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Best NY neighborhoods for starting a business

Starting a new business in an unfamiliar neighborhood was always challenging. You can’t know if your business will thrive or die out within a year or two. But to play smart, you must research thoroughly and get to know everything there is about a certain neighborhood, city, or state. And when we add the fact you must relocate there as well, it all becomes much more complicated. One must prepare the budget, organize, and find one of the best moving companies Westchester County to assist. So, let us cover the best NY neighborhoods for starting a business and once we find one, we will help you prepare for this journey. Let’s dive right in.

The White Plains – by far one of the best NY neighborhoods for starting a business

We will begin our journey strong, by visiting the City of White Plains. This place is diverse, vibrant, and mesmerizing. Especially between June and September. It is located at the mouth of the Hudson River, and it is full of adventures and extravagant nightlife. This city came second on the list of sleepless cities in 2011. And not much has changed since then. It is still a place for younger people with a median age of 38. But at the same time, it can accommodate anyone who wants to give it a try. White Plains is boasting great schools, highly-ranked restaurants, and great connections to the airport and other nearby neighborhoods. With a 27-minute commute time on average, you’ll move around easily which will benefit you both professionally and personally.

City of White plains waterfront
The sleepless city might be just for you. Check out the White Plains first.

Now, you must know that even though this place is almost 50% more expensive than the national average, it is still at the top of the list. Simply because the economy is strong, jobs are solid, and residents are educated and qualified. Schools are investing in each student twice the national average. And the city is heavily investing in sports, entertainment, retail, hospitality, IT technologies, and outdoor activities. So, if you want to start a business here, you should prepare a bigger budget. At least when it comes to real estate, groceries, utilities, and healthcare. Although,  movers White Plains NY are extremely affordable so you won’t spend much on your relocation once you decide to move here and start a promising business.

Yonkers is bonkers!

You will leave White Plains for the moment and head straight to the Hudson River. Less than 14 miles away, and 25 min of driving, you will reach the City of Yonkers. And we will directly compare it to the White Plains because demographics, economy, and the job market are pretty much the same. The only differences are that this is a waterfront area with 4 times the body count, and it is a bit more affordable. With around 200k people living there, it can be a bit crowded. And with such a great number, the unemployment rate is around 6% while White Plains sits at 5%. It is still below the national average which is more than enough. Now, the yearly income is a bit higher in Yonkers. This means people have more to spend, invest, and save.

Yonkers is one of the best NY neighborhoods for starting a business
Almost all of NYC’s coastline is simply mesmerizing. Yonkers especially.

And yes, Yonkers is Bonkers because it is a place where you can work, live, have a ton of fun, and enjoy all amenities a coastal city provides. You won’t have any problem establishing a successful business here as long as you have a good business plan along with an appropriate budget. All in all, Yonkers is slightly better than White Plans because it is a bit cheaper, has a larger market, and labor only movers Yonkers are cheaper as well. For those who love living and working on the waterfront, this is the place to go to. It is for sure one of the best NY neighborhoods for starting a business.

Dumbo and the bridge

Our next destination is right across the East River where you’ll find DUMBO. No, it is not the elephant from the famous cartoon. But yes, it is called Dumbo because it stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”. It is obvious why this place is one of the best NY neighborhoods for starting a business. It is located on the Brooklyn side of the bridge and as you may know, any business located fairly near the Brooklyn Bridge is bound to be prosperous. At least those who are selling products and services. Firstly, it is simply beautiful and stunning by nature. And when we add the amazing architecture, street art, and an abundance of restaurants, shops, and other venues, you’ll end up with a plethora of activities to choose from. This kind of environment is perfect for both the business owner and the customer.

neighborhood around the Brooklyn Bridge
DUMBO is truly marvelous. The Brooklyn Bridge will give a nice note to your new working environment.

The entire place is predominantly populated with startup tech companies. Those are usually fighting over properties and rent quite a bit. On the other side, we have the hospitality and retail side of this story that usually tends to all the tourists out there. And believe us, this place is swarming with tourists. Such a crowded and popular place is always in high demand. And even though the competition is fierce, you can still flourish if you have a nice sale pitch along with a bit higher investment. As long as you stick to the hospitality services, you can’t make a miss.

A diverse Greenpoint

Now, if you have already decided and hired commercial movers, then we have nothing to offer anymore. Unless you still want to browse your options and move closer to Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge. If that is the case, then let’s check out Greenpoint. It is only about 6 miles away from Manhattan but by NYC traffic standards, this is around 35 min of commuting for sure. Greenpoint is yet another coastal area with a lot to offer. Aside from amazing nightlife, shopping, and street art, it also has a huge variety of esteemed restaurants, bars, and music venues. Of course, most of it is stretching along the waterfront which makes the experience even better.

One thing that makes Greenpoint famous and popular among startups is the fact that Kickstarter headquarters are located here. This is good for both your image and advertising. Not to mention that you’ll benefit from the possible collaboration with other startup firms that are located in Greenpoint and other areas. Also, despite of being so close to Manhattan, it is still the most affordable place on this list. And the strategic position will make it possible to reach any part of NYC within 45 minutes or so. Therefore, Greenpoint is a serious candidate, and you shouldn’t dismiss it likely. Especially if you are working in advertising, finance, or the tech industry.

Sunset Park or Industrial City?

Formerly known as the Bush Terminal and today known as Sunset Park, the Industry City is something special. As the name says, it is a waterfront area focused on shipping, warehousing, and manufacturing. And it is a home for many startup companies who have the idea to build their business starting in the Upper New York Bay area. And the entire place is pretty straightforward. Most of the affordable housing is designed to host workers and their families.

Industrial zone in NYC
NYC industrial zone can be quite interesting if your business revolves around warehousing and shipping.

The entire area is full of cheap venues, bars, shopping places, parks, and more. You will surely have everything you need for a comfortable life if you overlook the noise and ruckus coming from the docks. As you may know, warehousing and shipping are making a lot of commotion and traffic is frequent. Aside from that, there is nothing bad we can say about the place. It is affordable and a perfect spot for a manufacturing or warehousing-related business. Or you can rent a warehouse to support your business that is located elsewhere.

Off to Westchester

Oh, but we are already there. And we have already covered the White Plains which is the seat of Westchester County. This county is the first of its size to develop in the entire world. And as such, it hosts more than 1 million residents. The entire area is covered with historic landmarks, stunning architecture, luxurious mansions, exalted dining places, and a lot of nature. We have Long Island, the Hudson River, and rolling hills stretching through the entire area. Such terrain is popular in the movie industry, especially because it is so close to New York. Although, it kept the rural vibe and incorporated the urban lifestyle over the years. So, what are you waiting for? Call your moving companies NYC to Westchester and figure out how you can become a part of Westchester today.

Another thing to mention is that Westchester County is quite big and encompasses almost 50 different municipalities. Most of them are favorable for your business, no matter what kind of business you are running. The proximity to Manhattan and the entire New York area is what makes this county favorable for everyone with a vision and a steady budget. Hence, place this one on the top of your list and stay within the boundaries of Westchester County. A place with almost all the best NY neighborhoods for starting a business. Start searching for local movers Westchester and secure your position today.

Long Island City is surely one of the best NY neighborhoods for starting a business

Now that we have covered Westchester County, we can’t end this story without mentioning Long Island City. It is a classic New York waterfront that you have seen in movies a hundred times before. A perfect blend of the urban and former industrial eras is what makes this place unique and vibrant. The architecture in Long Island City will tell you much about US history. Or at least that a lot has happened here. And it happens today as well.

Long Island City
Long Island City is a perfect place for startup companies.

New condos are being built, startups are pouring in, and the market and economy are flourishing. This place is not cheap or expensive. It covers all ranges which means that anyone can afford to work and live here. The final touch is the waterfront and the wide-open spaces you’ll find there. There is a bench and a perfect view not more than 30 seconds of walking, no matter where you are. So, this is surely a place where you can settle in and make your way through the New York business market.

Find a reliable moving company

Now that you have enough information about the best NY neighborhoods for starting a business, you can start thinking about relocation. The first question is – are you moving your family as well or you can work remotely? If you are running your business from afar, then your relocation is much easier. Although, in most cases, starting a company requires of you to relocate and spend at least a year there to contribute and witness the uprising of a new successful business. Therefore, you must still have a complete relocation process in the back of your head. And if the time comes, you will be ready and prepared for it. So, in your case, the first step is to go over your budget. Figure out if you are purchasing packing service Westchester, renting a storage unit, or something different.

Mover next to a moving truck
No matter where you go, the professional moving company will be there for you.

Also, figure out how many pieces of furniture and other assets you want to relocate with you. List it all down on the moving checklist and have it ready for the time when you decide to call movers. They need this info in order to prepare adequately and secure safe transport. Lastly, prepare cardboard boxes, rent moving bins Westchester, and purchase packing tape and bubble wrap on time. Have it ready for the packing process. Although, if you are purchasing a complete packing service, you won’t need to buy a thing because all you need will be provided by your moving company.

These were the best NY neighborhoods for starting a business. Hopefully, we have helped enough for you to make the right decision. Just start early, research a bit more, prepare your budget, and call local movers on time. If you do so, we are sure you’ll have a seamless transition and an even better start. Good luck.

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