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Cost of moving from NYC to Westchester

Moving from the bustling streets of The City That Never Sleeps to the more quiet suburban life in Westchester can be both exciting and stressful. Before you leave NYC for a different kind of adventure in Westchester it’s important to set a budget and make a list of your main costs. To help you calculate and set your budget for moving from NYC to Westchester we have outlined a few factors you will need to consider. Whether you’re doing the move alone or are hiring moving companies Westchester County, we are here to help you stay within your budget.

Moving from NYC to Westchester

Westchester County is just north of NYC and it has over 40 cities, towns, and villages. Depending on which town in Westchester you are moving to, it shouldn’t be a long move from NYC. If you are in the southern part of Westchester, you can probably even commute to NYC in a  half an hour in one direction. Living in Westchester has its perks. Especially if you are looking for great schools for your children. Westchester County school is incredibly popular among NYC families who move there just to enroll their kids here.

A young boy in a green T-shirt sitting in a classroom
Many people are moving from NYC to Westchester because of Westchester County School

Popular places to live in Westchester

Westchester and suburbs, in general, have been increasing in their popularity. This is mostly because of the pandemic which changed our way of life in some ways. People are flocking to suburbs for its slower pace of living and spacious homes. Westchester is no exception. Moving companies NYC to Westchester have seen an influx of young couples and families moving to the more quiet suburbia. Some of the most popular places in Westchester people have been moving to are:

  • Chappaqua
  • Bronxville
  • Scarsdale
  • New Rochelle
  • Edgemont

Cost of moving from NYC to Westchester

As we said there are many factors that determine the end cost of moving from NYC to Westchester. We can divide them into two parts. The cost of the move and the cost of settling in. The third part concerns other miscellaneous costs that you may or may not need. The exact cost of your move depends on whether you will be doing the move yourself or not. Hiring movers is the easer and safest option for you and your belongings. However, moves are expensive, and sometimes hiring movers may be out of your budget.

DIY moves

If you are on a tight budget and most of your finances will go towards settling in costs, then you might consider doing the move on your own. It won’t be easy, you can be sure of that. It is doable, however. The two main cost items will include the packing supplies you may need and rent a moving truck or a van. Most residential moves are complex because of the number of things that a person accumulates over a lifetime. You can get an approximate estimate of the cost and the number of boxes you will need just by looking at the number of rooms in your house.

A man and her daughter packing and moving from NYC to Westchester
If you are moving to Westchester without a moving company, it will be a challenge

Buying packing supplies

To calculate the cost of moving from NYC to Westchester if you DIY-ing it, you can go room by room. The first item you will need to buy is packing supplies. If you are trying to save every penny then one option is to rent moving bins Westchester.  This is a great option because getting different sized and box shapes are important to save both space, money, and room.

If you are looking to buy, you can find cardboard boxes starting at $1 for small ones all the way to almost $4 per extra-large box or even $12 for a wardrobe box. For a studio apartment, you may end up spending up to $100 worth of boxes and up to $200 worth of boxes for a two-bedroom home. All that is without the packing paper, bubble wrap, or anything else you might need in the packing process.

Cost of renting a truck

Since moving from NYC to Westchester is considered a local move, you may be lucky to find that renting a moving truck is significantly cheaper for these types of moves. You will usually be charged by the day if you want to rent a moving truck or a van. Some companies can even charge by the hour. For a local Westchester move, renting a truck for the day can cost you anywhere between $130 to $190. The end cost depends on two things. The first is the exact distance and the latter is the number of your belongings.

Cost of hiring movers

Hiring movers, as we said, is always the safer option. Sure, with proper planning you can save some money if you move. However, moves can get difficult and even dangerous. A lot of people hurt themselves trying to move big bulky items improperly. You can avoid all the stress and accidents by hiring movers. The average cost of hiring local movers is around $1,250. But, this number can vary greatly depending on a few factors. The most important ones are always the distance, the difficulty of your move and the number of your belongings.

A man in front of a moving van
Hiring reliable moving companies will help you avoid the added stress

If you are getting any additional services like packing service Westchester or storage services for example you might be pleasantly surprised at how affordable they are nowadays. There are more and more companies offering different types of services when it comes to moving. All of this is in order to help their clients move safely, quickly, and without any hassle.

A quick summary

It is hard to calculate the cost of a move since there are many factors to consider. Of course, the exact distance, as well as the number of your belongings, will be the determining factor, no matter if you are hiring a moving company or doing it yourself. If you are moving from NYC to Westchester, the best way to calculate the exact price of the move is to get a quote from a moving company. Remember, you can’t put a price on your time. So, don’t waste any time and contact professional movers today.

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