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Moving from NYC to Westchester with a dog

Moving home is something we all must go through at some point. If this is your first relocation, then you should buckle up because it can be a bumpy ride. If not, then you already know you must set aside enough money to cover all the expenses, pack, and find one of the moving companies NYC to Westchester to assist you. And if you are moving from NYC to Westchester with a dog, the entire process will be much harder. But with the right approach, it can be much easier than you think. So, let us help you and make it so. Let’s dive right in.

Moving from NYC to Westchester with a dog and the plan behind it

Before we start talking about moving from NYC to Westchester with a dog, let us make sure you have a good relocation plan on paper. Your dog does not understand how this process works but you surely do. And before you tend to their needs, you must ensure you and the rest of the family are covered. So, inspect all rooms and belongings you want to relocate. Figure out what will be easy to handle, and which items are much harder to move. Note it all down on your inventory list and start working on your budget as soon as possible.

a couple looking at the moving list
Create a moving plan and follow through to have an easier time relocating with your dog.

Once you have this info ready, you can start searching for moving companies that can help you out. The goal is to find affordable, reliable, and capable moving crew. And keep in mind you must search for a specific one if you have additional requests. For example, if you are moving your business with you, you should hire commercial movers Westchester. The same goes for specific items such are aquariums, gun racks, pool tables, and pianos. There are specialized moving teams for each category so talk to your movers about it before you hire them. Lastly, once you find a company you like, provide them with your moving plan, and together make this relocation a safe and successful one.

Find reliable moving professionals

As we have said, you must find reliable movers White Plains NY if you want to have it easier and more time to focus on your dog. You will find them easily online by comparing services, reviews, and prices. Make sure you check the Better Business Bureau or FMCSA and confirm your moving team is legit. And of course, ensure your moving company possesses the following:

  • All moving services you need.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Proper tools and equipment.
  • A good reputation, Enough knowledge, and experience.
  • The available moving date.

Once you find a few companies, call them quickly and check if they are up to the task. Keep in mind there are only several pet-friendly moving companies in the area. Maybe you want to aim for one. But know that your pet is not allowed to transport in the cabin or in the back of the vehicle. It is forbidden by the law. So, the only perk you’ll get from a pet-friendly moving company is the approach and higher understanding of the situation. Unless they have a dedicated vehicle for your pet which is unlikely. Just know that you will have to transport your dog in your personal vehicle, that’s all.

Your dog must pack as well

Packing home while having your dog running around will be much harder than before. If you have packed in the past, you already know how hard and complicated can be. And if your dog is an attention seeker or simply restless, this part can become unbearable. Although, it is something you must do so get right on it. Hopefully, you will have some help from family members. If not, check with your movers and packers Westchester and you’ll be swell to hear they have a solution. You can have professional packers cover this part as well as the unpacking process. This will give you a lot of free time to spend with your dog and make moving even more enjoyable for them.

pack their belongings and start moving from NYC to Westchester with a dog
Maybe you should pack your dog’s belongings instead of them. Otherwise, it will last forever.

And yes, your dog must pack as well. Obviously, you will pack their belongings while they run around and sniff everything that moves. So, you should set aside all your dog’s belongings and pack them in designated boxes. Keep in mind that those items won’t sit in a box for longer than a day or two. You must get everything out to be usable from day one. With that in mind, label all boxes adequately and unpack them as soon as you arrive so your dog has access to toys, blankets, feeding bowls, and all other items that makes them happy. Also, while packing, try to declutter and downsize a bit. If you get rid of clutter before moving, you will spend less time packing and your new home will be clean. Not to mention that you’ll save a lot of money on moving services as well.

Moving from NYC to Westchester with a dog is stressful for everyone involved

We are sure you understand that moving from NYC to Westchester with a dog is not only hard for you. But for your dog as well. And they might express it in many ways. They can get unsettled and moved by all the commotion out there. Or they can get soggy and depressed. We can’t say which one is worse because it can affect your dog psychologically either way. They can have a harder time adapting to the new environment, and neighbors, or even start acting out.

So, to solve this, you must stay calm and project a strong image onto your dog. If they sense that you are ok, they will be as well. And of course, you must spend enough time with them so try to take longer walks, play a bit, and spend more time with them in general. Your dog will need more attention than ever so keep this in mind. If you focus on their mental and physical health, you will lower the chances of any side effects later.

Make the adaptation period easier

The key to success lies in good preparation so you better head over to the new address and set everything up before your dog moves in. Find a nice place they can feel comfortable in and spread a few toys, a feeding bowl, and their favorite blanket. Make a nice and cozy corner for your pet and as soon as they move in, they will sense it and feel much safer when surrounded by familiar items. Also, you’ll be there so there shouldn’t be anything to make them sad. Of course, they will act strange at first because everything is new. But it should settle down in a few days and you can start going out and exploring the new neighborhood.

a person playing with a dog
Be there for your furry friend and be patient while they adapt.

Now you know what moving from NYC to Westchester with a dog should look like. Now, it is up to you if you want to send them over to a friend or a pet hotel and avoid any mishaps. Or keep them around you and apply everything we have mentioned above. But one thing is certain. You’ll have to be there and spend a lot of time with your dog in the first few weeks. And do not neglect your family while doing so. Keep everyone close and explore new possibilities together. Good luck.

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