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Checklist for moving to Yonkers

Yonkers is the fourth largest city in New York State. If your plan is to move there, Yonkers movers will be there to help you with every step of that process. Yonkers is a good place for life and it offers many possibilities. Some of those possibilities mean you can visit Bronx or Manhattan wherever you want. The Bronx is on the border, while Manhattan is only two miles away. How do you know Yonkers is the right city for you? Well, if you love playing or watching tennis or basketball, long park walks and recreation outside-Yonkers is the place to be. This checklist for moving to Yonkers will give you necessary and useful information about everything you need to know. You’ll discover all you need to know about the city’s neighborhoods and school systems, as well as work opportunities and recreational activities.

Before moving to Yonkers-read about climate

The first thing on our checklist for moving to Yonkers is climate. It quite varies. The pleasant temperatures are usual, but there are hot temperatures and high humidity in the summer and windy weather with sporadic snowstorms in the winter. The city, however, has four different seasons. The weather and temperatures are more moderate and mild throughout the fall and spring. It is not the case during the scorching summers and icy winters. During the winter, snowfall is widespread in the city. However, it seldom stays on the ground for too long. So, if you are moving to Yonkers, you will need clothes for every season. Don’t worry if you think you won’t have a space to keep the clothes in your home. Storage bin Westchester is a great solution for keeping the items you won’t be using all the time.

A woman holding snowflakes
The checklist for moving to Yonkers includes climate and weather

Next on the checklist for moving to Yonkers-neighborhoods

Yonkers is divided into four regions:

  • Northeast Yonkers,
  • Northwest Yonkers,
  • Southeast Yonkers,
  • and Southwest Yonkers.

In addition to that, it consists of 37 neighborhoods, communities, and conclaves. The four regions of Yonkers are each very different. By that, we mean culturally and economically different. These differences are defined by location and people who live in the area. For example, Irish-Americans and Italian-Americans live mostly in Southeast and Northeast Yonkers. This means these regions are primarily suburban regions with a higher concentration of affluent homes than other sections of the city.

Many older Victorian-era residences may be found in northwest Yonkers. There are a lot of retail establishments and food shopping options. Southeast Yonkers is also the section of Yonkers closest to the Bronx. Southwest Yonkers has suffered the largest economic and political obstacles and is presently experiencing redevelopment. Whichever of the four neighborhoods you choose, moving companies Westchester County will relocate you quickly and efficiently.

Is Yonkers an expensive city to live in?

There are some cons on our moving to Yonkers checklist. Unfortunately, these cons include the cost of living. The proximity of Yonkers to New York City adds greatly to the city’s high cost of living. Rent in much of Yonkers remains extremely costly, and other living expenditures such as transportation, food, and utilities are also very high.  However, Yonkers has a typical family income of $61,882, which is greater than the national median family income. Yonkers’ typical house price is over $400,000, which is exceptionally high and much above the national average. Despite the fact that the region is undergoing a significant renovation, these days it is still very difficult to live in Yonkers and stay on a budget.

Living in Yonkers is more expensive than the national average

Schools in Yonkers are also on our checklist

The Yonkers Public School district oversees the city’s public education system. This system includes public elementary, middle, and high schools. There is also their award-winning magnet school, Martin Luther King Jr. High Tech, and Computer. Yonkers is also home to a number of notable institutions of higher learning. Sarah Lawrence College, Westchester Community College, and Mercy College are among the most famous colleges. There are also many private and charter schools.

Employment in Yonkers

The unemployment rate in Yonkers is somewhat higher than the rate in New York City, for example. However, Yonkers’ close proximity to Manhattan helps the city to develop economically. Many people decide to travel to work and find better job opportunities in Manhattan. Consolidated Edison Co., Marx Realty & Improv Co Inc., Bell Atlantic, and Aclinis Association are the places where you can get a job in Yonkers. St. John’s Riverside Hospital and St. Joseph’s Medical Center, one of the oldest nursing schools in the country, are both located in Yonkers. So, if you have experience in the medical profession, Yonkers is the right place to be.

A moving to Yonkers checklist must include public transport

Yonkers has an excellent public transit system, with four Hudson Line and Metro-North Railroad stations serving New York City and its environs. The city is also served by Amtrak, which has a station in Yonkers. Yonkers is served by the Bee-Line Bus System, which is run by Westchester County. Yonkers now has the ninth highest rate of public transportation use in the United States.

A woman waiting for a train
Public transport in Yonkers is great

Things to do after moving to Yonkers

Yonkers has a lot to offer. Also, it is only a short bus or car journey away from New York City. So, it is even more enticing to thrill-seekers and adventure seekers. The Empire City Casino at Yonkers Raceway is a new casino that offers electronic slot machines in addition to a race track where you may wager on harness racing. In addition, the city’s Central Avenue neighborhood has a number of commercial retail districts that are popular with both locals and visitors. So, when local movers Westchester finish their job, you can start experiencing the adventure called life in Yonkers right away.


Whatever the reason for your relocation to Yonkers might be, you will enjoy your new life. Take into consideration all the things from our checklist for moving to Yonkers. Choose the neighborhood that is right for you. Decide if you want to find a job in Yonkers or travel to Manhattan. Get used to the public transport system. More importantly, grab every opportunity to enjoy the city’s nice climate.


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