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How to prepare your piano before moving to Yonkers

Making your things ready for the move is one of the crucial parts of the relocation process with the aim to have your items safe at your new destination. If some of the items are heavy, large, bulky, valuable, or expensive, then things may get even more difficult. Are you capable of handling it on your own? What should you do to prepare your piano before moving to Yonkers? Well, probably the first thing you should do is to contact your movers Westchester County NY. After all, there are numerous steps you must undertake in order to achieve the ultimate protection of your large and valuable items. With our help, the process of preparation will be facilitated.

Let professional movers help you prepare your piano before moving to Yonkers

You may want to save money and try to handle the relocation yourself. However, we can’t say this is the right solution. Moving is already complicated enough without dealing with large and valuable items such as your piano. Hence, the best possible option is to contact piano movers Westchester NY. They will provide the necessary equipment and materials to protect your piano and load it safely into the truck. Their staff is well-trained and has sufficient experience in handling the most complicated relocations. Therefore, that is what you need. By allowing professionals to take care of the piano your stress level will be completely reduced and you will have more time for other tasks.

a woman talking on the phone and taking notes
Hurry up and contact your piano movers as soon as possible.

Still, if you are still considering a DIY move, then these tips will probably be very useful.

  • determine the weight of your piano
  • measure the piano, doorways, hallways, and staircase
  • make a map of your route through the house
  • assemble the supplies and people
  • protect the piano using adequate materials

How heavy is your piano?

One of the first steps in getting ready to move your piano to Yonkers is to determine the weight and dimension of your piano. Generally speaking, pianos come in various sizes and shapes. For instance, upright piano weighs from 300 to 800 pounds. On the other hand, grand piano weighs up to 1,400 pounds. Thus, you will admit it is quite heavy. Hence, don’t neglect the opportunity to rely on Yonkers movers. Considering the weight and different sizes you need someone who knows how to lift it, protect it, and move it with minimum damage.

Measure the pianos and other parts of the house

In case you haven’t done it already measure the piano. Then, measure the doorways, hallways, and staircase. Of course, you must know first which rooms it will pass through. Remember to make notes of the measures. Why is this helpful? Well, these measurements will help you decide how to orient your piano so it can go easily through your home.

a black piano in the room
Prepare your piano before moving to Yonkers by taking exact measures.

Map out the route

After completing the task with the dimensions you can create a route that is the best to get your piano out of the house. Of course, all the movers should be aware of the route. Also, make sure nothing gets in the way since unwanted objects can cause damage. Clear the path. Not only should you protect the piano but the house as well. Pay special attention if the weather is bad. Rain, ice, snow, or leaves can create problems while being outside.

Gather all the supplies and people who are willing to help

First and foremost, you need a lot of materials to make your preparation for moving your piano to Yonkers. Thus, assemble everything you need on time. You can buy some stuff, rent, or maybe even borrow. For instance, you need tape, a screwdriver, a piano board, a dolly, moving blankets or padding, and heavy-duty straps. Moreover, you need to find family members or friends who will help you. Still, make sure these people are physically capable of relocating something heavy such as pianos. As you can see there are numerous things you must take into consideration. With this in mind, using moving services Westchester is a much better option.

two professionals standing next to each other in an empty room getting ready to prepare your piano before moving to Yonkers
Relying on true professionals is your best decision. They have what it takes to safely transport your piano.

Protect your piano

Now comes maybe the most important part of all. Your local movers Westchester would do this with utmost care. Nevertheless, if you are still persistent on moving on your own, pay attention to our advice. First, close and lock the keyboard to prevent any damage to the keys. Make sure the piano top is secured. Then, check whether it is possible to disassemble the piano legs using a screwdriver. Use moving blankets or padding to wrap the piano. Then, secure the protective covering with packing tape or bungee cords. Moreover, cover the corners to prevent leaving marks on the walls while taking the piano outside. Finally, pay attention when choosing blankets or padding. They need to be thick enough to protect the piano from scratches or dents. Still, they shouldn’t be too thick to add to the weight of the piano.

Finally, if possible use heavy-duty straps to provide more support for the piano and make the job easier for everyone. You can use dollies to ensure a piano is safely and easily moved into a truck. If necessary, place extra padding or blankets onto the floor of the truck as an extra layer of protection. Now we consider your piano is prepared to relocate to Yonkers and the reverse process may begin as soon you arrive at your new home.

Your piano is now ready for transportation

All in all, make sure to prepare your piano before moving to Yonkers. Take the necessary steps in handling your piano and go slowly but cautiously. What matters is to do the measurements, find adequate materials and protect your piano the best you can. Study the heavy lifting techniques and bear in mind they can help you prevent injuries caused by lifting a piano. However, we advise you to think it through again. Professional movers can handle the job adequately and guarantee your piano will reach your new home in Yonkers undamaged.

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