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Why are people leaving NYC?

Living in NYC comes with many advantages. So, why are people leaving NYC? And where do they go? It is true that NYC has a rich job market. But it also has very expensive rents, which are not going down like in some other places. So, we could see that many young professionals are using the services of movers Westchester NY. They are probably trying to keep the good posts in the City. And at the same time find more affordable places for living. Some others are leaving for other states, in search of a better work/living balance. Or for better job offers. And many retirees are also moving in search of more affordable places.

Why are people leaving NYC?

We have already presented some of the possible reasons for people leaving NYC. However, the high living costs are just one reason for moving somewhere else. And, we will here compile a list to show other reasons for leaving too. So, some of the usual reasons are:

  1. high rents
  2. high costs of services
  3. expensive food and groceries
  4. winters can be very cold and summers are hot and humid
  5. moving across the city takes a long time
  6. it is constantly crowded
  7. the city is dirty and very noisy

For illustration, let us just say that the estimated monthly costs for a family of 4 (without rent) amount to $ 5,270.8.


People Across on Intersection - Why are people leaving NYC?
The city is overcrowded and noisy.

NYC has very high rents

Renting in NYC is very expensive. Well, it is possible to find some neighborhoods where rents are lower. But, you might easily have to spend the same time commuting from them, like from some affordable suburbs. For example, moving to Westchester NY, you will have to spend 1 hrs traveling each way. And, the same commuting time you will need to travel from one of the NYC neighborhoods. So, if you decide to relocate, don’t forget to give a call to moving companies NYC to Westchester.

What if you decide to stay in one of the major residential areas (like Manhattan)? Well, your monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment would average $3,800 per month. The same size apartment outside the center would cost you $ 2,400.

Not only rents are expensive in NYC

To be honest, not only rents are expensive in NYC. Almost everything that you need to buy costs more in NYC than in other US places. And sometimes, the cost is much higher. So, no wonder that living in NYC is 20% more costly than living in many other places.

Living in NYC you will be paying much higher utility bills than in many other cities. For example, only the Internet connection (60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL) would cost you $70.04.

Food and groceries are not cheap either

Living in NYC you have to be ready to spend more on food and groceries. Especially if you want to eat healthily, and avoid junk food. For example, food and groceries are 12% cheaper in Los Angeles than in NYC. And Los Angeles is among the most expensive US cities.


People Ice Skating in the Park Near High Rise Buildings
NYC has very cold winters.

Humid summers and cold winters

Living in a city, you can notice that summer temperatures are higher. The reason for that is buildings and asphalt. The sun warms them up, and then they also radiate the heat. And NYC is a huge city, with so many surfaces to act as batteries. Besides, it is located alongside the coast and Hudson River. Because of the heat, the water evaporates and the air becomes hot and humid.

On the other hand, winters in NYC are really cold. Actually, NYC is among the coldest cities in the US. The record low temperature hit a record low of -15°F! Are you in search of a city with better weather? If so, you will need reliable packing supplies. Did you know that you can rent moving bins Westchester?

Moving across the city can take hours

NYC has one of the largest public transportation networks in the world. Still, getting from one part of the city to another can take a lot of time. The blocks in traffic have also to do with the shape of the city. We often forget that this huge metropolis actually lies on numerous islands, interconnected with bridges and subways. And those places where you have to cross bodies of water usually act as bottlenecks, slowing down the traffic.

So, when you are planning to visit another borough, plan in advance. And start your trip earlier, as you can easily lose time waiting to cross a bridge.

NYC is constantly crowded

Don’t forget that you are sharing the city with about 8,5 million residents. Add to this number the tourists. What you get is a constant flow of foot traffic. If that doesn’t look like a problem, imagine a sightseeing tour. It can easily happen that the crowd will push you in the direction opposite to the one you want to take. So, in the City that never sleeps, you will be pushed day and night, fighting to go where you intended to.


Aerial View of Train on the Railroad.
NYC has one of the largest public transportation networks in the world.

Or imagine people pushing each other past your office entrance. It can be really annoying to miss many possible clients, just because they were taken away by a foot traffic flow. So, you might consider changing the location. In that case, office movers Westchester will provide you with excellent services.

NYC is a dirty and very noisy place

This sounds a bit harsh, but it is true. The problem is that keeping such a huge city clean is mission impossible. With that many people living in the city, it is impossible to remove all the garbage in time. So, no wonder you see piles of rotting and stinking garbage around. Additionally, with so much traffic, pollution is also a serious problem. And fine dust and grease are sticking to surfaces, making them dirty.

Many people are leaving NYC

We could see that there are various reasons explaining why are people leaving NYC. However, most people are living it due to the increase in already high costs of living. Among them are also young professionals. Being at the beginning of their careers, they can’t afford the NYC living costs. So, they are forced to find other solutions. Or other towns where they can find good jobs and affordable housing.



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