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Tips to help you detect fraudulent movers

Are you planning on relocating soon? The process of moving is always fun and exciting. However, it can also be filled with lots of challenges and complications. The movers you choose for your relocation process are going to play a very important role. Therefore, it is necessary to choose reliable and trusted movers. With so many moving companies out there, how do we know which are fake? In this article, we are going to explore a few key tips to help you detect fraudulent movers. We will also cover all of the benefits that you get when you hire professional and trusted movers Westchester County NY.

Requesting a huge down payment is one sight of fraudulent movers

When it comes down to it, when hiring movers you should only be asked to pay for their services and a moving truck. If a company requires you to first get your down payment, something might be off. Asking for a large deposit or a cash deposit could mean that your movers will take the money and never show up on a moving day. Most legit moving companies will only ask for a deposit of around 20%. Many moving companies do not even ask for this. So, if your potential mover is asking you to give them a full or a large cash deposit, something might be off and you may wish to steer clear of them. Always do your research and enlist the help of trusted local movers Westchester who can help you determine your moving costs with a free and accurate moving estimate.

Paying with a card.
If a company asks you to pay a huge deposit or a full deposit, there may be something wrong.

The company has no logo and has multiple names

A moving company that is registered and licensed can only have one name. Furthermore, it will have a unique logo. Why are the multiple names an issue? Well, a moving company that is poorly rated or has been scammed in the past, might continually switch names in order to avoid getting caught. Making sure a company you work with is licensed and insured is the key to a stress-free relocation experience. Take your time and do your research. Find residential movers Westchester who have experience and a history of operating in the moving business.

Your potential movers offer very low rates

Moving companies have various types of discounts. Some moving companies offer lower rates than others. The rates numbers will also depend on the time of the year, the distance of your move, etc. However, if a moving company offers moving rates that are extremely low, they might be scammers. First of all, moving is not something that can be done in 10 minutes. The movers you hire will need to perform various services and execute the safe transportation of all of your items. With an extremely low rate, there is very little chance that they can achieve this.

The company you plan on hiring, not just in New York but everywhere else, needs to pay their workers as well as upkeep for the tools and moving trucks used. So, no matter how affordable a moving company might be, there are always going to be some standard moving rates by which each legit company operates.

Hidden fees and a blank contract

One of the things that might worry you the most when hiring movers are the hidden fees. It is true that there can be additional moving services that you get that will bump up your cost of the relocation. However, hidden fees are notoriously attached to scammers. When receiving an estimate and also the final bill, it should give you, in detail, all of the costs related to the moving process that was calculated. In addition to this, a blank contract is also a bad sign.

A company that makes you a contract where most of the fields are empty and claims they will be filled up later might be a scammer moving company. A contract you make should list all of the services as well as the dates of the relocation. Furthermore, if you receive a filled-out contract that has everything already written in make sure you read it thoroughly before signing anything.

Not signing quickly as one of the tips to help you detect fraudulent movers.
One of the best tips to help you detect fraudulent movers is to read contracts very carefully and examine each sentence in them.

No address or office space but plenty of extremely positive reviews

A registered and licensed moving company will need to have an established, permanent address. This is where you can find their office or the front desk. When you look for movers, check to see their addresses on their websites. If it cannot be found anywhere, something is definitely wrong. In addition to this, extremely positive reviews on a moving company’s website is not necessarily a sign of a scammer, but no company is perfect. There is little chance that each customer was 100% satisfied and had nothing but extremely positive words to say without describing any of the provided services.

Why it is so important to arm yourself with tips to help you detect fraudulent movers

Overall, there are many different ways of finding out whether you are dealing with a legit moving company or not. You have to be very careful and examine everything thoroughly. It is important to have trusted movers because they can help you execute a stress-free move. If you have sensitive items in your inventory, especially when moving an office, then you should always do research and only hire reliable office movers Westchester. Moving an office is an incredibly difficult task and you should avoid any risk of fraudulent movers by following the tips mentioned above.

Couple ready to move.
Moving is easy and fun when you do it with the assistance of trusted movers by your side.

Hire reliable movers and enjoy a fast and efficient relocation

These were some of the most important tips to help you detect fraudulent movers. Just remember to go through each tip when hiring movers. Your process of determining whether a mover can be trusted or not is going to be easy. Never forget the important role movers play in the relocation process. Professional movers will help you with:

  • Getting all of your items safely to your desired location.
  • Provide you with high-quality moving services.
  • Give you a free and accurate estimate.
  • Charge you no hidden fees.

All in all, with trusted movers by your side, there should be nothing to worry about. You will be able to enjoy to comfort of your new home stress-free and in no time.

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