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Decluttering your office before moving to Yonkers

Moving has always been a great time to declutter. You are already moving every single item in your office. So, it will be much easier to identify items that are broken. Or are forgotten in an office corner. And, they are only taking up space and collecting dust. Besides, you will find many obsolete documents. So, moving is an ideal time for decluttering your office before moving to Yonkers. That way, you will have more space in your new office. And, since you will have fewer items to move, transportation charges of movers in Westchester New York will be lower.

Decluttering your office before moving to Yonkers

Before you invite the estimator to provide you with cost estimation, complete decluttering. That way he will be able to take inventory of the items that you are moving. Additionally, he will be able to give you a more accurate estimation. So, you can expect that moving fewer items to Yonkers will also decrease the entire moving costs. Besides, you will have to decide what to do with the surplus items. You can, for example, give the less important documents for recycling. In case you have some surplus furniture, you can sell or donate it. And finally, you will have to organize hauling for all broken items.


People Sitting at a Table Using Laptops in an Office - Decluttering your office before moving to Yonkers.
Organize decluttering of your office.

Organize decluttering of your office

To speed up decluttering the office, give tasks to your subordinatesIt would be best if the supervisors oversee decluttering for their departments. They should make a decluttering plan, and give tasks to the department employees. When it comes to documents, the help of the employees in charge will be immeasurable. They know exactly which of their documents must be kept. And which can be decluttered. So, that will speed up decluttering of documentation a lot.

Check all your furniture

You might already know that some of the office furniture will not match the new space. So, you will have to leave it behind. Also, check all other office items. You might also find some cracks on desks, or chairs, which were not visible before. So, it would be much safer to replace them. Bringing such broken items to a new office can cause injury to a worker. And that could be much more costly than purchasing a new piece. Besides, you will not pay for transporting that item.

Decluttering your office before moving to Yonkers, you might find forgotten electrical items

And decluttering is an excellent time to spot some broken or forgotten items. For example, you might discover that you still have an old fax machine, which is not been in use for years. But it was simply forgotten, and left in some corner. You will definitely not need it in your new office in Yonkers. Besides, you might find some other electrical items like that one.

Just throwing them is not very advisable, as they can be hazardous. You might, instead,  find some antiquity dealers ready to purchase them. Or some craftsman who needs some spare parts. Still, such things might require special packing. So, packing service Westchester can help you with the task. They will properly prepare and pack those items before you send them to collectors or craftsmen.


Cables plugged into the device.
Modern offices are full of electronics, and cables.

Modern offices are full of electronics, and cables

Before you start packing, you will have to disconnect all your electronic devices. Since you are so used to them, only after disconnecting you will realize how many electronics you have in the office. However, before disconnecting computers, ask the IT section to make a backup of all documents. That way, even in the case of an accident, all your business documentation will reach your new Yonkers office. This is also an excellent time to check if all electric devices are functioning well. Some might need to be repaired. And, you can even decide to change some of the outdated ones.

Carefully round up all cables, cords, adapters, and chargers

This is also part of office preparation that you should ask the IT department to complete it. Namely, they know how, and they will not make damage by wrongly disconnecting some cables. Also, they will be in charge to reconnect everything in the new Yonkers officeBesides, they know how to properly round up and pack cables, cords, adapters, and chargers, without damaging them in the process. Once they are ready with packing electronics and cables, the office movers Westchester will transport them to the Yonkers office.

Decluttering your office before moving to Yonkers, clean the cabinets and drawers

Decluttering, you will discover a lot of small items and dust on shelves, in cabinets, and in drawers. So, decluttering is an excellent time to give them throughout cleaning. The bottom line, some of those items will need to be disassembled before packing. So, it is nice to have them clean and ready. Also, you don’t really need to bring all the dust and garbage to the new office.

When decluttering, put all personal possessions aside

To avoid intentionally throwing away some of the employees’ personal possessions, ask them to move them away. You can even design one room where they can keep their private possessions. Or, they can bring them home for the time being. And bring them to the Yonkers office after the move.

Man and Woman Working Together
Your movers have successfully transported your items to Yonkers.

Moving to the Yonkers office

Your chosen mover will load and transport all your things to a new office. They will even follow the inscriptions on the moving boxes and place them in the right rooms. However, unpacking, you might decide to move some larger pieces from one room to another. This will not be only hard for your employees. But, they can, in the process, damage walls, flooring, and the item itself. To avoid any risk, give a call to labor only movers Yonkers. They have the right equipment. And they know how to move things in-home, without damaging them.

Additional tips for decluttering your office

So, we could see in this article that decluttering is not so hard. When it is well organized, you will be able to complete it fast. To help you further with decluttering your office before moving to Yonkers, you can always find some additional tips. Applying them, your move to the next office can become an easy endeavor

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