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How to organize a safe DIY relocation to White Plains

White Plains is the 11th largest city in the state of New York. It’s in the south-central part of Westchester County and is one of the more popular moving destinations. Circa 60 000 people choose White Plains as their home, and if you want to join them, we congratulate you! Since moving is not an easy job, every help is more than welcome. If you want to organize a safe DIY relocation to White Plains, movers White Plains NY are here to help! Moving to this suburb will be a piece of cake once you get into the essence of these DIY tips!

How to organize a safe DIY relocation to White Plains?

Changing cities can be complex, from finding a home to organizing the move. This last phase is often the most stressful. How to manage it in the best way? Organizing a move without the help of movers in Westchester New York can be easier if you follow the right advice and have the right tools. Before starting the move make sure you think about:

  • Making a moving plan
  • Packing all belongings
  • Transporting them to a new location

    A couple relocating by themselves
    Relocating on your own will save you a couple of thousands of dollars, but it is also more challenging.

First of all, it is crucial to start early, about two months in advance. You can do so by creating a list of the objects to be transported. Especially pay attention to heavier and bulkier items since they are harder to relocate. The list will help you have a clearer idea of ​​the number of items to take with you and choose the best method of transport. Therefore, starting earlier will help you organize your move as effectively as possible.

What to pack first?

You will need to pack all your items, starting with your clothes. The first thing to do is to carefully choose what you want to take with you and what you no longer need. That will save you time and will allow you to reduce the number of your belongings. A good way to determine what to pack is to ask yourself if a dress or object has been used in the last year. If the answer is no, you can gift it to friends or donate it. Once you have decided what you will take with you to your new home in White Plains, all you have to do is prepare the boxes.

Start with what you don’t need right after the move, like last season’s clothes or books. Take your time and start well in advance so that you are not overwhelmed by the amount of work. It’s much better to pack 30 boxes in 15 days than 30 boxes in three days. It’s also advisable to pack a bag of essentials, which will contain the most crucial of your possessions. Those can be chargers, basic clothes, towels, your medication, a toothbrush, a wallet, documents, etc.

How to pack your furniture when relocating to White Plains?

The hardest part of organizing a safe DIY relocation to White Plains without the help of commercial movers Westchester is packing and moving your furniture. First, empty all the drawers, closets, fridges, coolers, and everything used for storing. After that, start taking bulkier items apart. At this stage, it is important to pack each element separately to avoid damage. Also, remember to carefully store screws and bolts by placing them in boxes or bags to keep with the furniture. If it is not possible to separate the components, you can always transport the furniture as it is. Or, you can rent a van of the appropriate size.

A green couch
If you decide to organize a safe DIY relocation to White Plains, the most difficult challenge will be transporting heavy furniture.

If you are packing electronic devices, put them in their original boxes. For smaller and non-fragile items, local movers Westchester suggest using regular boxes or DIY supplies. You can use anything that resembles a box- a suitcase, purses, backpacks, storage containers, laundry baskets, etc. Just make sure to wrap and pack your items appropriately, especially fragile belongings. You can wrap them with pieces of cloth and then wrap them with bubble wrap. Use as much wrapping tape, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts as you need. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. However you choose to pack and disassemble your belongings, it is suggested to ask your family or friends for help. Although you can probably manage to do everything yourself, it’s much better to organize a safe DIY relocation to White Plains with the help of your loved ones.

The final stage of your DIY move: Transport

Having good means of transport for your DIY move is essential. If you don’t own a van, you can easily rent it from a moving company in your area. Choose one of a suitable size, considering the number of your items. Renting a moving truck is especially advisable if you are moving long distances. If you only have a few boxes to carry, it may be convenient to ship them with a courier or transport them in your vehicle. If you opt for relocating them via courier, it’s advisable to ensure them, especially if there are valuables inside them. Organizing a move without the help of a company can be easier if you follow the right advice and have the right tools.

A girl packing her clothes
You can rent a moving truck or use your vehicle when relocating your belongings.

Is organizing a safe DIY relocation to White Plains an easy job?

Relocating on your own is never an easy job. However, it is manageable. If you decide to organize a safe DIY relocation to White Plains, you need to arm yourself with patience and packing supplies. It is always advisable to ask your loved ones to help you out, even if it’s just for packing a couple of boxes. If you start preparing 2. months in advance, make a good moving plan, and have excellent time management skills, your DIY relocation will be a piece of cake!

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