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A guide to downsizing to a smaller office in Westchester

Downsizing can be the most stressful process for owners. And, you might need to do it due to low productivity. Or, due to some other reasons. We have to keep in mind that the post-covid business world has changed. And it is changing further. Some of the old habits have been lost forever. For example, during the two-year period, a lot of people were working from home. So, they will be fin continuing to work that way. Of course, some people will have to return to the office, due to their work roles. So, you might need to move to a cheaper office due to losses. Or you might still have a successful business but need less space. In either case, count on the excellent services of moving companies Westchester County. And, to help you, we’ve prepared “A guide to downsizing to a smaller office in Westchester”. 

Two reasons for downsizing to a smaller office in Westchester

We already saw that there are various reasons for downsizing the office. Either you need to cut the costs. Or you need to downsize due to work reorganization. In the latter case, you might remain with a lot of unused space. If so, you might ask the building management to change the lease contract. So, you will be paying just for the space you use. And the building management can lease the rest of the space to someone else. Or, you may decide to move to a completely new space. For example, you might rent an office in the town center.


Desks with Desk Lamps in an Office - A guide to downsizing to a smaller office in Westchester
Reorganization can be an excellent way to downsize the office space.

In case you need to cut costs, you can also make downsizing. However, instead of cutting jobs, you might try another approach. At least for some time. If the is not working, you can always make another reorganization and cut the costs further.

A guide to downsizing to a smaller office in Westchester

There are various ways how you can downsize to a smaller office. So, here we will present one of the models that we found the most practical.

  1. Declutter your old office throughout
  2. Check if some of your employees want to work remotely
  3. Invest in modern electronic devices
  4. Consider the new office layout to accommodate all employees in less space
  5. When relocating to a smaller office, look for a better location

Decluttering your office before relocation

In case you decided to move to a smaller office, decluttering is a must. Ask your employees to check the documentation. You might be very surprised to see how many obsolete papers are lingering in your office. However, make sure that nobody throws the active documents. Namely, the Law prescribes the periods in which you have to keep some documents. So, you will have papers that you have to keep:

  • during one business year
  • for several business years
  • permanently

Besides documentation, there will also be a lot of broken or outdated machines and furniture. After hauing the surplus items away, pack the rest of the office items. Make sure the packing is completed before the arrival of residential movers Westchester.


Silver Laptop Computer on Brown Wooden Desk
Some of your employees will be happy to work from their home office.

Encourage flexible and remote working

Talk to your employees. Some of them will be happy to continue working from home. Or even to work flexible hours. So, even if all employees remain in the smaller office, they will be coming and leaving at different times. That way, the office will not look overcrowded. And everyone will have enough space for working.

Of course, there is an exception to this. Some employees are working in such posts that they must continue following the 9 to 5 schedule. 

Modern electronic devices can help your business a lot

In a guide to downsizing to a smaller office in Westchester, we have considered improving the electrical machines that you need in the office. For example, in the old office, most of the space was taken by printers, computers, and other technology devices. So, you can sell them. And, instead, you can purchase modern, smaller in size, but more powerful electronics. That way, you will save up on office space. And get better equipment which can even improve the working process.

In case some of your employees decide to remain working from home, you can also supply them with more modern equipment. And task the office movers Westchester to deliver the equipment to them. Besides, in case they work with sensitive information, you can easily provide them with the coded device, which will enable them to connect directly to the office server.

Consider various office layouts

By playing a bit with the layout, you can come to a solution to maximize the use of the new office space. When doing so, make sure that all employees still have enough space to move to, and away from their desks. Also, make sure that they feel comfortable, and that they have enough light. If possible, natural light will be highly appreciated. If that is not possible, check what kind of illumination will make your employees feel the best.

Also, adding some small plants here and there will enrich the entire space. And male it looks more attractive. The bottom line, creating a layout that will enable accommodating all employees, don’t forget that they need some space for themselves. 

Woman Giving A Presentation

Having an office close to the center can bring you more customers.

Relocating to a smaller office, try to move closer to the town center

As with any other business, being close to the center means a lot to the business. So, when you are already downsizing, you will save on rent. Investing that difference in renting the space close to the center, you might suddenly get more clients. Simply said, in the town center, you will be more visible.

Even if you were downsizing due to low work results, this might actually help your business. The start investment may soon turn into a profit. So, it can easily happen that moving companies NYC to Westchester will have to move you to some bigger space. With the advancement of your business, you will need a bigger office again. If so, don’t forget to apply the same principles again. Those you followed consulting “A guide to downsizing to a smaller office in Westchester.”

Space optimization and workforce models

In many talks, and in the media, you might hear a lot about the impact of a pandemic on the world economy. The truth is that many giant enterprises suffer a lot. And also, many small offices were forced t close down. Besides, many offices are downsizing and moving to places where real estate is cheaper. But, there are other approaches as well. One of them we have proposed in “A guide to downsizing to a smaller office in Westchester.” Moving to a smaller office in the center can be hard in the beginning. However, it can also attract more customers. And more work.




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