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Tips for packing valuables for moving

Moving your valuables isn’t the same as moving your regular stuff. You need to invest a bit more time and attention when packing valuables for moving. Stuff like dishes and paintings is fragile and can be very expensive, unlike regular items like furniture or clothes. If you read any moving guide, you’ll see advice to reserve a lot more time for packing your valuables than for anything else. Even the process is different and a bit more sophisticated so it will take your effort and attention. Let us help you with a few tips on how to do it properly.

Make a list before packing valuables for moving

The first thing you should do before your relocation with Yonkers movers begins is to sit down and make a list. Write down everything you own that you deem valuable. Put it all on the list because it will be precious to you in case anything of worth goes missing. It will also be useful in case you have to make an insurance claim. Also, if you have a chance, you should take a photo of each item so your inventory will be even more precise. Maybe you have bills that came with the items you purchased. There is also a big chance you have a letter of authentication. Those things really come in handy so it’s good to put it on the list as well.

A man is searching through a pile of old records.
Packing valuables for moving takes a lot of time and people who had to pack records for their relocation know it to be true.

Purchase insurance before you pack your valuables

There is a big chance your home insurance doesn’t cover your valuables while moving with local movers Westchester. Ask around and check out if that’s true. If it is, you should search for insurance that will cover your highly-priced possessions. Sometimes, even if you already have insurance, there is no reason to refuse purchasing insurance your moving company offers. In this case, the more the merrier is the correct way of thinking. You can also purchase it directly from the insurance company. There are insurance companies for fragile and valuable items and if you purchase your insurance from them, you can rest assured you will be paid in full in case something happens to those items.

Carry any small items with you

Small stuff like jewelry can very easily get lost. People lose it all the time and during a relocation, the chance becomes much bigger for that to happen. So, instead of leaving it to some of the best movers Westchester NY has to offer, you should take all of your tablets, small accessories, and jewelry with you. It doesn’t take too much space and it’s much safer if it’s by your side. There are safe parts of the vehicle where you can keep them. While packing, try to fit every item into a properly sized box. That’s another way of making sure your stuff doesn’t get lost or damaged while you pack valuables for moving.

Some people even like to rent a safe in a bank and leave everything there. It isn’t a bad option if you are sure to come back at a certain point in time. You can pick it up then and bring it to your new place by yourself. However, it’s always preferable to move everything you have at the same time. That way you reduce the risk of getting something lost.

A painting is on a chair.
Oil makes valuable paintings really fragile to high temperatures so try to protect them from heat.

Pack the big items properly

Packing valuables for moving can be separated into two different groups. In the first group, there are smaller items. They are quite simple to pack. You can handle them easily and it doesn’t take too much time to make sure they are safely packed. Jewelry usually already has a box it can fit in. Even if it doesn’t, you can order it online or buy it at some jewelry store. Ask for jewelry boxes and they will provide you with exactly what you need.

The second group is the big items. They are much harder to protect and it will take you time to pack them all the right way. You will need a lot of packing supplies. Do your best to get good packing supplies. If you can, buy new ones. Unlike clothes and furniture, you can’t wrap your paintings and pottery in old newspapers. It will end up damaged by the ink. So, try to ask for packing supplies that are sure not to damage your precious items.

Don’t worry if packing valuables for moving takes a lot of time

People often think it will take them only a couple of hours to pack everything they have. That is often true, but if someone has a lot of valuables they want to pack properly, they will have to take more time than that. Getting a box that’s exactly the right shape as your vase might take time. In some cases, you have to get a custom-made box, and that also takes time. So, consider beginning to pack valuables for moving before you pack anything else for moving. You will have to invest a lot of time and attention and nothing should be left unpacked or not properly packed. People who don’t have enough time or know that packing should be handled by professionals can always hire some good packing service Westchester has to offer. That way, a lot of time will be saved.

A man is putting china into a box.
If your china is really valuable, pay special attention to what you put between plates to protect them.

Label your boxes properly

This might not seem like a big deal, but it’s often a crucial mistake people make. If you don’t label your boxes well while packing valuables for moving, movers might end up being too rough while handling them. Clothes might be forgiving when handled rough, but that’s just not the case with valuables. Even one small bump under a bad angle and your painting might be damaged forever. However, just a few letters can totally change that. Use a marker or some kind or something similar and write on the boxes “FRAGILE” or “Handle with care”. Write it on at least two sides if you can. That way your movers will know that certain boxes should be handled gently.

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