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Budget friendly moving tips

Moving can be a definite drain on your wallet whether it’s saving up for the deposit, packing supplies, or the move itself, everything costs. And it all adds up quickly. However, as always, there are ways you can soften the blow on your budget. And our team at movers Westchester county NY can tell you how. So before you start packing, read our budget friendly moving tips so you can avoid leaving a permanent dent in your wallet.

Incorporating budget friendly moving tips into your next relocation

Every move is unique. And  local movers Westchester understand that perfectly. When trying to save some money on your move, it’s important to understand that there are some universal budget friendly moving tips anyone can follow. However, since every situation is unique, there may be some that won’t apply to you. Incorporating every tip we will mention will require you to be creative, be honest with yourself about what works and what doesn’t, and balance between cheap and quality in all situations. So, what we will talk about today:

  • How planning your budget is one of the best budget friendly moving tips
  • How there is a better way to downsize when moving
  • In what way can time affect the total cost of your move
  • And lastly, how to find affordable movers

    person writing down all their moving expenses after reading budget friendly moving tips
    One of the best budget friendly moving tips is to write down and plan all your moving expenses.

Planning your budget

While planning your budget won’t save you money, it is one of the most important budget friendly tips. Because how will you know if you saved some money in your budget if you haven’t properly planned it? We recommend setting aside a day to write out all your expenses during the move. And we do mean all. Write down the expenses you will have during moving and packing itself. However, don’t forget to write down the expenses of moving in as well. Include the deposit, buying items you will need and setting up all the utilities.

Downsizing done right

Now, if you have ever moved somewhere, you know downsizing is an absolute must step you have to take before you start packing. Adopting a philosophy of packing only the things you absolutely need is something you will have to do. However, budget friendly moving tips aren’t simply about downsizing what you have to save up some money. It’s about how you can even earn some money in the process.

Do you own some items in your home that you’ve always wanted to get rid of? A closet, winter clothes, or that table that simply doesn’t go with the rest of your home? Well, now is time to get rid of them. However, throwing it away or donating is not the only way. The best tip for your wallet is to sell it. If you have any electronics that you don’t use either – sell them. You will earn some money that way, and you will save on space in the moving truck or van. You’ll end up earning more than you can save just by downsizing and selling stuff you no longer need.

Move on a weekday

Almost everyone knows – moving has a peak season. During peak moving season, hiring movers will cost you more. The best budget friendly moving tip we can give you is to avoid that peak moving season. Of course, moving-in days aren’t as flexible, so you probably won’t be able to avoid the whole summer moving peak season. However, did you know that it is more expensive to move on weekends? This is because during weekends we get some time off work and it’s easier to move then. But if you schedule your move on a weekday, you’ll be able to save up when hiring moving companies Yonkers

Two people packing with bubble wrap
The best way to save money is not to spend it buying packing materials when you can rent it.

Budget-friendly moving tips when packing

You can save some money in your budget if you approach packing the right way. Firstly, always try to be creative. Simply skip bubble wrap and packing peanuts and trade them in for any soft material you can get your hands on. You can use towels, clothes, and even scarves as packing material.

Of course, boxes and moving bins are not really negotiable. You can’t use your creativity to save up on that packing material. Or can you? For an average move, if you buy packing materials like cardboard boxes, you can expect to pay as much as $100. That’s a lot for an item you only need once in your life. What you can do instead is to rent moving bins Westchester. Not only is it great for your budget, but it is also eco-friendly as well.

Finding affordable moving companies

You might think that finding affordable movers is easier said than done. However, we disagree. No amount of budget planning will help unless you find movers that are within your payment range. So the best tip to find affordable movers is to compare quotes. Start your search locally, and then you can spread out. You should compare at least 5 different moving quotes. However, make sure you give all the same important information to each one of the moving companies so that you can compare them properly.

Man in Blue Crew Neck T-shirt Holding White Planter and a box
Make sure that the affordability of your moving company comes with quality service.

Nowadays, almost all companies offer free quotes. However, there are still differences in those quotes. When you are getting a moving estimate, make sure it’s a binding one. If it is not, ask your movers about all additional charges that are applicable in your situation. That way, you will avoid accepting an offer that might change.

Final budget friendly moving tips

Lastly, we just want to reiterate that saving money on moving is important. Especially since moves can be quite expensive. While you can find affordable moving companies, it is crucial not to save money at the expense of quality moving services. After all, no amount of money can restore your nerves after a stressful move. Hopefully, these budget friendly moving tips will help you with having a more pleasurable relocation.



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