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Moving bulky furniture made easy

Moving and relocating is a hard process on its own, so with extra bulky furniture, it can be even more complex. So we as one of the best movers in Westchester NY would like to help you out. We’re going to reveal to you some tips about moving bulky furniture made easy. You can use these tips to make your move easier so let’s dive in!

Moving bulky furniture is easier with tools

Yes, a simple but easy thing is to buy or rent a hand truck. This is one tool that is useful and it saves you and your back too. You can rent for about $45 per day and you can find this online. You can also buy it anywhere from $50 to $500, so check out Amazon or go to a local DIY store. In second place is something that most residential movers Westchester use and that’s moving straps.  They go under many names such as lifting or furniture straps, so try looking for them online too.  The price for this item is anywhere from $20 and up so they’re not that expensive but they’ll require more physical strength. They’re simple to use and you can find them anywhere they’re one of the cheapest options out there.

A woman carrying a large box while thinking about moving bulky furniture made easy;
If you want to move bulky furniture made easy ask your friends to help you.

Future we have furniture dollies and furniture sliders. Furniture sliders are by far the cheapest options. As the name suggests they’re used for sliding furniture over any surface. They’re placed under a corner (e.g.sofa) or a leg (e.g. table) so that the object can slide over any surface (rug included). On other hand, if the object is too hard it can damage the floor (tiles, hardwood, etc.). If you have something like a piano please contact real piano movers Westchester NY so they can help you with this. Pianos are large and they’re quite complex to move around, plus if you drop a piano, oh boy the damage is huge. If you want to DIY the move yourself, check the blog sections we have a lot of tips and tricks.

Disassemble furniture, carry and wrap your bulky furniture to move it more easily

Another easy way how to move huge wardrobes or tables is simply by disassembling them first. Don’t worry if you’ve thrown away your blueprints and you can’t find schematics online; we’ve got it all figured out. Most of the items that you have on the market are simple to construct especially ones from Ikea or similar stores. You can find all the things on YouTube or simply google it nowadays everything is online. There are a lot of guides for beginners or ask some of your friends, cousins, or coworkers to help you out. You can rent moving bins Westchester for spare parts and any other smaller furniture items. For this process, you’ll need some tools like a screwdriver, hammer, and phone. Why a phone? So you can make a video and use it later for the assembling part.

Wooden boards and drawers in a living room;
Items like these from Ikea can be easily disassembled.

After you’ve done it you should also wrap up these smaller pieces. You can use moving blankets for bigger pieces and you can wrap up smaller pieces with plastic or bubble wrap them. Also, don’t forget to plan all of this as well. We’ve forgotten to mention that you should use a measuring tape and measure tall and wide tine furniture because some of them may even fit the door without any need for disassembling, you’ll just need to tile them a little bit. So you’ll need to use some proper lifting techniques if you want to save your back and furniture. These techniques include:

  • Holding heavy furniture close to your body. This way your body will absorb part of that weight. 
  • Never twist your body or you’ll lose balance and fall and it’ll cause injury.
  • Always bend your knees but never bend your waist. This way you’ll protect your back.

Think about hiring professional movers and packers

Packing service Westchester comes hand in hand with moving. These things are almost inseparable since professional movers can help you do all this in no time. Real pros can pack a 4-bedroom house in 3 to 4 hours. They can also unload and load the truck in under one and a half hours. If you want to save your time, health, and items, go with the pros. Meanwhile, you can do some extra work (to earn some money so you can cover lower the cost of moving) or anything else. Professional movers are highly skilled and well-trained workers who know what they’re doing. They’ll save you a lot of trouble and possibly injuries. Plus you’ll just relax while they move, pack, load, unload, unpack, and make an inventory; plus all of your things will be insured.

A professional mover carrying a chair and a flower pot;
Hiring pros will save you a lot of time and money.

Now one extra piece of advice either way you are hiring professional movers or not is to plan where you’ll put that furniture. This is important for the whole moving process, but this one especially. Just imagine coming to the door of your beloved new home without any idea where to put what. This will make you more anxious as well as your family and movers too. Plus it’ll cost you more of your time and the whole moving process will be probably more expensive.

Be careful about moving heavy furniture. Use the proper lifting techniques, moving techniques, and equipment that we’ve discussed today. If you want to save time and make everything run smoothly consider hiring professional movers to help you out.

Thank you for reading this article and we hope that you liked it. We shared our tips about moving bulky furniture made easy and hope that it helped you. Have a great move and be careful with bulky items.

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