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Unpacking techniques you need to know about

Nobody likes packing or unpacking. It is almost always chaotic and time-consuming and one of those tasks that are the hardest when moving. Luckily, as in everything, some unpacking techniques can help you manage the whole ordeal. And who better to tell you about them than movers and packers Westchester? In this article, we will go into detail about these unpacking techniques and everything you need to know about unpacking.

Essentials first

This unpacking technique can be considered the most important out of all techniques. If you have just moved in and are eager to start your regular daily routine, then unpacking the essentials first is the technique for you. When getting packing service Westchester, you will be advised to pack your essentials separately. This is specifically to avoid losing them during the move and to know what to unpack first. This technique is good because unpacking can be chaotic. Unpacking stuff you know you need and will use the first day of moving in will give you some sense of structure. You should unpack the rest in order of need. Of course, this unpacking plan makes sense if you remember to pack your essentials separately.

The first box of essentials to unpack according to this unpacking techniques
Remember to pack and label your box of essentials when packing

Room by room  unpacking techniques

The most obvious of all techniques is going one room at a time to unpack. This involves going from room to room and not moving on until you have unpacked the entire room. Once you have unpacked every box from said room, you can move on to the next. This will help stay focused on one task while maintaining control and order. The order in which you unpack the rooms is up to you. However, some experts usually recommend going in this order:

  1. Bathroom
  2. Kitchen
  3. Living room
  4. Main bedroom
  5. Guest or children’s bedroom

You can adjust this method according to the number of your rooms. Of course, professionals always recommend starting with your bathroom as it usually has the smallest amount of items, and we can all agree that we cannot live without a bathroom. The second is your kitchen simply because it has all the utensils you need to make food. Sure, you can unpack your kitchen last if you’re not much of a cooker

A white industrial kitchen with brick walls and wooden countertops

You can unpack your kitchen last if you don’t use it often

Gamification unpacking techniques

This unpacking technique is especially good if you have children. Simply put, it is making unpacking a competition, either timed or not. It’s essential to have some ground rules during this “unpacking competition” which you can agree on before starting the game. Some suggestions are to unpack and put things in an orderly way and disqualify chaotic unpackers who just got everything out of their box without putting it in the right place. This unpacking technique can only be possible if you have moved and unpacked all the furniture. Sometimes this unpacking technique depends on your movers also, like piano movers Westchester NY , because you can’t start the game with some furniture unassembled or unpacked.

Pomodoro technique

This not an unpacking technique exactly, but a studying technique that you can apply to unpack. The Pomodoro technique is actually a time management technique. According to Pomodoro, you schedule 25 minutes of work with a 5-minute break. After doing 4 such cycles you take a longer break. You can use this unpacking technique to manage and plan time for work, without forgetting some time to relax from work. This technique is great to avoid overworking yourself, especially since unpacking is hard work.

Pomodoro technique got its name thanks to a kitchen counter shaped like a tomato. This kitchen counter is named after the Italian word for tomato – Pomodoro. To adjust this technique for unpacking, you can make working and resting periods longer. For example, you can do 30 – 40 minutes of work followed by a 15-minute break. This technique is used often by labor only movers Yonkers as it helps them avoid injuries and accidents due to overworking. Don’t forget, moving heavy things as well as unpacking them is a delicate process and you don’t want anything getting broken.

Divide and conquer

This technique only makes sense if you are not the only person in the household. If you have other roommates or even children, you can go two ways about your unpacking. The first is for all of the household members to unpack one thing at a time. This means everyone in the house unpacks the kitchen at the same time. This is great if you want company while unpacking. The bad side is that this can slow down the whole unpacking process.

A woman and a man moving and unpacking artwork and boxes
If you have friends or roommates then divide and conquer is the best unpacking technique for faster unpacking

The second way, which is more efficient is to divide and conquer. If you want to do the unpacking quickly and there are more people doing the unpacking, you can divide the work. If there are more rooms in the house, each person can take their own room, and you can divide amongst yourselves the common rooms. Not having many people debate about where each item should go can save you time when unpacking. However, the downside to this technique is that while you may finish early with your unpacking, your items may not be in the place you want them to be. This is especially if someone else is unpacking your things in a common room. However, you can easily change up the places later on.

Some final thoughts on unpacking techniques

Unpacking is truly dreadful. The most difficult step is always the first one. However, thinking of unpacking as a checkpoint for a new adventure may make it more exciting. You can use unpacking techniques to make the whole process more efficient, which doesn’t necessarily mean it will definitely be fast and easy. When choosing the best unpacking technique for yourself, have in mind that techniques are one thing, and following through with it is completely different. Of course, we have no doubt that you are well equipped to handle any challenge when unpacking by following our tips and techniques.


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