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Smart ways to reuse moving equipment

Relocating home can be quite complicated at times. We all must work with professional movers and packers Westchester, set aside an appropriate budget, purchase packing materials, and cover legalities. But probably the most complicated part of the entire process is when you must pack your entire home. Luckily, there are family members and movers to assist with this one. And once you settle in, you won’t even notice how hard it was if you have proper helpers with you. Now, the leftovers after unpacking can be something to remind you of the hardships you have endured. Luckily, there are smart ways to reuse moving equipment unless you want to simply throw everything away. Let’s take a look.

Re-using cardboard moving boxes is one of the smart ways to reuse moving equipment

Each time you relocate, you will end up with a bunch of cardboard boxes. Unless you rent moving bins Westchester and have only a few boxes on your hands. But the more you have the harder it gets to store them somewhere. Although, once you’ve moved, you can use the boxes to store items in the attic, basement, or garage. Some items can even stay packed for a while and stored in one of those places. Also, you can use cardboard for all kinds of things.

person packing a carton box

Use it for your kid’s school projects or create games, toys, and ornaments. You can even paint on it if that is your hobby. It is surely one of the smart ways to reuse moving equipment. And the rest of the boxes can be easily folded and stashed away for further use. If you have purchased a higher quality batch, keep them for your next relocation or give them to a friend in need.

At least cardboard boxes can be reused in hundreds of different ways. Do not throw them away.

Repurpose bubble wrap

Ok, blister packs or widely known as bubble wrap can be reused in a really good way. Bubble wrap can be used for cushioning and protecting items when shipping or storing them, or even using it as insulation. This means you can use it to wrap smaller shipments when sending items to your friends and family. It is among the smart ways to reuse moving equipment and supplies, that’s for sure. Moreover, you can keep some of the rarely used furniture wrapped up and stored inside a garage. As long as there is no moisture in the environment, those items will stay intact and protected.

The same goes for reusing packing peanuts. They can be used as filler in a package or as a cushioning material. Basically, use them the same way you would when relocating but this time around, to store stuff inside your home. And one more thing, keep in mind that some packing peanuts and especially Styrofoam, contain hazardous chemicals. If this interests you, it is something you must check with movers before moving services Westchester and packing supplies from them.

Using furniture pads as floor protectors is also one of the smart ways to reuse moving equipment

In case you purchase the packing service, your local movers Westchester will surely bring a lot of corner pads, dividers, and similar protectors. One way to use them after relocating is to protect floors when moving heavy furniture or appliances around the home. Yes, we often move things around after movers are gone and you can easily damage your floors and walls in the process. Furniture padding will prevent damage and it is much easier to move furniture and appliances around if they are padded. Once you are done, remove them and throw them away. They have done their part.

a couple holding a couch
Furniture padding, cushion, and covers can be used for further protection of your stored furniture.

Is it possible to reuse packing tape?

In some cases yes, but mostly, no. Simply because used adhesive tape loses its bonding power. There are certain types of tapes like paper ones that can be reused at least once. But it is far better to simply use the unused tape if you have any leftovers. One tape roll is cheaper than a carton of milk nowadays so simply buy enough and if you have leftovers, keep it in a designated drawer somewhere in your home. It is good to have one lying around.

Repurposing packing paper is the way to go

Packing paper is surely something that can be reused. You can use the packing paper for wrapping fragile items, as a filler for gift boxes, or as kindling for a fire. Simply set aside one carton box and fill it with the crumpled paper you have used as a buffer. And if you have unused paper, even better. Keep them in a dry place for the upcoming holidays. You’ll need quite a few for gift wrapping.

reusing packing paper is one of the smart ways to reuse moving equipment
You can easily reuse packing paper. Use it for shipments and in-home storage.

The leftovers

Now, there will be a few leftovers we are sure you won’t know how to reuse. We have already mentioned the Styrofoam and the used packing tape which should be recycled or thrown away. Simply because it is almost useless and can contain hazardous chemicals that are bad for you and the environment. Although, there are packing materials we almost forgot about. The covers and cushions. You can reuse moving blankets and tarps easily. They can be used as drop cloths when painting or as temporary protection for furniture. You can cover all kinds of items that you have stored in the attic, and you should definitely keep them folded for your next relocation. At least you’ll have something to cover your furniture with once you go on a longer vacation.

In general, when moving, try to think creatively about how you can reuse the equipment and materials you have on hand. By doing so, you can save money and reduce waste. And now you have several smart ways to reuse moving equipment and we are sure you’ll think of a few more. All in all, we wish you a safe relocation and to reuse your materials in a beneficial way. Good luck.

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