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How to organize a bathroom for moving

Moving is so exciting and it brings a ton of all kinds of emotions. The reason is that there are a million tasks to do before your move. First of all, you will have to prepare every room in your home. We are here to give you some ideas on how to organize a bathroom for moving. The suggestion that we also have for you is to hire some professional help for your relocation. Look for the best movers Westchester NY if you live in that area. They will help you tremendously during your move.

Choose local moving help if needed

We do think that the best idea is to find a moving company as local as you can. Local movers Westchester know every detail specific to the area and they will know the best way for transporting your things at any time of the day. They could even give you some tips on the neighborhood.

Even this is the best thing to do wherever you are about to move, it especially applies to moving somewhere close to your old home. Residential movers Westchester located will easily help you in every step of your relocation. They will listen to all your moving wishes and give you some ideas on how that will be executed. You will be able to choose if you want some of the additional services or not.

Organizing a bathroom for moving needs planning

We are here to give you some pro tips on how to organize a bathroom for moving. Realize first that we all have in our bathrooms so much more things than we actually use and need. So this is just the perfect time to declutter. Did you know that you can even rent moving bins Westchester company based? They will help you to start with some organization.

Say goodbye to all things you don’t use

Start with tossing all unusable or expired items. Look at old medications, bars of soap that dried up who knows when some old hair products. But before you throw away your expired medication, you should check with your pharmacist or look for U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency take-back programs. You have to know that not all those medications are safe to be flushed or disposed of in your household bin.

Donating is always a good idea

Throwing away is not the only way to get rid of the things you dont use. There are people who will gladly use your towels you don’t want to use any more or some other personal care products. Have in mind that you can donate a great deal of them.

towels on wooden hanger
Donate towels you don’t want to use anymore.

Get rid of bulky packaging

We all know that almost every product we buy comes in additional packaging. We don’t need that, there is actually no use, but we tend to save them. Well, the good news is that you can get rid of those packaging that take so much space. You will feel that additional space that comes when you toss them when you start packing. Actually, this is an important step if you want to organize a bathroom for moving.

Sorting things out will help you in organizing a bathroom for moving

This is just the best opportunity to sort all your things. Decide on categories and you will see which one contains too many items, so you can decide to change that number. Start with your makeup and continue to hair care and hair tools like brushes, appliances, etc. Proceed to skincare, all your medications, then jump to linens and cleaning supplies. You can finish up with paper goods and all you have from the first aid supplies.

cosmetics on the table - organizing a bathroom for moving
Sorting things out will help you in organizing a bathroom for moving.

Follow these tips to organize a bathroom for moving

Now that you finished sorting, you can really start organizing a bathroom for moving. Every bathroom has some places that are usually full of everything and we will underline some of them. With time, it can spread into every part of your bathroom, so everything is just mixed and no item has its place. Stop that now and draw your attention to the following spaces.

Use the bathroom drawers

Drawers in our bathroom are spaces that tend to become catchalls for all kinds of random things. From hair products to makeup and first aid supplies. And some junk items always slay in there. If you are sure you want to organize your drawer, just get some drawer organizers. They can be custom fitted or you can buy some baskets in a local dollar store.

bathroom cabinets you can use to organize a bathroom for moving
Bathroom drawers often hold all kinds of random things.

Cabinets are a great space for storing your products

The most common space that gets full of all kinds of things is the space under your cabinets. Have in mind that you can take advantage of vertical space by rolling out trays or shelves. So another great and budget-friendly option is to get a lazy susan where you can put your hair products or some cleaning supplies. You can even step up your game by putting labels on plastic containers. That way you will decide on the right place for every sort of item and you will escape mixing them. If you are ready to give maximum use of vertical space, add some shower caddies. They can be hung from cabinet doors.

Ready for a move?

You’ve got an opportunity to get some ideas and some solutions. We really do hope that you are ready to organize a bathroom for moving. Also, have in mind that once you finish with your relocation, you have a fresh start. And that is just the perfect moment to set everything just as you want and much better than you previously did. Find a space for every category in your bathroom and try to keep them all where they should be. Having a clean space is so wonderful. It is a small thing, but you will feel how much better feel when you enter a tidy space. And you can do the same with all the rooms in your new home. Then apply the same principles of categorizing and using vertical space as much as possible. Your life will be so much better. Don’t just trust us, try it out.


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