Getting it all up and running again at the new address is an even bigger problem. If you have an IT sector, plan to move IT equipment on time. If not, because small companies do not have their own IT support, ask which moving agency provides that type of service. Another option is to provide external support for this part of the work.

There are more laptops on the table
Packing office supplies safely, especially your laptops, because they contain all your important data

6. Mark the boxes precisely

Arrange with the moving agency staff to deliver cardboard packing boxes to you on time if your staff will be packing inventory, papers, binders, and other equipment. Agency workers will do the rest of the work. Keep in mind that you need to unpack quickly and easily at your new address. Because of that, label your box properly, what is inside, and to whom it belongs.

Packing office supplies safely is not an easy job

It sounds very complicated and this is only part of what you need to do. If you think you can do it yourself by renting only a moving truck and with the help of employees, know that moving a company can turn into a nightmare. In the end, you will lose a few precious working days and a lot of nerves. Packing office supplies safely requires a lot of time, so the experience of professionals is of great importance.


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