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Red flags to watch out for when hiring movers

Moving and looking for a way to cut costs? But one expense that will pay off is hiring movers in Westchester New York. That way you will reduce panic and stress, and have more time for yourself. They will take care of the packing and protection of the furniture, the necessary packing material, the number of workers for the move, the vehicle for transport, etc. It is up to you to find out which agency is good and reliable. But some things you need to pay attention to. We’ll highlight some red flags to watch out for when hiring movers.

When does the relocation start?

Most of you are probably wondering why you should pay a moving company when you can do the move yourself. You may think that moving does not require any special knowledge and that moving is something you can save money with. But it’s not quite like that. Just think about a specific move, like moving your office. Office movers Westchester is the best way to go.

The man is standing next to the boxes
When you hire an agency, things will be packed professionally

Look around you, what do you see? Carpets, furniture, house plants, pets, art pictures, dishes… If you don’t have experience with packing and a good organization system, the move will be chaotic. While if you hire packing service Westchester you have nothing to worry about.

Once you’ve packed everything, you’ll need help with the move. Again, these are moving professionals who have to be paid or friends who are unskilled in carrying so there will be damage to the packed valuables. Regardless of the goodwill of friends, moving boxes down the stairs and other bulky items requires carrying skills that only professional movers have.

Transportation is very important for your move

The next item is transportation. First, you need to assess what you need – a van or a moving truck, and whether it can access the building for loading and unloading. It’s a lot of work that won’t be done properly, and you’ll lose the precious things you intended to transfer to your new living space. When it’s all over and you start unpacking, it’s too late for regrets. What you destroy, you cannot retrieve. Therefore, to avoid getting into such a situation, hiring a moving company is a much better solution for any type of transfer of things. After all, moving advice is free.

What determines the price of your move?

Every professional moving company has a price list, but you will notice that each amount is individual because many factors affect the price.

  1. How much stuff do you have to move? The cost of moving increases with the larger amount of things you transport. The reason is also the fact that it will take more hiring of moving workers to get everything done.
  2. The type of thing being transferred? If you also have special loads (piano, safes, aquariums, works of art) the moving price will also be slightly higher because these items require extra care when handling and carrying them.
  3. What is the transport used for and over what distance? The price of hiring a van and a moving truck is not the same, that’s clear. The advantage of moving agencies is that the workers expertly pack each item into the vehicle, so you use the maximum available space. What you would pack in a truck, the movers could pack in a van.
  4. The price of relocation also depends on:
  • The number of floors of the building from which things are taken out and brought in?
  • Does the building have an elevator or not?
  • Is unloading or loading difficult due to the impossibility of approaching the means of transportation?
  • Does the moving agency also provide packing services for you?

    Red flags to watch out for when hiring movers - make sure thay know to use all the space in the van
    A moving agency not only uses the proper equipment, but they also use all the space available in the van

Do you want to choose a good agency? Here are the Red flags to watch out for when hiring movers

  • Does the moving agency perform a free assessment based on which you can get a first impression?
  • Also, make sure that the moving agency you hire has proper registration and that it does not operate illegally.
  • Presentation is very important. The first impression you get is probably what you should expect.
  • Does the agency have its own packaging equipment and what kind of boxes does it use?
  • Ask what experience users have with the agency. Each agency can tell you how long and in which territory they have experience.
  • Any good agency can tell you during the first telephone conversation what is in their offer, what is the price of each service and whose resources they use.
  • Any good moving agency must have proper inserts and suspension equipment in all trucks to ensure that they transport your belongings safely.
  • Does that moving company conclude subcontracts with other companies? It is very important to know which agencies are moving your property. Some moving agencies hire other agencies to help them. Be sure to check the licensing information of all companies involved in moving your furniture.
  • Does the agency provide any recommendations it has received? Nothing speaks louder than a good recommendation from satisfied clients, references are the key.
  • Do they charge “additional costs”? Additional costs are usually paid for carrying things up and down stairs, packing materials, or items that exceed the intended size.

Why hiring professionals is the cheapest option in the end?

Moving companies are a better choice because they have a reputation and experience in their line of work. They employ only responsible people who undergo all the necessary training so that there is not a big enough challenge. They also have adequate vehicles that are made to be used only for moving, they have a loading ramp if necessary, dimensions that make it easier to pass through city crowds. City crowds and the impossibility of approaching every place separate experienced and inexperienced workers for the transfer of things. Local movers Westchester has a lot of experience behind it, and the movers know how to evaluate where it would be best to do loading and unloading.

The man is talking on the phone
A good agency tries to give all important information over the phone so that you can think about red flags to watch out for when hiring movers

Red flags to watch out for when hiring movers

“Pay today so you won’t regret tomorrow” might be the right definition of why you should hire professional movers. Of course, pay attention to the red flags to watch out for when hiring movers that we have listed. Moving is a huge job: from packing everything properly, muscle pain from carrying it, and in the end, you damage something. We are not only talking about monetary value but also the loss of emotionally important things – books, family pictures, inherited dinner service…



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